Saturday, August 23, 2008

Winning Entry

An excerpt from the FREE Give Away of tickets, winning entry.

This lovely woman and her spouse won the free tickets to this evening's Couples Only Sex Party.

I first met you when you hosted a women's only play party at XXXXX, I first heard of the party through Deej, and I had been desperately missing a female lover, decided to give it a try. I met you as I first entered the lobby by the stairs, and your wonderful smile lit the beautiful space. I felt welcome and safe, and after introductions, wandered around getting familiar with the space.

You were a ball of energy, every time I turned around, there you were, smiling, flirting and sexual. I watched you alot during the evening, and wanted to have more contact with you, even just to say hi, but found myself unusually shy. I watched your sexual playtime in the living room, and loved your style, and then later, from a distance in the hot tub. I liked that what you did came naturally to you, and wasn't a preplanned "scene" or routine as such. You really seemed to want to make your partner happy, yet it wasn't completely selfless.

I spent alot of the evening trying to decide what role I would see myself in with you, and that is very different with my interest in women. It opened a part of myself I had forgotten about. I found your openness inspiring, and your complete acceptance of everyone there, no matter what their appearance refreshing. I eventually got distracted by a wonderful woman we both know, but I soon became a follower of your blog, and the lounge.

What a wonderful memory to have shared with me, I sure appreciated this womans candidness. Having her and her hubbie at tonight's party is going to be a blast.

Friday, August 22, 2008

FREE Give Away

This Saturday August 23rd is our Couples Only Sex Play Party and the evening starts with a class Threesomes & Group Sex Play, if you are so interested.

Here is my offer.

If you are NOT already a member of Libido Lounge and would still like to check out the party here is how you can win a FREE ticket for you and your date or partner to attend.

Send me an email by 10:00 PM this evening. Friday August 22 2008.

Tell me in a short couple of witty, funny, poignant paragraphs about the first time you met me and what your recall from that meeting.


Tell me in a short couple of honest paragraphs about why you want to attend Libido Lounge tomorrow evening.

You and your partner must be 19 years of age and older and have valid government issued photo ID.

You will be notified by email this evening, if you are the lucky winner. All relevant details will be sent to you then.

Send your entry to

Good Luck!

Monday, August 18, 2008

back in the groove

This morning I flew back to Vancouver from Maui and now I am back in my own home.

I took a nap this afternoon because the three hour time difference had me right out of it, that combined with an overnight flight that was seven hours long.

At the airport yesterday I was able to access my In Box and so I spent some time wading through the emails that were awaiting responses from me. In a short while, I hope to finish this task so I can move on to planning for Lee Harrington's visit in just a few weeks.

My daughter is at work right now. She started her first job ever while I was away and as odd as it seems to me, she was hired for a union job.

RC is work too right now, which means I won't see him till this evening either. I am so eager to melt myself into him and be touched by him again.

Family is a good thing, mine is terrific.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yummy Man

RC is without doubt the sexiest man that I have ever had the privilege of loving.

The silver shorts, he made himself ...including the pattern. Talented, intelligent, successful and forever on my side. Blessed we both are, to have found one another.

I love you handsome and thank you for all your efforts surrounding getting us ready for Pride.

When I return from Maui, I plan on jumping his bones!