Saturday, March 25, 2006

could it get any better

My life is amazing. I've been down here in Seattle since Friday and spending all my time at SEAF - The Seattle Erotic Art Festival The experience is like nothing you can imagine, being there makes you feel so alive.

Tonight was the HUGE art auction - people dressed in their best, be it fetish wear, tuxedos or costumes everyone looked brilliant. [I was in a custom fitted leather corset, black 6 inch heels and a leather skirt that was a creation made for me some years ago] Selecting only 50 pieces of art from the well over 1200 pieces submitted you can imagine the auction as a 2 hour brilliant showcase and sale of each of those pieces.

We had the front row center table with the most fabulous view of the entire auction and live performance art. Wanting to share this experience with people really close to us our table had Allena whose birthday happens to be today, Daddy whose art hung at the show and is founder of the four year old SEAF, David Steinberg, Michele Serchuck, Preston (Allena's boy), and two of our other friends who will remain nameless and myself. Surrounding us at other tables, Midori, Michael Manning, Charlie, Jeff Hengst, The Salon DeSade women and and and well, it was a room filled with pretty amazing people doing all incredibly bold, passionate sex-positive things with their lives.

I've returned early to Allena's to get some rest as tomorrow I'm teaching two classes at The Wet Spot. Afternoon classes and back to back are Cock Sucking, the Handjob Blowjob class and Sex Tips From A Bi Sexual Woman.

I booked Charles Gatewood today to come present again for Libido Events, watch the website for updates. When Charles last came there was a full house for his slide show and accompanying talk about each slide. All the while I was hiring him today he was making the moves on me again to model for him. When he last here, he stayed at my house and we had much fun together, enjoying one another's company. He'd asked me then as well, and I declined for not being up to it at that moment. But since he's coming back again, I've agreed to let him shoot me. Very cool!

And of course, I'm driving David Steinberg home with me from SEAF late tomorrow night or Monday morning and he's presenting an Erotic Slide Show for Libido Events Monday evening and then Tuesday he and I have booked a date. We booked it months ago but it's just finally happening. Tuesday David is going to photograph me having sex. This is big for even me. More later on how all this came to be.

Anyways I must get to sleep before Daddy and Bella arrive home and I awaken to the sounds of them.

Did I mention that my life is amazing and my family incredible? Well it is, my life is amazing and my family incredible.

and I thank the Godesses

Thursday, March 23, 2006

what makes a girl feel special?

an email from the stranger that I gave a lap dance to at a swingers dance the week before brought a smile to face when it came in earlier tonight....


Its Scott here. I just want to thank you for the private dance on Friday night and the feel up at the bar. You are one very sexy lady. Hope to see you again.

Scott xoxo

and on Darma and Greg this evening, Darma's friend said to her " do you know what makes a girl happy?" Darma shakes her head No, her friend says mischievously "a thong worn backwards."

I've just finished defrosting my freezer, at the same time that I've been packing all my luggage and teaching stuff up for my trip to Seattle this weekend. I'm leaving at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

What else makes a girl feel so special is to have a Daddy as wonderful as mine.

I love you Daddy! and Bella too, whose birthday is this weekend. Yippee!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

dining out

grab your sweety or take yourself out alone to dine, either way make sure that whatever restaurant you eat at tomorrow is supporting A Loving Spoonful. Read on to learn how you can be a hero...

Serving up support for Friends For Life & A Loving Spoonful

Dining Out For Life is one of the key fundraising events for Friends For Life and A Loving Spoonful. Last year we were very blessed as diners and participating restaurants helped to break all records, raising $165,000 for these two worthy organizations.

This year's event, which will be taking place on Thursday, March 23rd, promises to be just as exciting! An estimated 185 restaurants from Whistler to White Rock (our highest numbers ever) will be participating, donating 25 % of their food sales on that day to help Friends For Life and A Loving Spoonful provide nutrition programs and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

We are also excited to announce that Wolf Blass Wines is returning as Title Sponsor for the event. During the entire month of March, Wolf Blass will be donating partial proceeds of every bottle of wine sold. Really, what better excuse does anyone need to enjoy a glass or two of premium vino than knowing you are supporting a very worthy cause?

For more information, including a list of participating restaurants, please see Dining Out For Life.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

keeping track of myself

  • awake 6:00am
  • awaken daughter 7:30am
  • make breakfast
  • drive daughter to school 8:30
  • pull in to the bank
  • took a call from a friend in crisis (worrying me)
  • arrive to Little Sisters for a meeting
  • met with Reive for a visit (more later)
  • checked voice mail at home while stuck in traffic
  • visited Jenni & her new store in Gastown (more later)
  • over to grope James body and chat about sex & life
  • stoped at my post box
  • fill up the car with gas
  • made two calls while sitting in the car outside my childs school
  • picked up my daughter at 3:00
  • went and had the oil changed in my car
  • drove home
  • unloaded my daughter and I into the house
  • dinner is cooking
  • and here I sit making this list

as promised

Felicity is cheap and trashy

with respect & friendship


Monday, March 20, 2006

before a camera naked

Here's an event where sex, intimacy and relationships will be shown as an erotic slide show in the setting of the North Shores beautiful adult store, The Love Nest for this private affair. Come spend the night with us and see what's made Steinberg the cutting edge infamous photographer he is and listen to him tell tales of sex.

David Steinberg is presenting an Erotic Slide Show with an accompanying talk "Real Sex In Front of a Camera?" for Libido Events this Monday March 27. Details on the website.

