Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nude Beaches & Hot Springs BC

Ocean tides
About 95% of the ocean, river, and lake beaches in BC are nude-friendly. That's because when you and your friends get there--no one else is there!

WRECK BEACH. One of the most popular and well-known nude beaches in the world. At Ulksen (or Ulksun) in Coast Salish, what the settlers call Point Grey. The whole coast within Pacific Spirit Regional Park is defended by the group below. Designated clothing optional 8 km from Acadia Beach (see below) to beyond Trail 7, including Towers Beach. Map

. Your help is needed. Attend meetings, government hearings, fun fundraisers, etc. Some of those events which require clothing are not in this calendar. Get on their e-announcement list or check frequently:
Their auxilliary, the Wreck Beach Swim Club, also presents indoor swims: see above in "Vancouver-area indoor swims".
--2007 August 12, Sunday, 11th Annual Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run (a fun run or walk). Register 9 am, start 11:30 am near the bottom of Wreck Beach's Trail 6, Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, BC.
Register: or Dena Ellery 604-876-3909 (phone and fax) or mail Dena Ellery, Registrar, 456 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 2A1.
--2007 Sep 15, Sat, 11 am-3 pm. WBPS Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up. Wreck Beach Trail 4 to 6 areas. To volunteer, contact Judy Williams 604-856-9598

ACADIA BEACH. A section of greater Wreck Beach (see above), between Towers Beach (nude) and Spanish Banks West Beach (textile), northeast of Ulksen (Point Grey). Good for people less physically able: trail very short and gentle.
From top of Trail 6 (the main trail to Wreck Beach), go north on Marine Dr. (the main road around UBC) to big intersection of Chancellor Blvd. and Marine Dr. Turn left. Continue north, then curving east on NW Marine Dr., which goes downhill. As the road curves right, almost to sea level, there's a small dirt parking lot on the left. It adjoins the beach.
From beaches to the east (Jericho Beach, Kitsilano, etc.): go west on 4th Ave., which turns into NW Marine Dr., winding past popular clothed beaches. After you pass Spanish Banks West Beach, you'll see many trees on the right, before uphill stretch of Marine Dr. There, a small parking lot is on the right, adjoining beach.

CRESCENT ROCK BEACH. In south-west Surrey. 6.5 km long: south from Crescent Beach (in south-west Surrey), then east to White Rock. 50-year nude use, though not officially recognized. Use any shore out of sight of trains and hikers. 3 main naturist areas:
-- Most-used part: from Crescent Beach, walk south 10 min.; or from west end of 24th Ave., descend "101 Steps", then south 200 m (just past the giant Crescent Rock Boulder) and around the next point (another 200 m until sand ends and shore is seen from tracks).
-- In Ocean Park area of Surrey, go to west end of 15A Ave.; descend "1001 Steps"; walk north 500 m to "126 mile" railway sign, at many raised beds built above high tide.
-- From White Rock, go south on 140th St. = Nichol Rd. Respect parking rules. Continue to end, Terry Rd., then east 1 block to stairs. Descend to beach, then 1 km west to "124 Mile" marker on tracks, just into Surrey. Use next 1.6 km of beach.
Served by buses 351, 352, C50, C51.

PRIOR LAKE (Long-established nude section). In Thetis Lake Park, near Victoria.



Thursday, July 26, 2007

being bisexual, for women

I am teaching this class on Monday, this gives you plenty of time. Mark your calendars now and think over the weekend about any specific questions you may have of me. See you in class and don't forget your notebook for pen for note-taking, you'll be disappointed otherwise.

July 30 Monday
7:30 - 9:30pm

Bi Curious? Where to Start For Girls Who
Want To Date Girls

The Love Nest 4687 Kingsway Burnaby, BC
Tickets $25, at the door

Making the move from bi-curious to bisexual can be a tough one. This workshop will cover the basics on dating for bisexual women. Tips on finding the right woman and on what to do when you find one will be on the list things we discuss. We will cover some tricks for writing that personal ad or finding the events and places to meet other bi-women.

We will also discuss etiquette used when dating women...because so many of us are used to dating only men. Often, bisexual women have male partners and whether, when, or even if they are included in your bisexual experiences will also be covered.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

and the living is easy...

Summer time and the living is easy...

Tonight is all about packing.

We are going out of country camping and my daughter is taking flight for Mexico.

And while we're away, Libido Lounge gets it internal work completed.

I love summer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a little morsel

Tomorrow workers will embark upon the construction aspects of the new Libido Lounge. No volunteer help this time round from anyone who is not a paid tradesman until we open for business to our member base.

The new space will leave you breathless with it's obvious suitability and accessibility.

Those who are looking for more information will just have to wait a short while longer as we are revealing nothing about Libido Lounge, it's new location or sudden growth spurt until we are good and ready. [it is fair to say that due to the amount of support received over the Surrey City disaster we were able to do something remarkable]

The clothing line goes to the printers soon, by goodness there is just so much going on.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I quit consuming caffeine 7 long months ago now. I say long months, but rather it wasn't really that long, just the first few weeks where I struggled a little, and now not so bad at all. To confess I do still now and again have a longing for a caffeine jolt, especially with the pace I keep. It was necessary to stop though and an excellent decision for my physical health, and sleep patterns.

This weekend I let go of another vice while I'm away camping. I hope it's as easy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

my Saturday

Every now again, a Saturday happens that is just a blast.

Yesterday was spent lounging around the house after I finally rolled out of bed and RC's arms late morning, or rather, right before noon. There is nothing better than a rainy day on the sofa, naked in a quiet house.

A few days past we had agreed that today from 5:00 pm till bedtime RC was all MINE, to do with as a I wished! He baked delicious chocolate chip cookies, rubbed my feet with lotion, devoured my pussy and then made dinner for us. He spoiled me rotten for a few hours at home as was needed.

Earlier in the week we'd been out together and I'd spotted a shiny black & silver waist cincher with matching panties that screamed for my attention. After a long-hot soak in the tub, and some girl time in-front of a mirror, I donned the new outfit and TADA, we were ready to head out to the party.

I'd been planning some play with my guy for a few days now, but of course he knew nothing about my intentions. Arriving at Rascals it was nice to have quieter evening on the dungeon floor, as it gave me more options of equipment to choose from for our impending scene.

Sitting about for awhile we were able to talk with but a few of the peeps who were around us. Deej was having a blast, Gloria was stunning, Sandy and Sandi were both there, Scarlet had on the teeniest skirt, it was Zorkluns birthday, Deeva was bold, Frank handsome, Keith was there, Gypsy was all smiles....oh my...too many people to even catch up with on an evening when my plan was to play.

Out on the dungeon floor, I choose for our time together a long bondage table. After having RC remove his clothes for me, I spent a moment examining his body and admiring the locked cage covering his jewels. He "assumed the position" for me and with him on all fours, I started to make my way through the implements toys that I'd packed in my toy trunk for this evenings festivities.

Slap, Slap.

Twist, Twist, Bite, Bite.

Bite, Pinch.

Whack, Whack.

Bite, Pinch, Slap, Twist, Whack.

Oh yeah......I love being mean to him. The impact part of our play that is, not emotionally, just physically.

What fun I had beating up the boy, then right at the end...when it looked as though he could take no more. He finally laid still on the table, submitting to my actions and the resulting sensations as they washed over him. Eyes round as saucers, gasping breath, chest heaving, and a great big huge ejaculatory orgasms shot right out of him.

What a gift to receive, for all my efforts.




Playing with RC is very rewarding.