Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday Planning

If you are not already on the guest list for tonight's Naughty party there is still some time left for you to make a reservation.

The night is going to rock, there are a boat load of people coming out and we're expecting to see copious amounts of perverts at play.

Jason and I are going together and should we be able to settle everyone in quickly enough .. then maybe, just maybe, we can get some time in together.

Seeing as Jason just arrived back home last night from his trip to Kelowna I can say in all sincerity that I missed him desperately. And I am so excited that at days end tonight we'll be drifting off to sleep wrapped in each others embrace again.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Private Sex Class

My car is all gassed up. I have entered my destination into the GPS. Many penis have been sorted by size and are ready for the adventure. My teaching bag is packed with all the goodies necessary to make this event a huge smashing success. Confirmation of my arrival time has already been sent, everything is running smoothly thus far.

I am driving out to Chilliwack to teach a private class for the evening. A night of skill development; hand job and cock sucking practice is soon to happen.

Hopefully the women are ready for me and all that I bring along. They sound like a really fun and enthusiastic group, whom I am most excited to have been hired by.

In the next couple of days I hope to post the November and December calendar on-line. My schedule is jam packed .... so, if you want to be working with me, you'll want to send me an email sooner rather than later to ensure you get me on the date of your choosing. Not only do I fill up extraordinarily fast but my references also kick ass too.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


One of my more affluent clients handed me a check today at the end of our coaching session. It was blank in every line, except where it had been signed.

I raised my eyebrow inquisitively, while looking at her.

With a sly smile she said "you know Jennifer, you could put anything you want on that. In fact, you could take yourself away on a very nice extended holiday".

A sigh escaped my lips as I warmed at the sentiment. It is a powerful feeling to be trusted so very deeply, not just with my clients personal issues, but also with her families bank account.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Women keep throwing themselves at me. It's such a beautiful thing too. I'm not complaining you see. Rather, I am wondering what it is that I exude that makes me the lucky recipient of all this scrumptious girl attention?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

Today I plan on hanging out at home in my robe, while wading through more of the year end mess that awaits me in my office. What a daunting task and one that I find myself struggling with as it's hard to concentrate with a toddler running around emptying everything out and banging.

And I need a new desk -- the one that is in my office is not serving me well at all. In fact, the current desk is failing me so badly, that often I can be found working on our dining room table because I loathe the current desk that much. Ideally I'd like too find a work center that is thin and tall. Quite tall, with lots of shelves and such, but not wide. A corner unit that is tall may also work as well.

Tonight is Jack & Jill so I'll have to get ready for that a little later on. A night of masturbation and sex outside of the house with my man. This is so great because sex at home, with two kids wandering around can be difficult to sneak in. And we're not so quiet either, so heading out for a night of debauchery is titillating on many levels.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 parties in 24 hours

It was not my first time being hired by this group of young women. In fact, they have hired me a few times before and I'm seeing twice more in the next six weeks. They take much from time with me and I enjoy teaching them. Private Classes are way more intimate and when in someones home and not the Lounge, it's still an evening of debauchery. (just on a different level)

The class I was teaching was called "Bedroom Poses" which of course is a 2.5 hour long class on positions for sex play. Interactive, hilarious, educational and created by me completely. It is an awesome class that this group of lovely ladies enjoyed on many levels and one that I am confident their partners are going to go gaga over the rewards from.

The tried to hire me to stay for an additional hour last night, though sadly I was unable to. Jason was picking me up and we were heading to a second party immediately after wards. It's always flattering to be so well thought of and sought after: especially when the crowd is a large group of extremely hot women.

An hour later and I was at my second party of the night and this one had me naked and kneeling within ten minutes of being in the door. It was a private party amongst close friends. Who knew that my attempts at submitting to the red head would have so many people laughing?

Then a little later on I convinced one of the men present to let me spank him. He's rather tall and yet was still a great fit as he bent over my naked lap for our encounter. It was of course tongue in cheek, and fast went from spanking to nerf batting, to a full on hilarious, pee yourself watching, wrestling match.

We wrestled on the dungeon floor for awhile, both of us panting and slowly depleting our energy reserves. I got him in a head lock. A camera came out of nowhere and someone started taking photos for prosperity sake. We took down the cameraman and he landed on his ass -- Ouch, Oh my!

It was a girlfriends birthday celebration and this was why we were at her home and dungeon with all of our pals.

A kind man, stood next to me in the dining room, and cracked me a crab, while handing me each and every piece. There were over a dozen crabs on the table, cheeses, cakes, nibblies and morsels -- yummy goodness.

The clock struck late and we returned to our car. I drove us back to the babysitters, were we fetched our wee one before making the trek back home.

In just over 24 hours, I have ran a Sauna Party, taught a private class to a stagette and got-it-on at a private soiree.

Today its my plan to spend the day sitting at my dining room table, in my robe. I have the house to myself and a tonne of stuff to complete and paper to finish pushing after such a successful weekend.

You too can hire me to teach at your home, office, or event, after reading this. It's easy, write me for more details.