Saturday, March 01, 2008

naked women massaging one another

I crawled into my bed with RC just after 3 this morning. My was it ever a night of firsts. So many women, the visuals were stunning. And the play grew more intense over the course of the evening, cresting in many big O's.

The learn to strip class, was wild fun and believe it to be true, I managed to give three different women orgasms aside from playing with a multitude more.

Naked women body group massages was a juicy voyeurs haven. Women on women and oil everywhere, one woman laying down and four sets of hands, 8 hands working her body over. Plus our massage girl doing naked body sliding and massages was a hit too! She rubs me down every event and makes me feel as though I am melting.

Someone coined me the Ring Master of Fun and I heard another refer to me as the queen of the dirty girls and they my loyal subjects. It leaves me with such a feeling of awe to know I hold each of these womens trust and admiration.

We had fun and played hard. The only rules, aside from those of the House, were the ones you set yourself. Everyone played enjoying the energy and lust all the while maintaining safe boundaries.

Tonight is the pan-sexual Members party. Two parties two nights in a row. This is my occupation, not a night on the town.

Friday, February 29, 2008


In the early evening the first-wave of women will start arriving for DIRTY GIRLS.

First is the "Strip, Rip & Twirl" class where the women will learn a routine to take off their every day clothing in a whole new sexy way.

Following this is our First ever DIRTY GIRLS event, and I can not wait to get-it-on, with all these women. Its going to get sizzling hot with all of us partying together and I for one have big plans of sharing my copious amounts of joy.

I feel like I'm failing in an area where I know I am succeeding. I'm also bothered by the fact, that I feel as I do. Somewhere in me, I know it is wrong to be put off with my achievement, yet I do because it makes my area of weakness show prominently.

I want to be able to do it all, and I can't. This bothers me. Juggling so much is a real drain emotionally and quite frankly something I no longer want to do. So now to hand off some of the easier items to hired help should take some of the burden off of me and my work load.

In plain language, I need to hire someone to work in the office. The e-mail alone, is an obscene amount of time. Hours of it in fact.

It is time for me to bring in someone whose sole job is to tackle and complete the list of items I put on their desk in a day.

Someone who comes to work at Libido Events and Libido Lounge as a job, not as a volunteer. This would be a weekday morning position.

It is now apparent to me that I need to reflect on what I require of this person and what skills they must possess. It is time for me to write a Job Posting.

Again, life changes so fast, and I simply breathe.

I need the help and that is all there is to it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

strippers in Vancouver

The stripper pole has now been permanently mounted into our ceiling and floor.

The words pole AND mounted in the same sentence make my boy very excited.

It was very HOT watching two men strap that pole into place and polish it too.

Some days my work load is actually more amusing than mind - blowing.

Thankfully, they also installed our last two new sets of blinds and wired in the fifth and last speaker out of sight.

The place is ready for tomorrow nights DIRTY GIRLS Play Party.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


  • Two Hundred Sex Kits.

  • 17 New Titles / Books.

This is what was donated today to Libido Lounge.

Can you believe it?

Each new Member of Libido Lounge upon attending there first play party with us, gets a FREE welcome sex kit from The Love Nest.

The Sybian can be used by anyone in our facility. Just ask and have your own attachment. (yes of course, I have many that can be purchased) A machine that both men and women can ride and that is almost always a guarantee of toe curling orgasms.

There are over four hundred books actually in the Library right now. And another two large bags of selections were donated today. In another week or so, we will top 600 books, as there is a huge donation being made this Saturday and again on Sunday by two different people. Remember that your membership allows you to sign out up to three selections at a time from our In-House Sex-Positive Lending Library.

I am a very happy sex educator and sex activist right now.

I've mentioned lately being tired right? Well aside from working all day today, tonight I had to teach a Private class out in the middle of no where in Surrey as part of a womans home party.

Twenty eight woman wanting Sex Tips To Rock Their Worlds, and Their Partners. I enjoyed the group, and also teaching them. For a group of women late forties and above, a number of them had behaviors like pre pubescent teenage girls hearing about sex for the first time. Not just the blushing, but the giggling and outbursts that made themselves look so insecure and ill informed was almost sad. Then I taught them a whole bunch of information and I left knowing that I had blown their socks off. I'll hear from many of them in email as asking questions amongst such non supporting friends, is always tricky.

