Saturday, October 01, 2005

tissues & ejaculator supplies

A box of tissues is on the end table next to me in the living room and used up tissues, rolled in to small wet balls are laying all over the floor. I'm so sick with a head and chest cold that I feel like I'm dyeing and being close to death means that I'm on the sofa, under a blanket, in my cotton 2 piece pajama's with snowmen on them. Apple juice is chilled in the fridge and the bathroom door is open down the hall should I feel the need to hurl again. Lovely visual hey? Both yesterday and today I've called in to work and taken sick days - how unfortunate as I'd hoped to get some extra hours in at my day job before the Sexpo in just a couple of weeks.

The other night I had Doug over for a visit and after watching some TV together on the sofa, I sent him, naked, into the play room to climb up on the gyn table. I played with Doug for awhile, him at my mercy, legs spread in stirrups, naked, on a gyn table, with an electric fly swatter laying across his cock, needles in his chest and BANG was the end result ever hot. Good times were had and I only needed to tell him the rules to our play once and he followed along so well. Rules mean consequences for not following along, but Doug was only rewarded.

When we were done playing and he had finished eating 6 or 8 chocolate chip cookies and some water, we got him dressed again, packed up and heading back to his wife and home.

The fly swatter did go off a number of times on the cock but it was always made better by praise, strokes and extra loving from moi! I can be mean and nasty & still loving and caring.

After Doug had left and night time had fallen, I sent him this email:


After this evening's play, I went to investigate what other deviant things I should add to my toy bag now that we know CBT mixed with electrical play is so hot for you. Here is what I found: A Balley Ejaculator

If I save up for awhile I'll be able to afford one. It's a business expense as well so this makes it even more attractive. : )

Your thoughts?

Email cut here to protect privacy

Doug whose writing often makes me laugh, sent this back:


while I'll admit that this

"Stand away from the animal 6 or 10 feet after gently inserting the probe, and observe the reaction of the animal. Proceed as dictated by the animal's physical movements as the stimuli are applied in rhythm....Not recommended for horses. "

sounds intriguing, I've continued to be amazed by the ways you manage to use just about every toy in the bag.

Wow, needles for play. I'm still kind of wrapping my head around having been on the receiving end of that.

Email cut here to protect privacy

It's time for me to blow my nose again and to take a nap. The only thing missing is a good massage and some wonton soup for this sick woman. I'm still chuckling over Doug and the look of shock that must have washed over his face as he read my email about Farm & Ranch ejaculator supplies. Chuckling hurts my lungs though as I'm so sick, perhaps he should be punished? ; )


Vancouver Sexpo
Libido Events

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Press Release

For Immediate Release.
Contact Jennifer@libidoevents for more information or go to

Vancouver Sexpo, Sex and Sexuality Empowerment Conference
October 14, 15 and 16, 2005

Get ready for the first Vancouver Sexpo, Sex and Sexuality Empowerment Conference ( scheduled for October 14th through the 16th at the Hornby Banquet & Conference Centre 3rd Floor 595 Hornby Street in Vancouver BC. This is not a trade show or a thinly veiled opportunity to sell porn. This is a chance to explore your own sexuality and enrich your sex life. Packed into this weekend is a whole spectrum of workshops, entertainment, shopping, socializing and opportunities for play and for you to gain skills to empower yourself. What sets this conference apart from anything you've ever seen before? The details are what make this a quality weekend intellectually, financially and sexually for everyone.

You get workshops that are intensive in length and interactive, where you come out of them having learned a skill and/or more about yourself and your sexuality. Workshops and presentations include "Radical Ecstasy," an interactive presentation by acclaimed author Dossie Easton; noted sex expert and courtesan Veronica Monet on " Sex Courtesan Style", "Clitoral Revelations" by Terri Ciacci, several bondage workshops by Jim Duvall, a presentation on today's Sexual Renaissance by the Wet Spot's executive director, Allena Gabosch, basic Play Piercing by Elwood and of course several workshops by your host, Jennifer of Libido Events.

And the workshops are just one part of the weekend. Get ready for burlesque dancers to tease; an exclusive film screening of the international award winning movie, Crossing; a massage booth; edible muffs; a body painting booth; kinky and glamour photography and a full on decadent sex positive play party with something for everyone. And make sure you visit Vendors Row, where local and out-of-country shops will have deliciously wicked items to please you.

