Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Monday, November 21, 2011

and life continues on

Wow time flies, it seems I have been negligent in posting for three whole months. Tsk tsk, this was not intentional on my behalf. It happened more due to my being caught up in life, you know how that goes I am sure.

So let's bring you up to speed on where life has taken me, I'll keep it brief and just hit the high points. Then as I start to blog again more often, you'll have some frame of reference for things.

Currently I have a head and chest cold and Jason is over due for his post vasectomy cum in a cup appointment.

Last month I turned 39 years old and celebrated with a trip to Las Vegas. While in Vegas, Jason and I finally were married, it was all previously planned and we even did it live on the internet. The ceremony was progressive and exactly what we wanted it to be for us. Want to watch it, write me and I'll send you the link.

The end of this month Pickle will be two, its rather remarkable how fast he is growing up. My daughter will be eighteen soon and the difference between raising them both is just night and day.

The Lounge turned four this month already, it's kinda crazy. Over 2000 members at this point, this next year is a time of great change for my professionally.

My relationships continue strong and steady. Allena's cancer has been kicked and she made the decision to forgo augmentation and during it all she met someone super special to her. Amy remains a spit fire and so not one to fit into a label and the rest of the tribe are quite seriously more of a handful than I am.

Ben makes me laugh and reminds me to give myself a break now and again, I admire his outlook on life. Marilyn is the friend I wish I had twenty years ago, she has wisdom that I cherish. Sheryl shows me that one woman is capable of so much on her own. Victoria's struggles are an obvious reminder to me to take the time to listen to others, she is a source of strength. Judy is proof that regardless of age, love and a reshaping of ones life is always possible. Lisa has shown me a steady relationship of friendship based on respect. Clive hears me and always has the time, his family values are admirable and his advice is sound.

My health has been on a slow climb out of the depths of hell thankfully, but not without much suffering, piles of money spent on drugs and a lot of medical professionals helping me. To be fair, Jason carried me through the worst of it, and when he was unable to do it any longer, the hospital was there for me to be admitted to.

We did a complete remodel on the outside of our home as well and the renovation process was enough to make me feel like running away. But it's done now and damn, does it ever look fantastic. Both Jason and the companies we hired did a way better job than I ever could have hope for.

My Taboo Sex Show touring schedule for 2011 - 2012 started last week with a four day teaching gig in Calgary. Later this week, I head off to Edmonton to do it all over again, then no more shows till January with Taboo.

It has been a time of great introspection for me these past few months, I feel as though I am coming out of a fog. The rat race had kept me busy for so long, that slowing long enough to check in with me and take care of my family and priorities was just suddenly a must do item for me.