I can't imagine my daughter, or even myself unable to say to the word vulva, vagina or pussy out loud, to either a partner or a doctor. It is shameful to lack the language to communicate with another for what you either want or need.

I made it home in time to give my daughter a back rub before her bed time. She was quite pleased and I enjoyed the time spent with her.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Another Member Orientation happened a couple of hours ago. Ten more members, we are motoring along at a phenomenal rate. RC had to work tonight so I taught alone, and just loved the chance to sit and talk with everyone, explaining to all, our goals and mission.

A very sweet woman drove me home from Orientation and we had the chance to catch up some. Together we were marveling at how we first met, some eight years ago. Seems I have been around for so many peoples first experiences over the years, what a privilege. Seeing her made me realize yet again, how my path is split between a profession I love and my own passionate interest in evolving as a sexually healthy human being.

I have no energy to write any more today. But I did want to mention that I have been averaging SIXTY FIVE emails a day right now, after I delete the spam. Which means that if you write me and it needs attention in a timely matter, your best to make that note in the subject line.

Writers Beware! Sending me email means a guarantee of a personal reply sure! However note, that it also could mean a delay of up to or just over a week while you await that response. Do NOT resend, just await my response. Unless your email to me is about something today or tomorrow, it gets put in queue and I respond when I have the time.

Remember when you send me an email demanding answers for something about your personal sex life, that if you are not hiring me for Private Coaching work, then I'm only going too delve slightly into your issue. I do my paid work first, then my pro-bono stuff second. I do more work for free, than I do for pay. (in the long run, it all does pays me somehow) It can be said though that it is people looking for answers for free who eat up the most amount of my time, IF I LET THEM. Which is why I have such good boundaries around knowing what I can and won't do for free. That is another post to be made another day.

Right now, I have to go and process Membership numbers 247, 248, 249 etc.......

Monday, February 25, 2008

feeling fatigued

It is all that I can do to get out of bed and to put on a robe. I am so weary. The weekends road trip and teaching circuit was rough on my body. Fatigue is the word and I am quite familiar with it.

I've spent my entire day at home, exactly where I belong. Recovering. And getting ready to work tonight and every night this week. It takes a lot of energy from me, to organize all that I do, create events, answer emails, run classes ... Libido Events and now Libido Lounge. Being a parent who is a good parent and spends time with her child, being a partner who does things for her other partners, sleeping now and then and lest we forget, that I try to have a life of my own.

Moments where my activism is not defining me. This is quality time then. Forgetting who I am professionally and being a free woman who cries, gets sick, makes mistakes, accepts instead of gives, partakes in lieu of watching and who honors her own desires and not that of a communities or the banks.

I love my job and my activism, though not all days do I want to be defined by them.

I can honestly say, that I never end a days work wishing I had a different career. I end up always just wishing for a more positive society and more time to tackle the obstacles and challenges before me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cruel Condom

It can honestly be said, that I now own some serious new kick-ass Spring line, Chinese Laundry shoes. My they are eye catching, fun and womanly. I can't wait to wear them. Next month there are a few more pair that I have intentions on picking up for myself, as new shoes are necessary to celebrate the change in seasons.

And in my toy bag now, is a Cruel Condom. The creator and I know one another, in fact, he stood by and watched me bottom in a scene on Saturday night at The Center. But back to the Cruel Condom, what a horrific little piece of brilliance and madness all rolled into one. It looks like it is going to fast become a preferred item of play for me. Hopefully my partners feel the same way? Scott Paul, you are a twisted man, and I salute you!

Not that it is any of your business really. But I just thought I'd share it with you, to show you how versatile I am. The scene I bottomed to? Well, I was done by a Fucksall. A sex machine that is a reciprocating saw nestled itself into my orifices on the weekend at the hands on some friends of mine. And RC just stood idly by holding my leg in the air, drooling and looking generally silly as he stared at me "being done". Then again he wasn't alone, there was an entire cheering section at The Center who stood by to watch this silliness and pleasure take place.

I also got the most tasty looking edible pasties, that were found for me at Pike Market. And a trip to an adult stores yielded me copious amounts of new stockings, socks and panties all in reds and one thing in RC's favorite of neon pink. A girl can never have to many underthings, especially when her underthings are all that are ever really seen!

By the way, we are home now.