Friday, January 22, 2010

My box is broken

Just because the universe is conspiring against me these days, it seems only fitting that my computer is now under-the-weather.

I'm on a MacBook so there should not be any issues, yet this is just another thing that now requires my attention.

My computer is eating emails, deleting files randomly and taking the formatting out of all of my documents. And to add insult to injury Microsoft Word won't open at all.

I feel like I should be taking bets on what's next going to go wrong in my life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding My Groove

Typing one handed can be done though it takes me forever to complete things. Complicating matters is the 13 pound crying appendage laying in my left arm. (the one that is not on the keyboard)

This week and next are jam packed with appointments for me to get to. And of course I am still adjusting to how long it takes me to get somewhere with a seven week old baby. Planning excursions is now a must to ensure I am prepared for what ever could possibly happen.

On another note, there was a highlight to my day yesterday. A University emailed me saying "the check is in the mail" as they have hired me for a four day contract. This pleases me to no end particularly since I love working with students and I miss being on the teaching circuit. These past few months of late pregnancy and early postnatal have left me with a strong desire to return to educating the masses.

Then today, a local College confirmed a paid full week contract that I had sent in a proposal for. I was confident I would get this gig as I worked for them for two years previous. I am delighted to have my offerings accepted and to have this work.

I am attempting today to finish another contract that I have been trying to complete for over a week now. I know I'll land the job, but the formality of doing and submitting the paperwork is a necessity. Blah.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nominate my friends

This request just came today from a mailing list I am on. If you have ever seen the Wet Spots perform, then I highly recommend that you nominate them - they deserve it.

Hi folks,

It's been a while since we wrote. 2009 was a busy year for us, but not in a 'million shows a week' kind of way. We spent most of the last 12 months working away at writing, scoring and mounting an original show called SHINE - A Burlesque Musical. SHINE is a comedy about a seedy downtown burlesque cabaret theater and the talented family of misfits who try to save it from demolition or worse - respectability. Many of you saw it last summer.

SHINE was a joy to create. We wrote thirteen original songs and an entire script in under two months - an unheard of level of productivity for us. We then managed to assemble a dynamite team to bring it to the stage for two Vancouver runs. And now, we have been nominated for two Ovation Awards. The Ovations recognize excellence in musical theater in Vancouver. SHINE has been nominated for "Best New Original Work" and our choreographer Miss April O'Peel has been nominated for "Best Gypsy". The awards are a straight-up popularity contest, and we need your vote! Click the link below to help us out, it only takes a moment. Voting closes on January 24th.


The "Best New Original Work" Award is a cash prize. We are currently planning a multi-city tour for SHINE for 2010, so a win here would give us a bit of money to underwrite the tour. Hopefully to get it to a theater near you!

All the best and may 2010 bring you great joy!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Troublesome things

Here are but a few things that are currently plaguing me...

  • My baby is a poo machine.
  • I wish I had another set of hands.
  • The alarm on my pump keeps going off.
  • Exhaustion is a side effect of my medication.
  • Sleep deprivation is what happens when one has an infant.
  • An orgasm would be nice.
  • Shaving is difficult with a PICC line.
  • The Jeep needs to see a mechanic.
  • The Lounge still needs more volunteer hours to complete our plans.
  • A hair cut, manicure and massage seem like a far away dream.
  • I have no books to read that are not work or baby related.