Friday, June 23, 2006

porn shoot

I'm in Seattle at Allena's enjoying a peaceful quiet night in, sans any relationship partners. Allena is away at an event for 5 days so the place is really all to myself.

Spent today in Bellingham with Jim for a leisurely lunch and an afternoon cuddle beyond compare before driving the final stretch.

Here are a few images from a photo shoot I did a couple of months back with Jim, he gave me the disk today, hence you seeing some samples now.


Photo Credit: Jim Duvall aka my Daddy

Seattle bound

Before I make the long drive along the I5 into Seattle this morning, I leave you with a couple of photo's from the new space...

there's a double bed in this spacious play room with a glass shower and by the end of summer it will also have a sauna in this room

there is a massage table in this play room with the bath tub

there are 5 other play rooms, a social area, sound system, change area, free parking, private building and all staffed by Libido Events, no outsiders. Yippee.

More photo's when I've got time, right now I'm planning away for the big move to this new space for the Naughty Parties around Cambie and Broadway coming to you starting this Saturday July 22nd.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

class review

A number of months back I asked a workshop attendee and regular to write me a little something about her experience in the class. Life had us both busy for the last while, putting to the back burner this task. Then the other day, this arrives to my in box...

Well over a year ago now I first met Jennifer. In a circle of timid
introductions she blazed the way to a way to a more forward and welcoming
atmosphere by unapologetically introducing herself with a string of labels
that she also casually and helpfully defined. Her confidence was rattling
I'd say almost intimidating. But at the same time, I was intrigued.

A few months later I drummed up enough courage to attend one of her oft
recommended classes Bottoming Skills 101. I didn't know what to
expect but my imagination went wild. A mere sapling in the world of kink,
I had heard a lot but had experienced very little. What would the people in
the class be like? Would they know volumes more than I did? Would they be
way more extreme than I was? Would they actually have bottoming
experience to draw upon or like me would they be simply starting to
explore *that* side of themselves.

Upon entering the class room (actually, a dance studio), I saw a small group
of people of all ages some men and some women. The group was small enough
to be in a discussion circle an intimate sphere in the middle of the wide
open dance floor. Jennifer was relaxing and drinking a slurpee, engaging in
chit chat with my class mates. At the hour of class start, she flawlessly
transitioned into class mode with a well placed contact question. Before
long, stories were being swapped. Opinions were being shared. Bottoming
skills were being discussed and honed. I quickly realized most of my
preconceptions were just that. Bottoming wasn't something predefined it
was individual and unique for every person.

As the class wore on, discussion became more and more free and easy.
Jennifer, without fail, bridged silences in the discussion, bringing up new
points and new ideas in the process. Her ideas and information seemed
endless. I wondered how on earth we would ever fit it all into one
evening's class.

And then it was finished.

I was so happy at the end of that class I felt like I took a lot of
information away, but more importantly, I felt like I had finally started to
accept one of the many hidden facets of myself. I was still nervous, but I
had just taken a small tentative step into the rich and diverse world of
Vancouvers sex-positive community. But I liked what I'd seen, and more
importantly, I felt confident that I was not left alone to deal with foreign
and mysterious topics like bottoming. As long as Vancouver has wonderful
resources like Jennifer's Libido Events, I had a resource I could turn to.

I attended Take Charge: Being Dominant in The Bedroom two nights later.
In fact, after such a wonderful bottoming class I wouldn't have missed it
for the world. It was settled. I was hooked.

Now, every time I see Jennifer I am more and more impressed. Her ease and
comfort in the sex-positive landscape is commendable and enviable
something I can only hope at this point to one day achieve. I no longer
find her at all intimidating but I do still find her intriguing. I'm
pretty sure that has something to do with her deep, rich and smoldering

by Red

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


the e-mail in my box this afternoon, opens like this...

Hi Jennifer,

Happy Solstice:) Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that the class on the 27th is sold out. Yeah for us!

Aahh, life is great and so is my Cock Sucking: the Hand Job, Blow Job class!

Way to go all the women of Squamish who'll be joining me this Tuesday night at The Trinity Romance Shop.

attention getting

There has been a women whom flirting with has been a lot of fun for me lately. This vixen has for well over a year now flirted back but I wasn't in the right spot in life to do much more with it than simply enjoy the exchange and energy before now.

