Thursday, February 16, 2006

New York City & Clitoral Gel

Hot damn, I'm going to New York City, this came to my inbox after sending off an abstract to LLC-X in the hopes of presenting for them again...

Thank you for your recent submission to LLC-X. I am pleased to inform you that we have accepted your proposal (Leadership as Service). Final scheduling of times will be announced shortly.

This will be my third year teaching for LLC and as a sex activist I can tell you, it truly is one of the highlights of my year. To stand before that many other educators, activists and sexual outlaws and teach & learn is both humbling and empowering.

On another note, I've worn a stainless locked bracelet around my left wrist for a couple of years as a symbol of my submission to Jim and his ownership of me. The other night it was removed as I am having some troubles with my wrist and it was bothering me.

Without this bracelet I feel less than. Less submissive and less owned, I know it's only in my mind, that the bracelet was only a symbol, but it was something I could count on seeing. No matter where I was, there was Jim on my wrist, almost walking with me even when he was at home in Bellingham.

, I was pleased to see you in my cock sucking class Wed night, especially since I'd not seen you since Saturdays play time together at Sin City. The bruising looks awesome on the thighs, glad they make you smile so much to look at them. Playing with you was more fun than I'd hoped for and next time, we'll have to try something more playful & torture filled for my enjoyment, and yours. [hugs to D for me]

Did I mention that yesterday morning with my daughter walking into the parkade at 8:30 in the morning, we found my front drivers side tire flat to the ground void of air? Oh but it's true, my car has had two crisis's in the last week and a half and cost me a small fortune.

I need an orgasm before heading off to sleep, I do, I actually need one. I'm going to rub some Clitoral Stimulating Gel over my clit, put a dab of it on my vibrator head, then massage it into my clitoral area [under the hood] while I grind against the massager to get myself off. It's the glowing warm rush of blood to my genital area that excites me so much and as it's warming between my legs, all I want is to grind further. You should really try the Clitoral Gel, it doesn't get hot, only warm and it add's to the feeling off being pushed over the top in sex play for any of you that are looking for something a little extra to make you tingle.

O'My makes the Clitoral Gel and they've been a corporate sponsor of Libido Events for a few years now. The samples I'm handing out right now are of clit gel, at such a small cost, it's worth your while to buy yourself a tube to try our right away. Let me know what you think.

Monday, February 13, 2006

long day

Sitting with heavy eyelids on the living room sofa, the laptop on my lap, oh my I love my Mac. It does really good things for making work easier.

Just sent off a second email to answer more of Mistress Matisse's questions for her article on polyamory in this weeks The Stranger which is being written about my poly family; Jim, Bella & I. I'm eager to read the article and enjoyed hearing Matisses enthusiasm over writing it.

Tonight I almost finished the new website and almost loaded in all the info. Still some work left to do, but I plan on publishing to the web tomorrow before I send out the mailer to the mailing list that I wrote this evening. It's just a lot of work and there is only so much of moi to go around. I'm working on it.

The mailout is filled with info on my Cock Sucking class this Wednesday that I'm teaching here in Vancouver along with details about Diva Midori's visit and two classes.

Must go to bed now, Jim is going to be here first thing for a play date on Valentines Day. Daughter in school and the adults shall play, happy Valentines Day to us. And to you as well.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

in from Sin

it's either way late at night or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at it. Seeing as I'm just in from Sin City where I was met with a lot of surprises & fun, I'm feeling it as being late at night. Played with a long time friend who confessed to having a crush on me, so how could I not exploit that into some great sex play?

We had a lot of great sex play and in a public play space, sexy night, very cool indeed. My partner even gave my large cock a blowjob after I needed a break from putting out so much in the scene. It was nice to lay back and let her consume me for awhile. The red shiny dress hiked up to expose her panty covered girl-bits for my hands to roam, mouth to kiss/bite and toys to create unique sensations on.

Moans out of me as her mouth ate my nipple and sank on to my breast under my firm verbal guidance. Please me. Show me your thanks for my attention. Now make me feel good. Suck me the way I tell you and she did. Heavenly, just heavenly.

Met so many new wonderful people and had the chance to spend a few minutes talking with many of them and then hand them a pink Libido Events hand-out. It's what I do.

Do I play with people I've just met at Sin City? No, it is not my usual practice. It could happen one day but it would have to be exceptional circumstances with a person that I'd believe I'd lose the chance to play with otherwise.

I spent three hours doing a private coaching session today (ok yesterday, but I've yet to be back to bed) of Take Charge! A Womens Class in Dominance in the bedroom. The husband who hired me as a gift to his wife for her birthday, and she had a girlfriend with her. Kicked the husband out and the afternoon had us women exploring together our Top personas & other delicious insights into erotic power exchange. One on one work like this afternoon is incredibly rewarding for me, makes me feel blessed to be witness to others moment/s of awakening.

When in from Sin this evening, my in-box had another confirmation email of a private consult I'm doing this Monday as well. Another fine example of why I need to complete the new page, Coaching.

to bed finally, my Daddy arrives at noon, yippee!!