Friday, July 28, 2006

masturbation experiments

You know you've got a true friend when you can send these instruction to him...

Would you try buying a small hard, solid melon. Cutting a DEEP small hole in the center, about the size of your flacid cock, and then when you get yourself hard, ensure the melon is cold from being in the freezer or fridge for awhile and then insert cock and slosh & fuck away. Let me know any feedback you'd like to share, I'd truly love to hear. PS. Do your experiment in the tub or over a tarp, and remember the whole time that you are "doing it" that I sure appreciate you and your kinky efforts.

It was an experiment. A technique that I'd heard about from another male friend and wanted to get further feedback on.

This is what my friend sent me back, a visual of what I'd asked of him.

Thank You my friend!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

client topics

after some much needed sleep (although not enough) I am now awake against my will and readying for my 10:00 appointment Coaching Session this morning. Topics for this client are "how do I enter the swinging lifestyle & attend parties" and "male masturbation techniques". Should make for an interesting morning for me and a rewarding one for my client.

This afternoon belongs to my daughter here at home, where I'll return to spend time with her, and if I'm really lucky, to get a nap in as well. Because you see this evening I have another Coaching Session, this time with a couple. I've been hired to go their home and we're going to discuss "Fantasy Role Play" and "incorporating naughtiness into ones sex life".

All of today's clients have been on the mailing list for awhile, and two of three people have met me previously as well in workshops of mine.

Working with clients privately is a privilege which affords me much. The opportunity to peek and walk around some in others sex lives is powerful & titillating; it feeds me as a sexually curious woman and as a sex-activist who passes on what she learns. It also fills up my knowledge base so I become a better lover and a more compassionate, skilled educator.

Thank you to everyone who puts their trust in me and shares of themselves freely.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

male attention

in a couple of hours I'll be in my car, driving up to Squamish as this evening I'm teaching Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics for Trinity Romance Shop.

Earlier while driving a pick up truck pulled along side me on the highway and the passenger made some gestures towards me that were supposed to be sexy. (in his male mind) I continued driving trying to ignore him. The trucks speed matched my own precisely and again the passenger was franticly trying to get my attention.

Turned my head and smiled a little while giving the car a little gas and trying to pull away. Red light. Busted.

The passenger with fingers over his mouth as though simulating oral sex on a woman was pressed against the window of his truck. He was quite pleased with his actions thinking I'm sure that he was going to startle me. Not.

I, on my way to a Private Coaching session with a woman happen to have on my front seat two books. Cunnilingus and Fellatio each book large and with it's name boldly printed across the front and viewable from feet away.

One book in each palm and I pressed them against my driver window, waiting and watching.

The men started howling as they likely couldn't believe what this woman had on her front seat. What are the odds right? What luck...

He thought he could startle me with his bold actions when in fact, it was mine, that shocked them.

We drove along further and then a red light again, they were excited at another chance to perhaps, talk or flirt with me a little.

Instead, I unrolled my window and handed each of them my business card and then promptly on the green, drove off.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Calgary bound

opened my inbox a short while ago to discover my Ticketless Itinerary for my trip this October. I've been hired to fly to Calgary where I'm teaching two of my regular classes to their sex-positive community and a 4 hour intensive workshop for women only.

Quite exciting is the evening play party I'll be attending while in Calgary, a chance to play with new people in a different space and meet so many others.

My life is so blessed and for the opportunities, I am grateful! The result of course, of good clean living.

The weather is a little too much for me. I don't handle this type of heat so well, it makes me very nauseous. Time for me to go climb into my cool bath for a soak before it's time for me to leave at 2:00.

This afternoon I'm meeting a client for a couple of hours of Private Coaching on male masturbation & sex-positivity and then home again to get naked and climb right back in the tub.

Does anyone have suggestions of shopping / stores / resources I should be visiting, checking on or meeting while in Calgary? Please share. :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

after the Naughty Party

I'm happy, content and feeling proud of myself and Libido Events at this moment. What a successful Naughty Party last night was after all the preparations to make the move to both a new venue and a format. It was certainly worth all the effort that was put in to it.

Honorable mentions go to...

*Hugh for the sweat & muscles moving equipment (he vacuumed up wax, naked! people loved it)
*Deej, Danny & Trish - made people comfortable and kept things in order
*Partners of the above three women for doing jobs that kept the party running smooth
*Soren & Ruby for the New York City Museum of Sex tank top
*New friends C & C for music and porn in copious amounts :)
*B & E for all those sheets & pillows
*The couple who gave me a body massage at nights end, you melted me
*Chicago friends, for the end of night clean up
*Jim for the art, his sexy breath taking art, that adorned the walls - 10 pieces

For showing up at the Naughty Party, thank you. It was an incredible night and your support was overwhelming.

It did help to make the night so great that we had AIR CONDITIONING. Aaah, it was HOT in action inside but everyone was cool. What with the showers and the bath going all night many people used the chance to freshen up, between or before play. We had soap, bubbles, candles and towels in quantity so fun was had by all who wanted to get wet.

Food was glorious, people out did themselves. Sushi, pizza, veggies trays, fruit trays, huge bowls of cherries, nuts, plates of grapes, frozen watermelon, nachos, chips, dip, home made guacamole, short bread, pop, water, 5 cheeses with crackers, bagels & cream cheese, flax and so much more. No one could say they lacked the fuel necessary to play this evening.

Next Naughty Party...

August 26 Saturday!

See you then.