Saturday, September 19, 2009

Squirting Orgasms

Yesterday we had sex. Not just your run of the mill ordinary sex either. We connected and moved together in such a way that things got explosive.

I was on my back with my legs spread, knees drawn up and feet firmly planted on the bed. He was on his knees between my parted thighs looking down at me with lust and awe. I came so hard that I squirted ejaculate all over his tummy as he thrust his cock deep into me.

I came a second time, writhing and screaming as it took me on a wave of ecstasy. He could not hold out any longer and soon left his seed all over me with great delight.

Then we both burst out laughing uncontrollably. The bed was soaking wet and we were both sticky, sweaty and panting. It felt so good to be able to loose control for awhile with one another.

Then we had to strip the bed, including the mattress pad and do a load of laundry.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Explore New Delights

Tonight is Exploratorium.

A Drop In event at Libido Lounge. Members may bring a non member guest. Show up at any point during the hours the event runs.

These are the confirmed booths that you can choose to partake in.

  • Sexy Sensation Seeking
  • Restrictive Bondage
  • Just a Poke - Needles
  • Sensual Body Massage
  • Suspension Bondage
  • E-Stim electricity
  • Suction Cupping
  • A Peck, Necking & Smooching - Kissing
  • Silk Scarf Bondage
  • Yummy Flogging
  • Spanking Backsides
Explore unusual sensations, meet new people, learn something about yourself and watch others undertake that which you are unsure of.

It's a great event, a ton of fun and designed to move at your pace. Welcomed are men & women, couples and singles + there is no dress code. Come as you are.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Human Furniture Image

Me in 1998, sitting on the human chair and using the luscious human foot stool as part of a House Of Gord photo shoot. (one of many sets I modeled for them over time)

My life has been far from ordinary and remains extraordinary.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Submissive Woman I am (at times)

This is an older rather powerful photo taken of me about six years ago now. What you see is me, at the end of part two of a four part intense multi-day play scene with a sadistic creative partner.

This documents well the emotional component of the day. The physical portion that followed next took me a couple weeks to recover from.

I learned so much about myself this day that I reminisce regularly about this period of time as one of great personal growth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Picking the Right Time, Place & Event

Today I bring you a funny, and three event announcements. Enjoy the laugh and come join us at Libido Lounge for these upcoming events.

  1. Last night I was talking to a young, good looking woman. She asked me if I liked breasts or legs. I told her what I really liked was a shaved pussy. Apparently I'm not welcome back at K.F.C. any time soon.
  2. Wednesday tomorrow is Restraining Order, our drop in bondage event. Come by and maybe find yourself tied up, or tie someone else up. There are always people kicking around who are looking for play partners.
  3. This Friday is Exploratorium, your chance to sample numerous different types of sensations at the hands of our experiences in house volunteers. It's a drop in event, come on by.
  4. Saturday is our Couples Only Sex Party, you'll need to reserve a spot for yourself, so get on it. Like now.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It can be said that I am popular in certain arenas and amongst many lovely people. I am flattered by this and enjoy the friendships and opportunities that present themselves because of this fact.

It can also be said that I attract people to me like a flame attracts moths. I am bright and noticeable, people for the most part enjoy being around my energy and self.

One of the draw backs of being shiny, is that sometimes I attract the attention of people whom I'd rather not have.

I am friendly, cordial and kind to everyone, yet there are always those that push the limits of my niceties.

If we are friends or even regular acquaintances, we are apt to embrace when seeing one another after an absence or upon hello's.

If we are travel in similar circles we likely engage in personal levels of intimate chit chat from time to time.

Some people obviously are way closer to me than others, this is life.

I am known by more people that I can keep up with. Though I do try to recognize those that treat me kindly and attempt to learn something about each person. It is a challenge though.

There are certain individuals who grate me the wrong way. It is not relevant who they are, what is more important is for me to admit that this is true: I do not like everyone. Nor do I have to. I am entitled to my feelings.

What bothers me is the people who know I do not care for them, yet still spend time vying for my attention. If I have an issue with a person I tell them thus freeing myself from someone trying to know me better. I save my energy levels for those whom I want to know, not for those who throw themselves at my feet.

If you know we are not friends, stop pretending that we are. Watching people trying to get into my circle of peers using my name or the pretense that we are friendly really pisses me off. Don't make me have to tell others why I do not trust or like you. Just leave me alone, or find a way in that does not involve using my name.

I have spent years cultivating my network and it is shared with those who have good values, ethics, boundaries, communication skills and whom are trustworthy. If we are not friends, the aforementioned list should give you an idea as to "why not".

I don't fake making nice either. Either we are friends, or we are not. Don't schmooze me in public and dis me privately. I will never do either to you. What you see is what get from me and of me.

Don't follow me around like a stalker, it won't help your case. I see you, I am just not interested in you.

Don't attempt to make friends with those closest to me as a way to me. I'm not playing your game.

Leave my partners out of this, I tell them everyone. Beware.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing left to give

My morning started early, to early. I had not slept well at all last night. Once I was out of bed it was a whirlwind of activity as I readied myself for my days work.

In less than hour I had packed my teaching bag, located my class notes and refreshed myself on my coaching clients needs.

Jason drove me to The Lounge and we set the place up for what was to happen over the next seven hours.

My private coaching clients arrived on time, they are a wonderful couple whom I have had the privilege of working with before. Our appointment went smoothly and that was my first of three accomplishments to navigate.

Next was a Couples Only Interactive class, everyone who had reserved arrived promptly. The two hours went fast, with each half of the couple working over the half while I led and instructed. The main room was smoking hot, and I was overjoyed to facilitate such action.

After the couples class ended and everyone had left, there remained just short of thirty minutes for me to clean the place. Things were everywhere and I needed to prep fast for the afternoons Member Orientation class.

As I unlocked the door, the next wave of people arrived. What a lovely group they were. Introducing them to The Lounge and our offerings brought me great joy, despite some contractions that were bothering me and feet that I could feel swelling by the minute.

Jason showed up just before six and met everyone in the class right before they were on their way out the door. We set the place back up for the next scheduled adventure and then he drove us home.

Here I sit naked in the living room, feet up, feeling fatigued beyond comprehension. I'm horny too--what a horrid contrast.

I think what next I need is a meal. It just struck me that I have yet to eat anything today.