Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tattoo Vancouver

It's time for some ink. I know what I want and I'm soon to head out to acquire it.

My last tattoo was well over a decade ago now. And my last body modification was over two years.

For those of you who remember, two and a bit years ago, both Jason and I had our genitals pierced, he had a PA done and I had a vertical hood piercing put in.

Then right before we decided to start trying to have a baby, I put a deposit down to get some work done on my back panel. Currently, there are two hearts on my back held tight together wrapped in handcuffs. Then cracking between the hearts and running down my shoulder blade and back is a single tail whip. It's older now and all done in black and gray hues - it's the pop and explosion of color that I want to add now all these years later.

Once the pregnancy was confirmed, there was no tattoo for me. Many places and artists won't tattoo a pregnant woman and I was no longer (temporarily) interested. Normally a deposit would be forfeited but luckily not in this case.

At the end of this month, Pickle will be 1 year old and finally, my life and body is returning to something familiar again. And with the return of life, I am reminded that since I have already paid the deposit for new ink, it is time to book myself an appointment to bring this all to fruition.