Monday, January 10, 2011

Masterful Cock Sucking & Hand Jobs Class - Surrey, BC

In a couple of weeks, you'll find me on a Friday night in Surrey, teaching Masterful Cock Sucking & Hand Jobs. It is “the class that will change it all for you”.

General Info

Friday, January 28, 2011
7:00 - 9:00 PM
O'Behave Adult Store
13672 108 Avenue Surrey
$25 / $45 couple - presale only, none at the door, non refundable
no dress code - day to day wear


Giving great head and a fantastic hand job is an erotic activity that takes practice, time and the belief that a job worth doing is worth doing really, really well.

Jennifer will spend the evening demonstrating oral & hand techniques that you too will be able to master by night's end.

This class will cover basic anatomy, hygiene and preparing for blow jobs, a blow job, and a full on hand job along with stroking and sucking techniques for the beginner cocksucker to the more advanced fellatio aficionado, who also will learn deep throat skills and gagging help. There will be tips on toys, lube, positions, and how to set the mood.

A fantastic class. Fun and informative to listen to, even better if you choose to practice along on aids that will be provided.

Please bring a notebook and pen to class.

Open to men and women, couples and singles.

Your ticket allows you to shop the day of the class and receive 20% off items purchased.

*swag bags provided to attendees

To purchase your ticket, contact O'Behave now
(604) 581-0022


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Animal Play Vancouver

A. wrote me weeks ago before a party asking if I wanted or needed anything brought to me. Sweet girl. I told her I enjoy chicken sub sandwiches from Subway and what veggies I am partial to.

Another week goes by and she writes me prior to attending another event and asks if I want a chicken sub. A. is also a submissive. The abbreviation for submissive is sub. I tell her to stop calling herself a chicken and to just bring me a sub. (submissive = herself)

She laughs. I laugh. Together we think we are funny.

Then she sends me a photo of Chicken Little, it was like she was mocking me.

So I sent her a picture of chicken anatomy.

Then she email me that she will be attending Dirty Girls. (which was last night) Well well, I think to myself. This is my chance.

I have always been curious about animal play and now I have started formulating an evil plan of naughtiness.

I tell A. that we are going to have a play date. Thankfully, she says yes. Consent is critical, you know?

I had already enlisted the assistance of two gorgeous women, each known to both me and the chicken.

After A. arrives to the party and has some settle in time, I have a friend warm her up, by tenderizing her a little with a lovely flogging.

Then A. is told to climb onto the gynecological table for me. She does so without missing a beat. She is naked and behaving well.

Next I ask her to "cluck". She chuckles once hesitantly, then starts "clucking", over and over again.

I attempt to put a comb onto her head, alas it does not work, the birds head is too big.

Suddenly next to me is another woman holding a mixing bowl. I can smell the contents of the bowl as I am watching the chicken be trussed, legs open wide. Arms tied tight, flapping like a bird.

A. clucked so beautifully once bound, it was like the bondage aided her submission.

It was about at this point, that the birds eye widened enough that I knew, she was aware of her destiny.

I donned a glove, reached inside the bowl and grabbed a handful of Stove Top stuffing and started stuffing it inside the birds open cavity.

I fingered in as much as possible amidst the laughter, then I grabbed a Hitatchi and masturbated that damn bird until the stuffing was shooting out of it.

That chicken was stove TOPPED.