Friday, July 08, 2005

night at the strip club

Spending an evening as one of 16 bi sexual woman at the BGV social event last night was a riot! It was even more fun than I thought it would be. All of us women met up at The Number 5 Orange down in the 200 block of Main Street across the street from the old police station. It's a strip club.

I arrived at 7:10 and was still the first to arrive, which is often the case for me. Aside from the women there working, I was the lone women in the room. No big deal to me, I settled in to a nice seat at a table, a seat with a full view of the young hottie on the stage and ordered myself a Coke. Some single man, a few tables over whose trying quite hard to flirt with me, I keep holding at bay and avoiding. Look down, look away, move my chair, look right through him. I'm here only for the women, why can't he get that?

Finally, two women from the group arrive and I wave and they point over to an area, and I realize that the BGV group has even booked us table areas. Nice! Feels good to be taken care of well. Off I go to leave the flirt man behind to join these two hot bi babes and what happens but over the course of the next 10 minutes another 14 women walk through the door of the club and walk straight to our table to be welcomed with hugs, waves, smiles and offers of seats. Some of us knew one another and some of us had first time meets other than those on their on line message board.

Yes, the strippers were good. And I think many who were there would agree that the woman in the yellow race track suit, definitely needs to be ridden long and hard. And oh yes, her act, was, um, well, I forget ok, but she looked really good and smiled pretty.

There was one young dancer who was so intrigued by our group that she kept coming by to sit and talk with us once she learned that we were all bi sexual (some kinky too) in our group. Half way through her second visit (of perhaps 4 over the night) to our table area, I gave her my card. She looked at it and smiled in the knowing way and said "really?" and like 3 other women sitting at the tables with me all said yes at the same time to her along with me.

I'll be honest with you, I invited her to the up coming Libido Events Bondage Play Party on July 23rd and told her to bring along another friend/lover or partner and that they'd be my guests. Her company was a nice touch to watching the other women who were performing on stage. Call it my thanks to her for the interaction intellectually, or perhaps call me an insatiable flirt. ha

Spent some time getting to know a few new woman in the group and catching up with some old friends as well. Was flirted with shamelessly by two of the groups women and I must say that I enjoyed their attentions. But then I'd set myself up to be flirted with. Wearing black leather ankle strapped stilletoes, blue, black and white striped bright skirt with a black leather vest and little lace black bra, I was dressed to feel attractive, be noticed and talked to. I got what I was looking for. A relationship many years ago taught me that if you want something badly enough instead of laying there hoping for it, go and create opportunities where by your want will be met. I've gotten very creative over time and consistently now have my wants met.

Left the club just after 10 and was home after a quick pit stop of The McDonalds Drive through for a childrens cheese burger happy meal, no onions or pickles and another Coke which I consumed before I was even in my under ground parking lot.

it was a night out that I'm glad I made the effort to be apart of

bi sexual woman

Thursday, July 07, 2005

strippers & conference building

Busy, busy, busy. After sending out a mail out till 2 this morning to the Libido Events mailing list about all the up coming events and classes plus news about the site update, I crashed into bed where I slept soundly till almost 7. Awoke to a fresh new day and was thankful for the sun in the morning as I was sort of dragging my butt and having a hard time getting started. Then I drove to work, finally awake, and was there from 9-2, leaving work to stop in at home to see my daughter then straight to drive to pick up her friend from day camp, just to bring him back to our house. He's hanging out with my daughter till his parents pick up both of them in a short bit. My daughter is sleeping over at her friends house this evening, and tomorrow night, her friend is sleeping here.

Once the kids leave, I plan on getting dressed in to something a little sexier than my typical mom look. Perhaps a brightly colored short skirt that will allow my long legs to show strong underneath of and maybe something backless so my muscled tattooed back will be displayed. Heels, at least 4 inches more likely 5, I'm not into platforms either, just give me a nice sleek heel. No bra, no panties but most definitely a sweater or a shawl as I always catch a chill. I plan on having a good time and given the excellent company and entertainment I know I will.

Where would a nice woman like me be going on a Thursday night? Strippers honey. I'm going along with another dozen or so women and we're meeting at a local strip club. This is a social event for the bi sexual women's group that I'm apart of here in Vancouver. We're going to watch women, flirt with women, be naughty, get to know one another and generally have a good time.

Then home to a quiet house to conference build. It's almost time. Soon I'm going to be revealing the complete line up for the Libido Events Vancouver Sexuality Empowerment conference happening this October 14, 15 & 16th. This project is a massive undertaking for me and I'm so bursting at the seams with excitement and astonishingly enough I'm going to keep this under wraps for a bit longer. Sorry to not reveal anything more, but I know you'll be pleased when you finally do see what I've created for you all.

I've got to do a few domestic chores now before I can rationally justify my leaving the house to watch strippers. It's just the type of woman that I am.


Monday, July 04, 2005

amazing hand held bug zapper

It's yellow and it's shiny and there are 10 of them. 10. Ten. I really said 10 of them.

Falling, upside down, is an 8 legged spider landing on it's head on the side on the package, and in a cartoon bubble above the dead insect it reads YIKES!

Verbatim from the front of the bug zapper package:

The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper

runs on 2 AA batteries...included

2 button safety switch
Environmentally safe unless... you're a bug!!!

Kills Mosquitoes, Flies, Gnats and other flying insects on contact.

Verbatim from the back of the package:

The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper uses 2 AA batteries (1.5 volts each) to send a current to the net of the kill the insect on contact!

