Friday, September 15, 2006

Women's Only Naughty Party, Fri Sept 15

it's tonight, can't wait to have you join us all...

You'll feel it the moment you walk in, the energy, the enthusiasm, the
raw female magnetism swirling through the air. As you sign in and give
up your ticket (which only costs a measly $25cdn) to the sexy smiling
hostess, you'll have your first glimpse of what a Libido Event: Women's
Only Naughty Party at the lush and lavish Club Eden
is all about. Although you'll have come
dressed to impress and will, no doubt, expect to be wowed (the wonderful
thing about a no street clothes dress code is the ample eye candy);
nothing can actually prepare you for the sheer breathtaking beauty of so
many hot and delicious women in such a warm and inviting space. You see,
this is not your ordinary party this is a sex positive women's only
play party. This is a party for women to celebrate their love (and lust)
for women.

Downstairs, you'll find a comfortable social space that overlooks the
dance floor. In the corner you may spot women swapping massages on the
massage table with others stand nearby chatting. On the couches, you may
spy women with their lips locked in a flirty and hungry embrace
alongside women resting a moment and taking it all in after a long
session on the dance floor. The dance floor itself is a sight to behold
bodies undulating under the flashing lights, dancing around the pole and
with other women. Mesmerizing.

Just around the corner from the dance floor is a laid back kitchen area
that leads into a lounge with a definitely posh club-like feel. The
lights are low, the candles flicker and all around the room women chat
and flirt while getting a refreshing drink (note, the event is alcohol
free) and maybe a light snack to munch on. Out back, you'll definitely
hear giggles from the hot tub (which is clothing optional, of course)
that sits on a large deck overlooking a large and peaceful yard. And if
you listen really carefully, you'll hear the moans and shrieks swirling
in from the BDSM dungeon down the hall and the numerous bedrooms

You are free to do what you wish at this party the space is there for
your to use as you please (respecting, of course, others wishes for
privacy and/or non-involvement). Does the voyeur in you want to see some
fucking or maybe a flogging? Do you want to flirt with reckless abandon
all night long? Do you just feel like chatting with sexy women in a sexy
environment, feeding off the fiery energy in the air? Does the
exhibitionist in you want to come out on display? Do you want to dance?
Do you want to play?

Women's Only Naughty Party (a Libido Event) starts this Friday
September 15th at 9pm and runs till 2am, with the class Pussy Licking
Good offered from 8-9pm before hand (free for all party attendees).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

For address, driving instructions and to
RSVP, please contact

Thursday, September 14, 2006

death & work, life goes on

Yesterday was the memorial for my grandfather and my daughter I made the drive out to Langley to share in the service with the rest of the family. Oddly enough on the way there I drove right past one of my high schools and the very high school were I met Billy. It was a day filled with emotions and old dormant memories swirling round my head from out of no where.

This after we'd been at the orthodontist at 9:00 am having spacers put between her teeth as next week her braces go on. A year after getting retainers, they were finally thrown out to make way for this new leg of the dental journey.

Last night I taught Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing In The Bedroom at Club Eden to a small intimate class. After such a long day for me, the laid back class was a much needed change of pace. When I finally arrived home last night at 10:40 my daughter was in my bed almost asleep yet awaiting me for a hug. Finally at the computer again and I found 27 pieces of mail that required more than a form letter from me. Yikes!

By the time I turned on the computer this morning at 11:00, there was another 14 emails, not spam, but emails from people needing one thing or another from me or Libido Events. The mail doesn't slow down, nor does people's interest in getting their needs met. The things I get to learn about people, my oh my.

A stop at the post box today and it was filled with booty, Oh my....

- thank you card from the thirteen students I taught at Opt
- box of chocolates
- new book to review
- contract to review
- new DVD to screen
- hand written letter from a woman
- check with a letter
- pair of panties from some unknown person To the panty giver, thank you, they fit me, er um, really snuggly. )
- a magazine

I check mail at least twice a week from the Post Box, this was a certainly a big load!

Oh yes and I got a new Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher AND a new Leather & "O" Ring Cock Cage!

Licks & Lashes is a wonderful place to shop for quality, unique adult play toys, thanks Aaron for treating me so well and always making sure I have what I need.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stunt cunt to the rescue

A couple of years ago I (as Libido Events) hired author and activist Deborah Addington to present a class here locally on vaginal fisting.

Deborah, is a colleague whom I know through work and also the author and master woman who wrote A Hand In The Bush: The Fine Art Of Vaginal Fisting. Her book is great.

The event went off fabulous to a huge crowd at...get ready, The Vancouver Curling Club. Deborah did a lecture, talk and then proceeded to demonstrate her art, her craft and fisted a woman who was laying naked from the waist down in front of the room, full of people.

And the lights, we hung spot lights over the table she lay on to ensure everyone had a great view. It was a sponsored event, by the Love Nest. Everyone was in tight, close together, theater style so a good line of sight was possible.

Deborah is what's referred to as an Amazon of a woman in size. She's got amazing presence. And really big bloody hands. On the outside, she's a hard femme, six feet tall, dark-haired, green-eyed, tattooed and pierced.