Real Sex In Front of a Camera?
presented by David Steinberg

Libido Events
Nearby Cafe

What are the emotional, sexual, and artistic dynamics involved in trying to capture something honest and evocative about sex on film? How does a photographer help people feel free to reveal the emotional subtleties of their sexual connection to him and, through him, to the outside world? Is it possible for a couple to engage in honest sex during a photo session? What can a photograph show about the intimate aspects of sex to people who don't witness that sex in person?

Since 1999, David Steinberg has photographed over 100 couples with these questions in mind. He will discuss his work and show images from a wide variety of photo sessions at this evening's Erotic Slide Show.

David Steinberg is an author, editor, photographer, and publisher of artistic, imaginative sexual and erotic material.

His books include Photo Sex: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age; Erotic by Nature: A Celebration of Life, of Love, and of Our Wonderful Bodies; The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self; An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Erotica; Fatherjournal: Five Years of Awakening to Fatherhood; Beneath This Calm Exterior (poems); Welcome, Brothers (poems), Yellow Brick Road: Steps Toward a New Way of Life, and Doing Your Own School.

He is co-creator and producer of Celebration of Eros, a multimedia erotic theatre presentation; Associate Editor of Sexuality and Culture magazine; and U.S. photo representative for Cupido magazine (Norway/Denmark).

His writing has appeared in such journals as Salon, Playboy, Boston Phoenix, Los Angeles Weekly, SF Weekly, San Jose Metro, Arts and Opinion, Sexuality and Culture, Spectator, Cupido, The Sun, Libido, The Gay and Lesbian Review. The Realist, Clean Sheets, Scarlet Letters, Anything That Moves, Transgender Tapestry, Batteries Not Included, JaneZine, Mothering, Journal of Gender Studies, Learning, Commonweal, Gauntlet, Changing Men, and Issues in Radical Therapy. His photography has appeared in Cupido, Libido, Spectator, On Our Backs, and online at, and at his website.

His monthly column, Comes Naturally, is available (free and confidential) to anyone who sends their name and email address to him at . He lives in Santa Cruz, California.

David will have his book PhotoSex on sale, purchase your copy & have it signed. (cash only)

The day after the slide show, I'm priviledged to be photo shooting with David and his camera. It's a chance I couldn't let go by again, I've worked with David years back on another project and never found the time to get naked for him. This time though, we've been talking about it for months and we've even set a day aside to do this photo shoot together.

It's only due to my activism that so many of these cool and amazing opportunities come my way.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

weekend events

The last few days have been a pain in the butt for me, given that Blogger is having some internal troubles that are impacting on the file that houses my blog. Frames, color and formatting gone and amuck, what a piss off. Seems that this was to be my week to deal with web based issues. Not a very pleasurable experience that's for sure but one that I'm working my way through calmly.

My weekend was way too much fun. Spent Friday night at a swingers dance in Burnaby with a friend, Hugh. We had such a great night out and I won a couple of contests, thus resulting in an abundance of free alcohol. As a non drinker, I then wandered the place handing out drinks to anyone I didn't already know. A free pitcher of green beer, and three shots to give away.

When we'd arrived to the dance, some young barely 20 year old man was making eyes with me in the check in area and proceeded to flirt with stolen glances at me for awhile. Shortly, I observed him leave the table he was at, with another 5 people and head towards the washroom.

Excused myself from my date and went to his table, crouched down next to the woman who he had been seated next to. Asked if they were together and in fact found out they were married. I told her, in my sweetest voice that her man had been flirting with me shamelessly and I wanted to have some fun with him later on in the night. Would this be ok and I proceeded to tell her my plan of what I wanted to do.

Yes, oh yes, have fun, she proclaims and I saunter back over to my seat and let some time pass. Young man returns from the washroom, has some conversation with friends at his table, enjoys a beer, flirts with me again briefly with his eyes, and then I go for him.

Boldly I approach him, grab onto his shoulders to lead him and say, "come with me now!" He stumbles his words, his eyes big as saucers. I can't, my wife. I have a wife. Come on I tell him, I'm going to give you a lap dance right over there in the corner of the dance floor and your going to enjoy it, you big flirt.

"Buuuuuutt, my wife?" rolls out of his mouth... Don't worry darling, I tell him, I already got her permission to do you. "You do? You did?" Sounding anxious yet thrilled he's now starting to clue in. "Yes, now follow along..."

and I pushed him down into the chair, straddling them both while I grind and pelvic thrust my way into a lap dance that I've not done for anyone in years. That boy had one hell of a shit eating grin on his face as I road the hardness that grew in his pants while I lavished him with attention and visual eye candy.

Once the song ended, I slipped him my business card, kissed his forehead and said thank you, then walked away.

I then watched him rearrange the bulge in his pants, walk over to his wife, and say thank you.

They smiled and continued on their night as did I. Before they left later that night, they both came to say thank you again.

Last night, Saturday, my Daddy and I went to Rascals and had play time together. I got to swing in suspension until my stomach flipped, then I was single tailed till I could do no more. Leaving lines of welts and bruising covering my back and bottom as a reminder of our play time. Funny, as Jim struck me last night, I was having a loud, long conversation in my head with someone about whether or not I was a strong woman and what I was capable of.

By the time we got home last night it was already into early this morning so it was straight to bed. This morning though a large, hairy man awoke me with his penis sliding into me to coax an orgasm out of my not awoken yet frame before diving between my cheeks for what seemed like an eternity of blissful, satisfying, long stroked ass fucking.

Today I've managed to pick my daughter up from her camping trip with Girl Guides, go grocery shopping, make dinner, clean the house and soon, I'm to the tub for a long soak. Tomorrow is a work day so I've got to go to bed early this evening.