Friday, May 26, 2006

the commute

last Sunday I went down stairs to my car in the parkade, only to discover I had a flate tire, again. Jim put my spare on and proceeded to take me to get two new front tires.

This morning, me and my little car are getting on the I5 and making the drive down to Seattle and my Bella for the weekend. We've got girl plans all weekend, including a large dinner party this evening.

Thanking the Goddesses for new tires, my Daddy and family.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

an off day

(magnets on my fuse box cover)

Awoke this morning to the usual weekday grind of readying & driving my daughter to school then heading off to a Private Coaching Session for 3-hours that was beyond bizarre.

The woman had no idea why her slave had hired me and for what purpose and she clearly resented the implication that she could learn something from me and that he wanted her to.

Session amuck, needed to steer it sharply to prevent it from crashing - and of course all of this was following my phoning BCAA to make request of them to retrieve my keys from the front seat of my car where a door, lock & glass separated the keys from me after getting out to feed the meter.

The whole morning stunk!

Then I returned home for a nap and a middle of the afternoon solo loving session. Got myself off a few times both before falling asleep and after I awoke proceeded to writhe in ecstasy again at my own hand.

The afternoon was better!

Snacking on Brie and sesame crisps with dinner cooking, there were a few precious moments available to update my Cock Sucking class to the calendar for late June.

Tonight, this evening should be delightful. We have tickets to a non kink event.

I'm going to see a play at the theater.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


today I was robbed in Vancouver at BC Children's Hospital.

It seems intolerable to charge parents the outrageous amount of $2.25 an hour to park on the grounds of a hospital while your child is inside seeing a specialist.

I wasn't very happy about this fact before trying to find a place to park which in of itself proved to be a challenge and stressful as well.


Monday, May 22, 2006

newsletter & breakfast

spent my morning sending out a newsletter to the Libido Events mailing list, then cooked a full on decadent breakfast for two, in bed.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

flogger & bondage

Jims been here all weekend and we've had the nicest time imaginable. Friday night we went to see the late show of The DaVinci Code and ate popcorn and sour patch kids in our theater seats for the duration of the two and a half hour long show. Worth seeing but not as riveting as I'd hoped for, I thought I'd come away with a changed belief about something about Christianity and God, but nope, nothing new.

Saturday we slept the morning away, awoke to rough, orgasmic sex before heading out to do a few little office chores for me. A visit to Little Sisters and then back home, for more sex, before taking a mid day nap. Awoke, had sex yet again, bathed and then something happened.

In to the bathroom walked the big hairy guy (my Daddy) holding a straight razor while looking at my saying "ok little girl don't move at all, or I'll cut you," as he proceeded to shave my underarms, legs, girl bits and back side with that ominous looking razor. It's the razor really and not his tone that demands and gets my attention.

Shaved up all pretty and smooth to the fingers touch I next hopped in to the bedroom to find myself a little black dress to wear because shortly we were heading out to meet two other couples for a lovely quiet Greek dinner.

Calamari is such a treat and after eating what I could and a few hours of great conversation with friends, we got in the car and drove to Rascals.

Would have played right away, but remember I'd just eaten calamari so it took me a bit to allow my stomach to settle. Removing my simple black dress I bent over daddies lap and he massaged my back for awhile and as I was feeling ready to sit up we went out on to the dungeon floor.

In a little pink pair of panties with crinollin, fishnet stocking & gloves and nothing else save for a pair of black and pink heeled mules I was ready for my Daddy and his a half a cow flogger that he decided to warm me up with as I stood against the St Andrews Cross. It's half a hide that bloody flogger and very heavy, he swung it like a bat and I lined myself up like a good little ball. Target hit, endorphins went off and soon the flogging and caning was over and I was hanging from the suspension rack on the opposite side of the room.

Suspension sweet suspension I LOVE it. And in hemp rope, with a blindfold on, just what I needed, some high end, make me concentrate kind of play. Got to love my Daddy that's for sure.

In fact I love him so much that I asked to leave Rascals at a decent hour so we could return home alone for more sex, orgasms and private love making that just can't happen outside the bubble of home.

It was a great night out and today although all marked up from the play I wouldn't change a thing about we did last night. (other than the fact that I wish I had more time to spend with everyone at the party individually who had wanted to catch up with me with more than just a quick hello and a hug)

Jims asleep in my bed and soon our weekend comes to an end as it becomes time for me to fall back into Mom mode. At noon I'm to pick up my daughter from her weekend camping trip with Girl Guides and Jim returns home to Bellingham.

The joy's and life of a kinky woman, sex-activist and mother, this is my world. Yippee!!