This slim woman laying on the table, legs drawn up, feet planted solidly, open wide, rocked for a few minutes as Deborah started the descent, as her hand was creeping deeper inside her. Before she had swallowed up Deborah's hand rather swiftly. She could have taken it right away but the class needed to learn. Go slow, do it steps, talk the class through it. Smiling and happy it was looking like they were a good match. Fister and fistee. Everyone there watched it happen as they listened to Deborah's instruction and descriptive explantion.

Then this woman, petite next to Deboraha pushes herself to the end of the table resting her feet on the floor and slowly stands up. Which in turn brought the Amazon to her knees as her fist was completely up inside of her and wanting to be the ever giving fister, she was there pumping away. And of course, her fist was stuck up inside at this point and due to the new somewhat ackward angle, staying inside was the plan of action, still.

Deborah was arm wrestling a vagina, or so it looked.

All this time Deborah is trying to explain to a room full of people, how this is not the every day fisting experience. Please don't think it should or ever will go for you like this. She's never had a woman before literally climb on top of her fist and bounce, yet that's exactly what I did.

note 1: For you Carolyn. :)
note 2: The volunteer stunt cunt / vagina model for this event had withdrawn her coochie shortly before and the position was literally, suddenly available.
note 3: I'm an exhibitionist AND it's also just part of my job as a sex-activist
note 4: The show must go on.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

G Spot class

I've spent 7 hours in front of this computer screen today hammering out business e-mails and writing proposals and such. It's been a long successful day inside alone.

A change of scenery will do me good so I'm looking forward to this evening and heading out of the house. My stunt cunt and I are off to make the drive to Bellingham where I'm presenting my G Spot class for the Triskeli Guild.

Tomorrow night is Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing in the Bedroom at Club Eden, e-mail now and reserve your seat in class.

September 13 Wednesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
presented by Jennifer @ Club Eden, N Delta
$20 person, cash at door *for your RSVP & the address

Building a fantasy with your partner can be a rich and rewarding experience
which can add new dimensions to your sex life.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to get into the right mindset for whatever
fantasy you have in mind (youÂ’ll get a list of starting points as well) and
weÂ’ll discuss how to add props into your fantasy to add to the adventure.
Topics: pacing, leading, and following will be included, as well as how to let
your partner know if a fantasy is or isn't working.

The largest sex organ is between your ears, be prepared to learn about

* There is no requirement to attend this workshop with someone else;
attend alone or with a friend or partner.

Monday, September 11, 2006

seducing a workman

There's a man currently on his knees on my porch in the sun. Singing a really good tune and carrying it well. He's got a beautiful face and a firm ass. He's a really dirty and sweaty young man, wiping his brow every 5 minutes on the arm of his shirt.

Perhaps I should tell him that removing his shirt would keep him cooler and provide me with better visuals. :)

Would it be so wrong for me to seduce him, the hired help?

Two minutes ago said man, just looked at me typing here at my kitchen table and said the words...

Hey, aren't you .... Yup, that's right, it's me Jennifer. Told me he saw me in the hallway the other day and recognized me from past events I've hosted. He's been to a number of the workshops Libido Events has hosted with Midori. He asked me if I was a helper at Libido Events and that's why I was there.

I laughed, hard. Helper, sschmelper. I would be the force and energy behind Libido Events, the lone one. He chuckled at the realization of who I was.

Now that he's back working (caulking) on my porch and I now know of his interest in bondage, I'm even more intrigued to seduce him!

I'm 33, he can't be more than 25. He's really sexy, sort of Hispanic looking, trim, boyish, not my type usually, but he can sing and likes bondage.

I may just go into my bedroom and masturbate on my bed, while listening to the sounds of him working & singing out in the mid afternoon sun!

**just my luck, he's just showed up at my patio door to tell me that his pants button just popped off. I offered to give him a safety pin or some rope to hold his pants up with. He declined both. I personally hope his pants just fall off him.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seattle already

After making the drive and crossing the border earlier today, I'm now sitting securely in Allena's living room in Seattle. Of course, I was the "random" lucky car number of the day and made to go inside Customs so a search of my vehicle could happen.

My first class today, a personal security panel on Internet Dating that I was on with Tim and Mistress Matisse was successful. I learned a couple of new ideas that I plan on incorporating into my own dating life and also in to my Negotiation class that I teach and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to sit and teach with two friends.

After the panel I drove straight to Allena's and climbed in to bed, sleeping for 1.5 hours! Go me.

Tonight at 7:30 I'm teaching at Babeland on Capital Hill, my class Take Charge! A Woman's class on Dominance.

Then the big debate...

Return to Allena's get some sleep and leave early tomorrow morning for home


Get in my car and make the drive home arriving back to Burnaby late and able to sleep in my own bed?

What to do? I'm unsure.

Perhaps I'll wait and see how tired I am after tonight's class. Then decide.

Let's connect

We met last night at Sin City, downstairs in the dungeon. I talked you into removing your shirt. While driving home, I regretted not getting your e-mail address from you.

If you find this post from the link on my business card that I gave you, then I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Please mail me privately so we can finish the conversation we started and I can ask you a question.