Saturday, November 26, 2005

girl love

Into the wee hours of this morning, both kara and I rolled around in my bed as one mass of girl love. It had been a perfect night out for us; heading downtown we found parking right away, arm in arm and dressed like chicks on a date, we walked for a couple of hours talking and shopping together while drinking hot chocolates.

Finally around 11 making it over to PumpJacks, Vancouver's (gay mens) Leather bar to have a drink together. And who would the bartender be but someone I once knew. We spent about an hour catching up together amidst his working, and then it was time for me to take my girl out of that testosterone filled environment and head home.

Drove back to my place in good speed, walked in the front door and in under two minutes kara was naked laying across my bed, facing a mirror, and being told to choose two of the four canes that were about to start caning her backside.

We started with caning, ended up necking and lost for hours in my queen size bed and sheets until there was begging for relief: both from pleasure and from intensity. As karas Top, I enjoy doing things to her. As kara's Top, I like keeping her safe and letting you know we had a spectacular time but that anything more than that is no ones business.

now with few hours sleep in me, yet sated well, I'm heading off to work happily.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

U.S. Magazine

To mark it's 35th anniversary, the U.S Magazine Foreign Policy recently asked a group of leading thinkers to identify which ideas, values, and institutions will disappear in the next 35 years. This week and next the National Post will print eight of the most intriguing responses. In Monday's (Nov 21 2005) first installment, Jacques Attali predicts...

the demise of monogamous relationships.

Shocking, just shocking news!

I read the above in the National Post and was happy to see someone willing to write about the shift from monogamy for some people and was curious to see what else the article & author went on to say about these people and where they went. (did it say we all went to Hell, or that we were deviants?)

Attali goes on to say that "Just as most societies now accept successive love relationships, soon we will acknowledge the legality and acceptability of simultaneous love. For men and women, it will be possible to have partnerships with various people, who will, in turn, have various partners themselves. At long last, we will recognize that it is human to love different people at the same time."

Truthfully Attali should come spend a week or two in my house to gain even more of an appreciation for how respect, love, trust and multi partnered ethical, polyamorous relationships can look from the inside.

It would seem Attali, by titling the article

Going, Going, Gone...
I Love you - and you and you and you....

would be referring to

Jennifer loves Jim and Allena and kara and Doug and hell for good measure throw in F, S, B & L as people loved

Makes me wonder what next weeks National Post will list as the idea, value, or institution to disappear in the next 35 years? Watch for Mondays paper.


The word "polyamory" is based on the Greek and Latin for "many loves." A polyamorous relationship is a romantic relationship that involves more than two people.

Poly & Proud

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

blessed people

Alone time when I'm not asleep or working, I'm very very short on this. This means however that I've got many blessed people around me filling my waking moments.

B emailed me last week asking me out on a date again and I've simply been to busy to get back to him. Then today when checking messages, I listened to one he had left me yesterday, asking me out again. B's in need of some sex education under my watchful eye and would like to book a private appointment if that's what it takes to see me. Almost fell off my chair laughing while feeling truly sought after. Emailed him back right away and suggested next Tuesday as a date night as it's my first night free. Seeing as we are both single parents there are schedules to juggle but getting together again is a priority!

Being facetious upon my suggesting Tuesday night he emails this back to me

As long as Jennifer sometimes gets what she wants, and always wants more - I think it still holds up as a good theory!

Next Tuesday sounds good, quick now go check all of your background planners, teaching agendas and social calendars (then call Kara and ask her if you've forgotten anything) before you commit.)
It feels good to me to be known so well. : ) : )

Tonight belongs to my daughter and so does Thursday night as it's our girls night in together: facials, foot soaks & manicures while watching Survivor. Friday after work I've got a date booked with kara: a special date night out. Saturday after my working all day Jim is coming up for the evening and we've got BIG plans and he's staying over till Sunday.

Doug was by yesterday morning on his way out of town. Stopped by for an hour to drop something off to me, get felt up & kissed some and say good bye before heading off. Before he could leave though, I asked him to do a little favor for me. After I convinced him to agree to the favor before knowing what it was, I explained all. (I enjoy playing with trust) Since my daughter had left her science project at home and it was due, I needed him to drive it over to her school and take it to her in class.

Now bear in mind, this man has no children of his own and this I'm his first relationship in "poly" dating other than he and his partner. And here I ask him as his Top to go to my child's school to drop off her homework. Now it's not like he hadn't been to her school before, I took him on parent teacher interview day and made him wait in the hallway while I had my meeting.

About 20 minutes after he'd left my home to deliver the missing project I phoned him on his cell. "Have you dropped it off yet? "Yes" chuckle, chuckle. "What's so funny" I say? Doug draws a breath and says " I wasn't so sure walking into a grade 7 class that I'd be able to pick your daughter out of the other 30 in the room!" ah ha I hadn't thought of that I think to myself as Doug says "but I found her right away and handed it off." "Thanks for the help" I say.

