Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Full Nights Sleep

Last night our son went down to sleep in his crib at 10:10 at night. I went to bed at 11:15 about an hour later and curled up with Jason for a cuddle and then some much needed rest. Imagine my shock when I awoke at 8:20 in the morning and my breasts were swollen to easily three times there normal size.

Milk was trickling out of one breast and had pooled under my back and the sternum was filled with the white stuff too. The sheets were soaked and I was chilled from the wet spots that were more than damp.

I woke Jason up and asked him if he had gotten up during the night with the baby. He said no. Jason asked me if I had gotten up to the feed pickle during the night. I pulled back the covers and put his hands on my breasts ... no further explanation was necessary there.

Then Jason said bolt upright, and announced every parents worst fear. "Is he dead?" I chuckled. No, I can hear him cooing in his crib.

We both stared at the clock in our room as we did the math. Our son, who will be 3 months old tomorrow had slept for just over 10 hours straight, without feeding or waking us.

We woke refreshed, recharged and feeling really great. What a memorable day this is.

After being up for an hour Pickle and Jason left for a man day, and I was left at home by myself. You know what I did? I went back to bed for another two hours. What a luxury.

I am starting to come out of the fog that has been the past number of months of new motherhood and serious health issues.

With my PICC line out of my body, the home nurses gone, my infection on the mend and the baby starting to have better hours, my mood is now leveling out and I can see a light at the end of this very long dark tunnel we've been in.

Today has already kicked ass. I am grateful.

Tonight is Sultry our bath house event for couples, and we have plans on fucking like bunnies. Can you say "baby sitter"?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mockery of the Perfect Penis

So yesterday I made a post about the man who wrote to me about his "perfect penis" and how he has a "gift". I have received numerous responses regarding this letter and they have all been silly and fun.

That post of mine inspired yet another reader to send me this


So I’m a relatively attractive almost-28-year-old. I take issue with the recent claim by a relatively attractive 28-year-old, as recounted on your blog, that his penis is perfect. My own phallus has always received positive reviews and I will not ignore a gauntlet thus thrown. If he wishes to engage in a dick-measuring contest with the world, let it hereby be known that he will not be unopposed! The aesthetic qualities of my penis can be substantiated by miscellaneous photography, with and without adhesive googly eyes.

You are also welcome to perform in-person measurements and other examinations and evaluations, as deemed appropriate, pleasant, and/or entertaining.

This is exceptionally funny to me for a variety of reasons.

1. I know the man who wrote me the above email.
2. I have touched the penis of the man above and find it to be noteworthy.
3. I have an actual photo of his penis with googly eyes on it (courtesy of his girlfriend)
4. My friends penis would surely and easily win any contest against yesterdays perfect penis.

Ok, this now concludes me mocking the man who gave me so much to laugh at. Back to regular scheduled programming.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From My In-Box

As you have likely figured out, my email account is one that most people would not want to get near. And for good reason too. People write me about all sorts of personal issues, disclose things they should keep private and ask questions of a very intimate nature.

Most people are clever though and can figure out how to write a request without coming across as egotistical or creepy.

I say "most people" because there is always the exceptions to this rule.

Yesterday a man sent me an email, this is it, in its entirety

Hi, So i am a relatively attractive 28 year old who has become bored with many things in my life. Ever since i started having sex I have been told that I have a gift, some have even said perfect, penis. There are many things in the sexual realm that i stilll haven\'t been a part of and now i feel i am ready to do something more \"adventureous\", i guess would be the word. I don\'t know if this is the place for me, and if not i would appreciate if you could point me in a better direction, but some sort of amateur thing might be what i am looking for. In any event I am interested in your site and what you do and i look forward to further communication....

Now I think I am supposed to in awe of his gift. Because as you can imagine, I've *never* met any other man in life or in email claiming to have a PERFECT PENIS. Wow. Jeez. Really?

I can only presume that this man assumes (incorrectly) that his "supposed" perfect penis, will get him something special at The Lounge.

Yet if he had spent the time to read the Libido Events and Libido Lounge website he would have known that penis attributes are irrelevant to membership and to me personally.

Further if he had read the website he would clearly understand that we are not a porn site, so looking for something "amateurish" with us is also a mistake.

Then he asks me to point him in the right direction. To where? For what? I know nothing about this man.

I digress, I know a little about him. Lets see .... he's a 28 year old man, who has led a boring life and who can use email but not read a website. He has a perfect penis and a gift. He is not ego filled, no not-at-all. And he has found my website and email address, oh lucky me and thinks I will be the one to save him from his sexual boredom.

I guess I can count myself fortunate that there was no attached photo of his appendage to his odd email.

Some days I am torn between deleting such emails and putting my head through a wall.

Welcome to my professional life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stimulating Events

Three fast approaching events, the first two are only for Lounge members and the last one is for members and the general public alike.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25th, 6:30 - 9:00
Cost: $25 member / $40 couple / $30 guest of a member
Open to Women & Men

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 516. And your renewal is good for 12 months.

The evening starts with an opening circle orientation that will set the ground rules, connect us together, make introductions and have some playful games too.
An event where you may indulge the snuggle bunny within yourself. A chance to enjoy Compliments, Cuddles and Caresses, in an environment where sex is not permitted on this one evening.

