Saturday, March 07, 2009

Adult Parties Vancouver

Resting most of the day.

Pushing a little paper, doing some number crunching, balancing the books, coordinating long term planning and a dash of new course development.

In a few hours the Naughty Party starts. Thankfully our own facility means no set up and preparations required, other than picking up the food and unlocking the door.

Life feels easy.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Sex Encounters Vancouver

I've tried to keep myself busy since last night. I managed today to be happier, and it was no small feat. Suffice to say it took an entire day of being constantly with my man that lightened my mood.

After a much needed sleep-in, we ran around early this afternoon and did some errands. Then we came home and each cleaned our desktops of the piles of accumulated paper that stacks there so swiftly. Really all you need to do is blink and there are more invoices and accounting that needs tending to. Blink. Barf.

After a couple of hours of paper pushing and spending some time with the teenager, we decided to go out for a walk together. Three hours later we returned home. He with a new flask and double cigar holder, and me with four new bras and three pairs of panties. Doing a little retail therapy with the man sure helped my mood. I sure felt better by the time we arrived back to our nest. Love and attention sure is a miracle drug concoction that's for certain.

While the man made us a delicious dinner, I sat on the sofa wrapped in a blanket uploading the Lee Harrington four workshops, and meet & greet that are happening at Libido Lounge in April. Check out the classes and dates here on the calendar. Getting this task completed was on my to-list and being able to check it off as done makes me feel rather accomplished at this moment.

Then after dinner and website updates, we watched Zoolander. Thanks PG for the great movie suggestion it was not quite my style of humor, but none-the-less a wonderful way to get lost for a couple of hours zoning out on the sofa.

What about my mood you might ask. Well, I started bleeding yesterday. I could care less about having periods, its part of womanhood, yadda yadda. But starting my period means I am not pregnant. And god damn it, we are trying for a baby. (its not been that long yet, but when I want something, I want it now and since we are both on board for this my excitement is over-the-top)

NEEDED: love, mojo, prayers, best wishes, good intentions, and offers to rub your newborns heads.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stained with tears

The day from fucking hell. It hurt, it sucked, it made me sad and yeah, I'm miserable. There is nothing further to say about it.

(excuse my bad language, this is not usual for me)

Tomorrow will be better, I am certain.

Show me a little caring today world, would ya?
Need love right now.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wedding Bells

Getting engaged was easy, as I knew nothing about it and was happily kept in the dark till the big surprise.

It appears that planning the big day is a wee bit time consuming and demands attention to details in order to get the wedding we want and not something hum drum.

We know what we don't want.

And we've agreed on some ideas of what we do want.

I have a rather comprehensive list of website links and friends bringing me Wedding and Bridal magazines.

We want an All Inclusive, that will double as our wedding place and our honeymoon destination all in one.

A place somewhere with Tropical heat and reputable experience in hosting weddings that dreams are made of.

Two weeks, one with the family and friends present and the second on our own.

Exciting excursions, a quiet resort, hot sunny beaches, excellent food, places to walk to, and luxurious spa/massage services.

No further away than a six to seven hour flight and in North America.

We've already been to the Dominican Republic, Maui and Cuba in the last 18 months, so somewhere else.

Where we end up, should be suitable for our teenager, our parents and our friends alike.

The reception, well that is a whole other story, to be sorted out later.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anal Sex Vancouver

Diamondbacking: Consenting to anal sex in the hopes that doing so will inspire a boyfriend to propose.

"Sue knew that Drew was totally into anal sex, so she let him diamondback her. Now they're engaged." - Dan Savage


Monday, March 02, 2009

Sex in the City

The man I am soon to marry is naked in bed next to me. All warm and cuddly.

I think I shall not type any longer and instead go seduce him.

Wish me luck, I'm hoping to get some action before sleep happens.

Good night.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

In the name of pleasure

So yeah, today I indulged, a lot. It was well deserved to.

Sex, oh yeah, the sex. This morning's rounds of intimate play was orgasmic, we consumed one another and still couldn't-get-enough. I was so amorous, it was overwhelming, and RC sure did enjoy the benefits of my surge of sexual desire as he awoke.

Then we went shopping and I cam away with serious booty and so did my guy. It was fun to shop and walk away with such wonderful new items that I didn't really need, but that I definetely wanted.

A gorgeous new six strand garter belt, in a retro classy style. A new whip, nicely balanced, custom made, and packing some huge wallop for the masochists in my life. A new cane, stainless steel with an insertable hand turned handle, polished to a perfect bling effect, it conducts electricity oh so well too. Thigh high stockings, that are very very feminine and will make a few heads turn. The most decadent soft pvc top, that is superbly unique, and a contrast to anything I have run across before. A new style of butt plug that looks delicious and just sprung off the shelves into my hands, what joy!

Then after the shopping was completed, we were famished, so off we went to our favorite Mexican restraunt. We ate too much food till we felt that we'd only be able to roll out the door, but then we expected to leave bloated as we always over indulge when eating here.

A woman just needs to be spoiled now and again. Today was my day.