Attendance at the Sexuality Empowerment Conference is for those 19+ with valid ID. Advance Ticket are $75 per person all inclusive Friday - Sunday events, workshops & play party. Tickets purchased at the door are $90 per person all inclusive Friday - Sunday events, workshops & play party. Sex Positive Play Party Only tickets may be purchased in advance for $20. Tickets may be purchased at the following locations: Little Sisters Book Store located at 1238 Davie Street Vancouver (in the heart of downtown), Fetwear Adult Store 931C Brunette Avenue (Lougheed & Brunette on the border of Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby) and at The Wet Spot 1630 15th Avenue West Seattle, Washington (from Allena Gabosch directly for $75 CDN or $65 US)

Vancouver Sexpo, Sex and Sexuality Empowerment Conference is brought to you by Libido Events ( and is sponsored in part by Tickled Pink Toys, Licks and Lashes, Storm Brewing, Oran Foods & The Triskeli Guild.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


This past week has simply proved that it is possible to do the impossible as I somehow managed to navigate through one hell of a busy schedule. Yesterday though I was able to put aside for 4 hours all of my work that was due and found myself naked on my living room floor.

Had to be my Daddy right? No one else could get in so when I heard the key in the lock a chill ran down my all ready naked body. I was on the living room floor a top a plush cream colored blanket with the drapes drawn almost completely to keep anyone from seeing in, yet sunlight flooded through the white shears filling the room with brightness. Trembling, from the slight breeze of the sliding door being open a crack, mixed with chill of uncertainty to the noises coming down the hall, my naked body trembled slightly on all fours, with a back arched just the way I know it's supposed to be. Forehead to the floor and now I can't even see a thing or look up.

Ok, not quite the way it's supposed to be, my arch is wrong. First thing I feel is a warm hand sliding over one of my ass cheeks, then a crisp swat and finally his hand on the small of my back forcing my arch more pronounced, bottom more upturned and legs more spread to accommodate. He's happy finally because I'm being rubbed nice now and the hand that's rubbing me into a happy girl is no longer arching my back for me.

Mummified, except for genitals and breasts you can tell where Jim wanted to focus his attention towards me. Unable to move and bound in black pallet wrap, electricity hooked up between my legs, not to harm me for good SM play but rather to be used as a discipline tool in our play over the day. Told to do something what choice is there, when electrical leads are connected to your most private parts? OBEY. Daddy helped me by doing this for me, isn't he so thoughtful to help take away some of the struggle I have from time to time. It did help me to submit easier. (yup out of fear and I can eroticize this so I was one happy woman)

Then a Chinese 7 star hammer and my breasts & sternum turned pink from the needles over and over hammering me and targeting my aereola and nipples. Jim sat a top me as I was bound and he hammered happily until way more nasty things happened that I'm not up to writing about for public consumption.

HOWEVER, we went through an OBSCENE amount of my lube and my sheets should be burned.

Then the clock said 1:15pm and it was time for me to make us lunch, naked of course, and then to do the dishes, clean up the remains from a half day of serious sex & SM play and put everything away. Asked permission to dress and then got in my car, drove to school to pick up daughter at 3, went grocery shopping and was home by 4:30pm back to Jim.

Work on the computer for an hour, then start cooking dinner for everyone as it's a family night in. Homework, phone calls, house work, computer work and we all just hung out together. We were asleep early last night as today Jim had to leave early to return to the States and I've got a volunteer meeting today to go over the venue set up for Vancouver Sexpo next month.

Everyone should be to me around noon. Until then I'm catching up my Blog and my personal email. And I've got to unpack my bags still from this past Sunday as my toy bags are still packed from my two classes at The Wet Spot and my tasters booth that I ran for them. This is a toy bag that I'm now realizing needs more than put away - it needs sterilized and sanitized. much fun was had

Tickets for next months Vancouver Sexpo both all inclusive and play party only are at Fetwear, Little Sisters and Seattles The Wet Spot.

off to grab a quick nap now before start arriving

Vancouver Sexpo
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