1. Install the batteries as indicated on the battery case (having problems, the
package has diagrams)

2. To kill the insect, hold the zapper by the black handle, and hold down BOTH
buttons. Move the zapper towards the insect to make contact with the net surface

3. The red light indicates that the net is activated. Be careful not to touch the
net surface (to yourself) while the switches are on. (only touch bugs & willing
play partners) Touching the net with the switches on will cause a shock.

4. Do not use water to clean!

Safe For Indoor Or Outdoor Use


Made in China

and are you ready, the teeny tiny grocery sticker on the very bottom says that the cost on this weapon/sex toy is $1.99

Now would you beleive that I came home from work the other day and found ten of these bug zappers on my bed in my room. Allena had bought them all for me as they were a steal of a buy and she knew that I'd put them to use. You can imagine my surprise though to arriving home to 10 of them.

Allena's not fond of my using electricity on her. When she, Daddy and I went to Phoenix Arizona a few months ago we played at APEX. In the dungeon there I had pulled the caddle prod from my purse and used it on her a number of times...I'm thinking this is why she has given me an abundance of electric fly swatters. Bella likely wants me to never use a caddle prod on her again and only use the fly swatters, hence the bulk order. Truth be told, I know Allena would let me use just about anything on her if I asked her in just the right tone and offered up a good enough reward.

Kara has exercised her right to say no to certain types of play and electricity is one of them. Doug on the other hand, had a little current running up his sensitive inner thigh area the other morning - and with a hood on his head, let me tell you his voice was quivering when I asked how we was doing after the first few shocks rocked him.

Doesn't take much to make someone jump, or even break a sweat.

I realize that on the official website listed on my bug zapper package it says $14.99 but the actual sticker price really was $1.99 (ok, this is in American dollars)

Have a peek for yourself at the Bug Zapper.

While I've got your attention, I've been doing a major face lift over on the Libido Events site. Have a look around and let me know how I'm doing. thanks for the input


Sunday, July 03, 2005

weekend activities

It's truly summer time now. No, not because today is a beautiful Sunday in July but rather because my child is home now with no where to be by day regularly again till September when school goes back in.

This morning she is laying in bed, sick with a head cold and reading books. Not surprising she's ill given the pace both her and I take often. Friday we spent at Canada Day Celebrations at Burnaby Heritage Museum for 3 hours in the afternoon and were overwhelmed by the numbers of people who attended and were so friendly and celebratory. The weather was beautiful and I had time to enjoy being mother to such a delightful young person.

Thursday night Jim came up for the night and he had an enjoyable evening in with me. On orders I was on all fours, naked, head down, sex & BDSM toys out waiting, showered and in a still and quiet room awaiting him. Finally, he walks through the door and I know that once I hear his bag drop to the floor and the front door lock and close, that in just a few seconds he will come for me down the hallway and in to the living room. As he enters the room his first visual will be of my back, long and tattooed, arched to bring my ass up, on all fours, curved bottom towards him and face down. This is as he wants me and I've been down here waiting for a bit now. My knees are already wobbly from the pressure and the excitement.

CLANK, the sound of something hits the floor, right next to my ear. I know the sound, it's a set of nipple clamps. SPLASH, there is the feel of warm water wetting me as a razor glides between my cheeks. My Daddy had arrived, need I say more?

Friday morning early at 9:30 I had a private consultation with a woman and we sat and talked for 2 hours about Bisexuality and Polyamory. I'm always amazed at how much I learn from the people I meet and talk with, it's because of all these people that I feel alive as an activist.

Saturday I worked all day, from 9:30-7:00. Yikes what a long day. Then it was time to pick up my daughter from where she had spent the afternoon, then head home finally where I arrived in at 8:15PM after leaving at 8:30AM that morning. As I said, "it had been a long day." Although tired, sleep just wasn't in the cards.

Instead I went and updated the face of the Libido Events home page and added another new presenter to the October Vancouver Sexuality Empowerment Conference. Teri D. Ciacchi MSW is the latest presenter to be added and she'll be joining us by doing her powerful presentation "Clitoral Revelations." Details on this class will be out soon of course, so watch for them.

It's Kara's birthday today and she's away taking care of some family matters and not able to celebrate. Makes me sad to know she's not able to enjoy her special day.

You have to go and check it out as it's the funniest, fall of your chair type laughing, poly, movie, humor, clip that I've ever seen. Enjoy and thanks Bella, for sending it to me.

I've got Midori here with me in like a month doing a couple of workshops for Libido Events and another Dine With The Diva Event as well. And finally while on a break from work the other day sitting in my car, I finished reading her most recent book Wild Side Sex : The Book of Kink. Damn it's a great book and simply put, it's a guide for the curious, the sexually curious and adventurers. I'll tell you more about the book later.

Jim's in Seattle with Allena for 3 days and this leaves me home alone to be mom and to work. My daughter is leaving next Saturday for a week of holidays, leaving me the whole house to myself. During this time, I've got already scheduled alone time with both Allena and Jim. And still to be booked is time with Doug. Whose Doug? aka "the new guy" The one I keep writing about. Yes, his name is Doug and he's told me to go ahead and write about him and use his name. Doug Then there is Kara. Kara's going to be needing some attention about this time from me as well so I'll have to find an opportunity to do something extra special for her as she's had some big family stuff going on.

That's it for me, I'm off to the market to buy some fruit and veggies and to check on the child whose now making a craft project at the kitchen table.