Lately though, she keeps coming into my radar and well, I love women and she's got the woman thing down just right! Just the way I like it. Curves to hold and a bounty of breast and hair to grab tight or get lost in.

This is an email exchange between us, the only thing changed, is her name. These emails follow her attendance at my women's Only Naughty Party a few weeks back where she got to witness me in action wearing a strap-on. She'd emailed a post party thank you and made mention of seeing me & my cock as being a highlight to her evening. I sent this back...

Mental note:

Sophie brought up my strap-on in a positive light. Must investigate this further in future.

Wonder if she's into slow anal fucking with simultaneous g-spot stim?


This is what she sent me back....

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer

You sent this to me four days ago now....and its been on my mind for pretty
much all of those four much so that it has been my solo play
scenario of choice not once but twice in that time. I'm blushing. I think I'm off to go at it a third time...

Hope your weekend was wonderful! Hugs to you...


My most recent addition to our email Hot Talk, which is in fact making me hot and bothered just typing this...

Yes, Sophie

Only after you ask, will you receive...

my cock nestled in your rosebud... rocking you slowly to oblivion...

while my fingers circle your engorged g-spot and stroke that gush of warmth out of you, over and over again...

as you cry out from the sudden pounding of my cock...

sending you spent, into shudders, laying in the crook of my free arm

isn't it great to have friends that are lovers and lovers that are friends?


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

graduation dress

I drove my daughter to the mall and was prepared to buy her almost any dress of her hearts choosing. The dress is to be worn to her Grade 7 Graduation Luncheon, not the ceremony, but the catered luncheon which is parent free.

In the entire mall there was nothing that made my child happy and still leave her looking like a 12 year old girl and not a woman.

We came home disgruntled and she went through my closet with gusto. Can you believe she found something? She's wearing one of my dresses, in fact, the one I'm wearing in the photo below.

It's so hard to believe that at 33 years old, I have a 12 year old daughter graduating elementary school AND wearing my clothing now!

conversations at an SM party

snippets of conversation from my evening out last Saturday night...

Me, with a smirk: Hey Jenn, I have a little something of yours, something made of silicone...

Jenn, with an inquisitive smile: " what could it be" she says while twirling a little in her French maids outfit and perfect hose.

Me: Like your Jack Off Pad

Jenn, happily:
So you've got my Jack Off Pad, I knew someone took it and I couldn't figure it out. Glad it's you whose got it, now it all makes sense.

Me: (thinks to myself, this is surreal that she's happy that I've found her missing Jack Off Pad, two women discussing a male masturbation toy)

Note: her date standing next to her, looks both pleased and somewhat perplexed. It's ok though, I can't really care what he thinks. He's standing next to her in shiny black pvc pants and out of the crotch is hanging a large orange stuffed Nemo. Yes, folks, you read right, a large stuffed Nemo. He kept stroking Nemo while wondering aloud if having a stuffed Nemo would require more, or, less lube for sex.


Me: I pick YOU. I pick you. You came walking in the door and I took one look at your soft, young, vibrant self and it must be you that I play and connect with this evening. So, would you like to play tonight?

Traci: Yes, sure I'd like that a lot. [big cheesey grin on her face]

we've played together before, so this wasn't a first time

I'm going to drag you by your hair across the floor out to the play area

Traci victim/friend: No, we can't do that, the flowers in my hair are real and I don't want to damage them.

Me: (thinks to self, this is surreal, she's going to let me toss her around and do some pretty intense SM play on her but I have to be cautious of the flowers in her hair. Ok then! Sheesh, the things I agree to so I can hurt pretty girls.)

Fast Forward now by 90 minutes

Scene: Jennifer and Traci are laying together utterly spent, Traci has had an orgasm, cried out in anguish and pleasure, exposed herself to new cruelty and allowed herself to know bliss in public at this woman's hand.

Laying around us, in no particular order are:

a black leather strap, her corset & shoes, nipple clamps, a vibrator, fur mitt, 2 lite pink canes, a red heart paddle leather sided & fur, solid oak paddle, wartenburg pinwheel, leather flogger with long falls, latex gloves

the flowers, even in all the tossling, wrestling and tickling on the floor and there was much of that going on, but the flowers lived on. I considered that to be a test of my Topping abilities for the evening. Would the flowers survive, intact? And they did, I passed the test.