Friday, October 21, 2005

SEAF 2006

to be held March 24-26, 2006 at Consolidated Works in Seattle

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) was founded in 2002 by Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center (SPCC) to promote freedom of sexuality, speech and creativity through the erotic expression of fine art. The Festival strives to exhibit work not easily found in mainstream galleries and museums. We invite artists of all backgrounds, countries, ethnicities, cultures, genders, sexualities, and ages (18+) to submit up to four (4) works of art of any media. 3D artists and painters are particularly encouraged to apply; please note that photography is a highly competitive medium.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

day in church

today I spent 5 hours in a church at a white elephant / bake sale being in charge of pricing items. A bridge luncheon was going on around me and I was doing the mom role for the day as a group of young girls served these women lunch to make money for an up and coming trip.

For some reason a few people laughed and refused to believe me when they called on my cell and I told them where I was. The idea of me being at a bake sale /white elephant sale in a church and unable to have an explicit conversation in that moment left many laughing and unbelieving and me floored at there inability to see my versatility.

Mom, sex activist, store clerk, I can do it all. Might make you do a double take when you see the realism of it in front of you, but I have not made it this far by being in a box. I step out of the box all the time and recreate myself to fit the moment.

Doug came over this evening for a couple of hours on his way to work - I had him work on the knots in my back and shoulders. He's getting good at massage, finding his way on my body. He was so tentative in the beginning of our relationship, when I first started having him rub me down, but now, over time, he is getting good. Knows when to push in deeper and when to work a muscle, when to let up on me and keeps his strokes slick with oil. Listens to my moans and adjusts himself accordingly to make my body feel looser.

Frankly, I like the attention on my back which is where I carry my tension so anything that can be done to help that area makes me purr. Plus I'm enjoying the chance to gauge his skills over time while laying spread out comfortable and warm with him on me.

It's been a few days now since the Sexpo and just today did I get to the paperwork for it all. And tomorrow will be a day of phone calls and catch up with so many people who shared the experience with me as attendees and volunteers. The last few days of being home alone with my daughter have been valuable for us. Grocery shopping, eating, sleeping, laundry, Fright Night at Playland, we've been super busy but tomorrow is business again in the afternoon.

L & I are taking our girls scootering downtown in the morning and I'm excited about it already. It's time for me to start getting ready for bed - I've fallen asleep twice today and am still in need of much rest. It's a good thing that I'm still on days off till late next week.


Monday, October 17, 2005

the day after

today is the day after! The day after the close of the very successful Vancouver Sexpo. I said both good night & good morning to Dossie Easton and then drove her to the airport. Not that I should even be thinking of more work right now, but I'll tell you anyways that I'm bringing Dossie back again in 6 months to present for Libido Events with another unique workshop opportunity.

My mind needs to stop twirling and I must finally got some rest. Over the conference weekend I had a house full of guests including both Jim & Allena who each left today as well. Leaving me alone in the house for one hour before my daughter returned home.

Now I've got time on my hands at home with my daughter full time as I'm on leave from my day job for another week and a half and she is out of school due to the strike.

I'm eager to climb into bed tonight as I'm exhausted. This afternoon I slept on my daughters bed for a couple of hours and then again after dinner I slept for another few and here I go again now down for the night.

Success is tiring but hugely rewarding
I'm addicted to the pursuit
Of success and sex positive culture