Massages, flirtatious energy, kind words, big hugs, and gentle stroking. A movie on the big screen and tempting snacks to nibble on.

Be as sensual as you feel comfortable with knowing that everyone must keep their bottoms on. You may remove clothing if you like, but genitals must be kept covered. Wear something comfortable, perhaps your pajamas even!

This event is designed for people of every persuasion, unkindness is not permitted. Everyone is worthy of a hug and sweet murmur.

There is no requirement to hug or cuddle with anyone if you do not wish to.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26th, 7:30 - 10:15 PM
Cost $25 member / $45 couple / $30 non member guest
Open to Couples, Women & Men

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 516. And your renewal is good for 12 months

Here is your chance to get a sensual massage and to give a sensual massage in a safe environment.

This social relaxing event is open to men and women and is an all inclusive environment. You'll be respectfully touched by people of both sexes.

The evening starts with a short group ritual and then a conversation about group rules around boundaries to ensure each person gets the experience they are seeking. Then we break into groups on The Lounges countless massage tables.

Depending on the number of people attending each person will be massaged for a period of time, before "returning the favor". You may well have two or three sets of hands working you over at some point.

The event is non sexual, your preferences for pressure and massage placement will be honored.

There is no dress code, though wearing clothing easy to remove is most helpful. You may choose to be massaged while nude, or while wearing underwear.

You *must* bring your own towel. Massage oils are provided, though feel free to bring your favorite.

Snacks will be out and subtle music will fill the air.


SULTRY - couples only bath house event
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 7:30 - 11:30 PM

Tickets are $80 for General Public couples and non refundable.
Tickets are $65 for Lounge Member couples and non refundable.
Tickets are $10 for Lounge Life Time Member couples and non refundable.

SULTRY Steam, Sauna, Sex - Couples Only

We make a private rental of an Original Style Bath House in Vancouver.

~~~~~ SULTRY ~~~~~

An evening for the playfully adventurous: Just you, your partner...and twenty-four other couples, locked in for an evening of debauchery. With saunas, showers, play rooms, and massage tables, the stage is set for sensual, sexual, and fun games. Get lathered up with a large number of others in the shower (the lathering is mutual, of course); have a water fight; pair up (or triple up) for intimate play -- or watch other people while they do. Relax in the sauna between activities while Jennifer runs her version of Show & Tell (not quite the game you remember), have a snack or a cold drink, then dive back into the steam for more.

Tickets are first come, first served and are purchased by sending a check made payable to "LL":

Libido Lounge
PO Box 28578
4050 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4


Send an Electronic Money Transfer = EMT, from your banks home page, to my email address

**Once payment is received, the address and other relevant party info will be sent to you. Be sure to include your email address when sending a check, and the answer to the security question when sending an EMT.

* All inclusive: Entrance to the event, finger foods, non-alcoholic beverages, lounge room entertainment, play stations, safer-sex supplies...

* ...Social lounge with TV and refreshments, play rooms (with recovery beds and massage tables), two large shower rooms, two large steam rooms

* You and your partner must arrive and leave together.

* Our own masseuse for couples massages (there is an additional charge of $20 for 15 minutes). Sign up when you arrive!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Disease & Infections

Mondays are notoriously for me a long day that I rarely look forward to. However today as a Monday, is an exception. Thus far my day has been filled with joy.

Let me illustrate three reasons why:

1. Someone owes me a substantial chunk of change and has for quite some time. It finally got to the point where asking for the return on the money was futile. I took the matter to court. And the court ordered in my favor - I won.

The company involved was given thirty days to make payment. The thirty days came and went. I contacted them to remind them that they were now in contempt of a court order. An apology was given.

Two weeks ago, I told them if the payment was not here immediately I would take the matter back to court and notify media sources about their business practices.

This morning a call came that the check will be in my hands this week. This is so long over due, and an issue that I am glad to have out of my life.

2. This morning my Infectious Disease Doctor phoned me to say that my latest MRI results were promising. This translates to the fact that my Osteomyletis is much better and has stopped spreading currently. We are not out of the woods yet, it can flare up again as its a disease notorious for recurrence. But since its obvious growth is no longer visible, my PICC line will be removed this week. This news is incredible.

I can not wait to have a shower, it has been almost 7 weeks since my last one. I am so eager to immerse my arm in water and be done with this rigorous treatment regime, as it has taken a serious toll on not just myself, but the whole family too.

3. The baby has been sleeping in his own crib for five nights now, instead of in bed with us. Last night he slept from 9 till 2, then awoke for a feed. Then he slept till 7. This means that more frequent sex will be happening again as we have our bed back. And last nights sex was awesome. Jason *had* some guilt over the baby being in his own crib now, but after the sex happened he soon forgot about his misplaced guilt.

However as with all positives there is usually a negative. I am off to the lab shortly. With having C-Diff as a secondary infection due to my long term antibiotic use, it appears that the baby now has it. This bug is dangerous and apparently difficult to get out of ones system. There is a new prescription awaiting me, though this time an oral dose and it transfers to breast milk at a 20% rate, so we are hoping that it is enough to alleviate the babies symptoms. Because of this infection, I will continue to see the ID doctor.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is Sunday morning in our household. After a day at the Olympics yesterday we are all exhausted today. The Pickle is 12 weeks old today and in a week, will be three months old.