Saturday, May 31, 2008

enjoying life

My day has gone exceptionally well. I've had the fortune of being surrounded today by both of my partners That we were able to wake up together under one roof is kinda cool for us and tonight we have plans to go to a private party. Poly moments of perfection.

In just a couple of hours I'll be with my long time American pals, helping to celebrate a birthday. This year I've been to both Matisse's and Max's birthday soirées and as I have been to other parties with them over the last eight years, I know that I will have nothing short of an absolutely astounding time again.

It's time for me to bathe and primp, and then slide into a sexy little dress with matching purse and gloves that I packed just for the occasion!

Friday, May 30, 2008

We are leaving for Seattle shortly, not returning till early next week.

Good bye.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

remembering a few things

After each big event lately, I see another thing or two that needs purchased still or that I should have made for us. Currently it is obvious that we need three or four bar stools for the kitchen. Today I spent some time on Craig's List scouting ads for stools and hope to have them by tomorrow.

We also need a convection oven, not to cook food, rather to keep appetizers warm and such. The microwave works fine but a small counter top oven would certainly make a world of difference. While out earlier I found the top of the line Black & Decker Convection Oven model that is currently the rave. I shall pick it up tomorrow and check that item off from my wish list as well.

Where do I go to find a bench? I need one that has storage underneath it in some form. Flat top. Cushioned or cushion-able. No back to it. No ends on it. Metal or Wood is fine. Lightweight but very sturdy. One piece. Help please.

There was a man at the was spread eagled, "in his manties", on a bed while secured with four cuffs. We all did delicious things to him, it was his first time to a party and his first time to have the affection and attention of more than one woman at a time. There was nine women at one point all on top of this ONE man.

When one of my girlfriends squatted over his face, with her vulva 1/2 inch from his lips she was laughing as she said " I think this is what he really wants to see". His eyes rolled back in his head he was so over come with headiness, I thought he may pass out from bliss. Another woman was licking his nipples while yet another stroked his inner thighs with her nails just enough to watch his cock twitch back and forth. Someone else was holding his cock while two other women were masturbating on either side of his head so he could just turn his eyes to the right or left and see different pussies, or inhale deeply and smell all of the girl juice that was surrounding him.