Saturday, August 01, 2009

Being Gay

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be gay? Well, you need to know.

I guarantee that after watching the clip below you will have a whole new level of empathy for the challenges faced by those who are gay/queer/trans/bi.

This video will really help you to step into someone else's shoes before you choose to judge, hate and condemn.

Spend a few minutes and watch this entire YouTube video.

Happy Pride everyone. Educate, liberate and celebrate.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Readership

I watch the stats on my blogs page to see how my readership is doing. Checking in on this data a couple of times each week. I also check to see how people find me using a feature that tells me from what referring link sent them along or what key words they were searching when running across me. I also check on regular viewer statistics and of course new readers as well.

With all this information available at my fingertips, it does make me wonder.

Would you drop me an email and tell me why you read this blog and for how long you've been reading? I am most curious and would like to hear from people.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Griffin Gillan [Constable]

Yet another injustice. Our legal system has been on a down hill slide for some time.

A story posted by CBC about Const. Griffin Gillan serves to remind the general public that many of our publicly serving police officers have criminal records and are able to use there position to their advantage when it comes to committing crimes.

It is evident that officers, Gillan the most recent, can beat and rob a man and face a mere 21 days of home lock down in the evenings for his actions. Disgusting and not a punishment worthy of the crime.

How is anyone to trust an officer that may pull you over, or interview you over something, some day, some where. I have so little faith in police officers these days. You simply can not trust them, not in BC.

In our province of great cultural diversity one must be sensitive to minorities and as Gillan beat this poor 47 year old newspaper delivery man, he screamed racial slurs, and taunted the man by saying getting anyone to call the police was pointless, because he was the police.

Gillan's excuse, 20 drinks at bars over the course of the evening in question and a black out of all the events that transpired.

You know what you should be disgusted with? Have disgust for a legal system that failed to reprimand him fairly. Have disgust for Gillan, and his not apologizing for his actions. Have disgust for Gillan's drinking habits. Have disgust for the West Vancouver Police force where he is employed, particularly if they allow him back to the force after his probation.

Read up on the *very* brief PDF on the Standards of Conduct for the West Vancouver Police.

Write a letter on your feelings surrounding the Gillan case
, and let the powers that be know how you feel about this officer returning to work, OR NOT.

Lest we forget that the West Van Police Force is the same one that permitted drinking at the station by officers one of whom was a female officer and driving while impaired. This was just a short while ago, oh yes, her name ... Lisa Alford.

Alford took sick leave after the incident or more aptly called CRIME so as she could collect her salary on the tax payers dime, despite the conduct she was sworn to uphold being thrown to the way side for her own personal agenda. Drunk at a police station and then drunk driving.

WVPF needs to clean up it's officers and find a way to enforce the law to it's own people. The cops.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help a Girl Out

I need your assistance dear readers, surely one of you can help me out.

We are going away for a week, a whole seven days and seven nights. We are off camping amongst friends. This is a yearly trip that we make and we are always most excited about making the trek and spending time alongside our peeps.

This year though I'm pregnant. And by the time we go camping in September I will be just over six months along. A tent is not an option. There is a large trailer we can borrow but truth be told, it is just too big for our needs and for our Jeep to tow.

We are looking for a camper that can be loaned, rented or bartered privately. Something big enough for two people and that has a good bed in it. We do not need a kitchen, toilet, or anything fancy.

This camper can be a camper van, or a small tow vehicle.

Can you help, do you possess such an item in your garage or carport?

I can bribe you with a small amount of cash, alcohol, membership to The Lounge, free event tickets or perhaps something else yet to be determined.

If you have what I am seeking can you please send me an email ASAP, with the campers particulars and your contact info? Sending a photo of it would sure be awesome too.

You can reach me at

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coed Masturbation Vancouver

As I was driving this afternoon I found myself chuckling at what is my reality. On my back seat was 1200 give away items for this weekends Pride Parade, and all donated too, along with three most unusual large props. If I had been in a car accident they medics would have wondered what in the hell they had encountered as surely the contents of my vehicle would have them believing I was one randy woman.

Then later on I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart, I have been shopping in the same one for eighteen years now and am rather well known there. While at the till one of the older clerks came walking up to me with a sly smile on her face and explained "it certainly appears as though you". Yes you're right, and I am due in December, she was so happy to recognize my baby bump and elated for me all at once.

