Friday, June 04, 2010

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Taking Her Down

She's been a friend for a very long time. Our relationship started when her and her previous woman lover took an interactive sex class with me some maybe eight years ago now I think.

Fierce, strong, self aware, loud, intelligent.

I have always found her to be stunningly attractive. Her mane of brilliant red hair along with her luscious smile always catches my attention, each and every time I see her.

We've had sex more than a few times over the years and each time it's been so good. We compliment each others kinkiness.

I can count on her for a laugh, support, kindness and critical observations too. When I ask a favor, she comes through for me time and time again.

Her husband and I have frolicked a time or two as well.

In a couple of weeks our paths will cross for a few hours and my plan is to beat her. To take her down to a place of tears, to show her the depth of my sadism and to seduce her deepest masochist tendencies out of her. I'll play her well, and in the end, she will be grateful.

Black, blue, bloody ... she will be a mess. Giggling like she is prone to do when she is high on endorphins and pain. I'll comfort her and wrap her up in my arms as we sit together talking about the scene we will have just played out.

Because really, what are friends for?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sexy Women

My good friend Uncle M emailed me this photo as it reminded him of me for some reason. Though I see no resemblance, it is such a lovely image that I thought I would re post it here for your viewing pleasure.

You can view Uncle M's website here and you can meet him in person every other month at Libido Lounge's Exploratorium event, where he runs our restrictive bondage booth.

Monday, May 31, 2010

All Things Sex [7]

The Economist has written a really enlightening article on Gay Rights In Developing Countries. It's a must read and I'm confident that you'll find the statistics to be jaw dropping.

LG parties are on the rise. LG standing for "little girl". This is where older boys in grades 11 or 12 invite 12 & 13 year old girls to their parties, get them drunk, then lure them into sex. As the media has been known to sensationalize their stories, I'm not 100 % confident I beleive this to be a hot new trend and not just a myth. However I asked my daughter about the term LG and she was already in the know as to what it meant. And for the record, the article was written by our local newspaper, The Province.

Tonight at Libido Lounges Jack & Jill, twenty nine people showed up, plus, Jason and myself. My goodness what a night it was, there was much fodder, wanking, orgasms, laughter and new friendships made. If you missed out, not to worry, it is a monthly event, and it's happening again on Monday June 28th for our members and their guests.

Go ahead, find me in this photo. This is my favorite beach to hang out in over the summer and soon enough the weather will be nice enough that I'll be down there sun bathing nude, a lot. Wreck beach is super wonderful. Of yeah, to find me, click on the photo WB Love. Then look for the last person in the letter V, on the left. I'm wearing a pink cowboy hat. This is further proof that I do get around.

This man actually paints with his penis. Meet Pricasso.