It's taken community to raise me into the activist that I am and it's taken a private smaller community of people to help me raise my child while creating sex positive culture. To all of you who are close enough to share my daughter with me and to know her, you know how special you must be to me, in order to know her. It's all your support with raising her that makes my activism easier and our lives together that much richer. With gratitude xoxoxoxo


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please

Last night I braved the fog, driving out along Lougheed Hwy to teach a private class. Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please - bedroom bondage basics for women only and I taught this to the BGV group. The BiSexual Women's Group of Vancouver. How fun to spend an evening teaching a group of women the safety considerations for bedroom bondage then to show them how to create interesting and titillating scenes with the bondage they were learning about.

Topless women doing mummification on one another, then trailing ice cubes over the exposed sensitive bits, playing with poky items and their breath to layer sensations on their bound partner for the exercises in my class. Mummified in Saran wrap, bound with tensors bandages, wrist & ankle restraints, hoods, gags, string, handcuffs, tape and oh so much more.

Every woman got to immoblize another woman and also to be bound herself. And once bound, everyone allowed their volunteer partners access to their bodies and minds for a little bit of a bondage journey.

My job is so awesome, sitting on the floor, helping the group of women master some skills and generally just feel more confident with my presence and reassurance leading them on to more.

The visuals were amazing as most of the women ended up taking off their shirts or bras on the living room floor; relaxed moans & noises that started filling the air told me that the class was more than good visuals, it was also excellent times where the women were having an empowered time coming into their own with this new skill of bondage. Pleasure filled the room and I could hear a couple of women holding their breath as feelings of bliss were washing over them in the safety of the bondage as part of this womens only interactive class.

thanks BGV, I'm looking forward to our next class together. And to S, for hosting this event in your home and being so welcoming to everyone, I'm grateful and appreciative. You are so awesome, thank your hubby for me.



Monday, November 21, 2005

missing person

Ok, I admit, I'm fixated on finding this man. The massage god from my Saturday night on the town. If you are out there somewhere or someone knows who he is then please contact me.

Unsure exactly what you did to my neck, back and shoulders but you most certainly have left me wanting more of you. Wanting your hands and expertise to work me over again.

Somewhere more private than a public play party, I'd like to spend time with you. Naked or very very close.

That sexy massage technique you did to me near the end, the small waves working up my body with your slick oiled hands, melted me and keep making my attention fall back to those sensations that you graced my body with. I'm in want and I want what you offer.

Thank you, thank you again and Thank You Again. Sensual for sure, hot all the way and now here I am, Jennifer, looking for you and wanting more.

Still today, I'm feeling so great and it's all to do with the ease in which my uppper body is moving and with thanks & gratitude to you.

Let me show you grateful and thankful....


Sunday, November 20, 2005

massage & a fuck

Went to Rascals this evening and did I ever walk into a hell of a good time. (ok, I made a lot of fun for myself) As soon as I arrived I saw a man that I'd met briefly at Sin City last weekend. In under 5 minutes of talking with him and learning of his profession (massage), he had me out of my clothes and was oiling my body down for a massage like none other I've ever had. A repeat performance is a must, but when I went to look for him again part way through the night to talk, he had left. And now I want to find this man and don't know where to look. This massage god. Oh, he was so good to me, fixing some problem areas, working out some knots and making me feel very loose and relaxed. Must find cute man in shiny shorts, with a bald head that gives amazing massages.

And for those of you who know me well, you know how I feel about bald heads and what I have a passion for in this way!

Then I was invited into a scene with a blindfolded woman and I was able to hurt her some and also to fuck her with my thigh-on. Oh yes and I wore my black mustache and my black cock. It was a great scene and when my part was done I just got to walk away and leave her behind to be cared for by her partner....

while I went off to socialize with at least 2 dozen other people before running into my friend Jerry. Jerry is very good to me, and aside from making my smashing pink and white new business cards for me, Jerry gave me a new bamboo cane that he'd made. Surely some time this week I'll be able to lay it across someone's backside. What a night I was having and then to sit around at the end of the night, chatting with a number of people again made me feel connected to what I teach and who I am.

Now it's almost 1:00 in the morning and I have to awaken early to make breakfast so my daughter and I can head off to the Santa Claus parade together. In the last 4 days we've had front row on the ice seats at Disney On Ice's Finding Nemo, saw Harry Potter opening night and tomorrow the Santa Claus parade. It's been crazy around here at home but then we do keep a busy schedule. C'est la vie!

BTW - thanks to H & I for riding me tonight about projects we need to be working on together

I need a cold drink then some sleep...