A stop off at The Lounge to deliver the contents of my back seat, and then I quickly retreated to my favorite day spa. It was time for a pedicure, air conditioning and the best massage of my feet and calves that I could have asked for.

A little shopping for new shoes, the perfect pair too as they match a dress I just bought. This made me quite happy.

Back to The Lounge and I set up for Jack & Jill. It was a busy night, with some members out even at their first event. The a/c was on, the place was filled with sexy people and the festivities began with ease. Even the new people found themselves with some action.

For me I was somewhat in demand. Hell for a pregnant woman, I sure get a lot of action. Two women graciously allowed me to give them orgasms, while another woman and I had an orgasm war. Who could ask for anything better, well I suppose watching yet another woman pop the cherry of one of our newest members was also a highlight. The underwear on our male guests were super sexy, most of the women were in lingerie that would have you salivating and the time just flew by as I witnessed one person after another getting off. Some people even multiple times.

Days like this are good as I am grateful to be able to do what I love for work and be able to do it so well. The baby, myself and my family are happy and healthy. I returned home at the end of a long and varied day to our new house, and was greeted by warm emails from friends along with the familiarity of a place that is my retreat from the hectic life I lead.

Tomorrow is another day and without doubt it to will be filled with activities that most would consider unusual, yet for me is a just another ordinary another day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Creating Change

A recent post on a message board has had me thinking about issues that normally I wouldn't put energy into mulling over.

Why does the [out] BDSM community struggle so much with keeping new people coming back?

It seems at first glance for there to be more people involved in BDSM play than ever before in our society. Yet for the fewer number of people who "try out" a public function, the numbers go down exponentially for repeat visits.

Vancouver's BDSM community has been aptly called "high school for adults".

Numerous factors work together to ensure people not return to the public events that exist, let's examine some of the more obvious ones that spring to mind:

  • environment of spaces that are rented and utilized: spacious sure, yet nasty, lacking classiness and with no ambiance
  • many people are rather harsh, fringe, clique involved and filled with do as I say not as I do attitudes
  • public venues that invite spectators to be able to view you as fodder
  • drug use at events and alcohol use that makes what is already edgy play look risky as hell
  • huge fluctuation in attendance numbers
  • a physical "look" that is quite disturbing in respect to many of the regulars that contrasts greatly with how the public looks generally speaking
  • types of play permitted and how this looks to new comers
  • unclear or not posted play rules that are not enforced equally for all
  • lack of a business and/or professional look to what is going on, looks rather clandestine
  • on line drama between "regulars" that is read my many
  • narrow mindedness in terms of how people play and comment on others activities
  • gossip that is designed to alienate, make others feel important, and bash anything or anyone that conflicts with the cliques agenda
  • too many titles and honorifics being utilized by those with any position of authority and for those with none, hoping for an ego boost by introducing themselves as (Lord, Sir, Master, Goddess, King Shit Know-It-All, Mistress)
  • people inflating their experience levels as an attempt to appear to the lay person as more knowledgeable than they truly are (their skill sets inevitably show through)
Getting out of the public domain and into a private facility or privately hosted events and everything changes for the positive in most instances.

It it obvious though to me as someone with a documented over ten years out in the public sex/ BDSM / alternative sexuality /polyamory communities, that the malicious bitter people can be found everywhere.

Any person who tells you gossip or hearsay is to be avoided, and cliques are the surest way to know for certain that someone is entrenched in the state of affairs that so negatively impact on those involved in our culture.

Want to get involved in BDSM and meet others? You can do so but remember that like in high school there are good students and schools, and then there are those that are the drop outs.

Don't worry, you'll recognize the drop outs. And more stellar are those to know who spout nothing about any one and always dance to their own beat while exuding personal success.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We were alone in the house this afternoon after a busy afternoon of running around with errands for work and home. Naked we christened our den for the first time, with some hot sex. Long overdue. Then we went and had a cool shower to rid ourselves of sweat and freshen up. The futon is a little small though we are acquiring a new bed for that room in two weeks, so things are looking up for certain.

The teenager was sitting on our bed tonight talking with us, while massaging my belly when suddenly she felt the baby move. This was a first and such a huge big deal for us all. I've been feeling the baby move for about two and half weeks, Jason for about a week and a half, and now finally my daughter has felt the kicks too.

Life is great.