Thursday, February 22, 2007


This weekend I'm going to spend some time evaluating my priorities. Not the sex-positive communities, but rather my own as a woman and a mother. They have shifted and I need to take stock of how I feel about these changes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Sisters Book Store - sex class

Tonight's class was a success, another large group of both men & women,
couples and singles were introduced to Genital Play. Both Deej & H left with their genitals intact and still smiling, though Deej did look tired.

Hughs perineum was very warm from cinnamon oil and Deej did great with the candle wax on her labia. H eye's bugged as I started pumping his cock with his testicles encased in chopsticks, rest assured I had his attention.

Pumped up Deej's clit and zapped her thigh with a lone jolt of electricity, she was very brave. My canes stung the guys inner thighs and I even slapped his cock and her vulva around for awhile, just to show that you can!

All in all, a good night.

Then after class, I had the chance to hang out and help everyone shop for the new treasures that they were seeking for their newly inspired Genital Play.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Women's Naughty Party AGAIN

A quick note to tell you that I've booked the next Women's Only Naughty Party. The evening is scheduled to happen soon...

Friday March 9 2007
9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m
$30 per woman
Tickets at the door, cash only
hot tub, dancing, sex rooms, dungeon, lounge, pole dancing
no liquor, this is a dry event
sexy games to get you acquainted and woman everywhere
Venue: 11041 River Road N Delta Club Eden

More details will be announced to the Libido Events mailing list.
If you are not already subscribed you can do so here.


Club Eden has hired me again to teach my couples class Sensual Play for Lovers on April 15 a Sunday, it will be a blast to teach this sexy class in such a classy space.

Just got off the phone with Dragon Fly's Den in Surrey and they hired me for an additonal class on March 30. Sandi and I network well together and even manage a laugh over local politics regularly, today being no exception.

I'm also updating the Libido Events calendar right now with all of these new events and a Cock Sucking class as well, because the demand for it is huge. I can hardly keep up to all the mail from people wanting the cock sucking class, so back on the calendar it goes, again.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

weekend festivities

Friday was a whirlwind of a day. 4 hours in coaching with a client in Surrey, then my dinner date at The Sandbar with RC. A fast return home to pick up my car so I could grab my daughter from the end of the play she was performing in at nights end. We came home together and were soon to bed as we were each exhausted.

Saturday was up early as I had to return my daughter to the make-up department by 11 am to ready her for the two performances they gave that afternoon and evening. Then some shopping for odd supplies to ready for my evening's Sensual Play class at Dragon Fly's Den. Grocery shopped, got to the bank, sent out a mail-out, had hot phone sex with RC, then packed for my evening's class.

My mother made a surprise appearance to see the granddaughters show and then came back here for a very short visit in between performances bringing with her of course my daughter. My mother has the capacity to really be intrusive in my and my daughters life, I had to tell her today to back off some.

Gear packed into an huge suitcase on wheels, we made our way down to the car just in time to make all my time deadlines to ensure we handled all of our responsibilities. Dropping the fairy back off at the theater, I made a bee-line straight for RC's. I quickly fell emotionally drained into his arms for half an hour while I unloaded on him being comforted. Then I ravaged the man. Well, after I gave him the keys to free his cock of the lock and cage which had surrounded it for over 24 hours.

Quickly I dressed for my work night and then off we went. It was nice to have someone drive me to work, especially RC. Arrived to find most everyone at the club already awaiting the class, so I just dropped to my knees next to my suitcase and started readying the room for Sensual Play, the interactive version.

I paired everyone off and then blindfolded half the room, they did things to one another, all the while not touching or exposing any genitals. It was intense, intoxicating, fun, progressive for teaching sex, relaxing, sexy, sensual and eye opening, not just for me but for those who were there. As a class, they respected one another well and allowed me the chance to take them on a journey. The trust I was given, the trust that I am constantly given is overwhelming to me, it speaks volumes to my work.

After a 5 minute break, the other half of the room was blindfolded and had various other and some same things done to them sensually, erotically and intentionally all led by me. It was a class I was proud of.

Then I packed up all my gear with the help of RC (who was screaming hot wearing tighty boy shorts) and put everything back into my suitcase. We zipped it closed along with all traces of me as Libido Events and went and joined the party as party goers after tucking the bag away.

We had such intense times emotionally & physically together that RC found bottom space. How cool is that! We were gone early in the night, yet we did so much that the bruises are just now starting to really shine on my guys bum and back.

Today, Sunday I packed my daughter and RC into my car and off we drove to Cypress Bowl to go Tubing for the afternoon. We had a blast together and it was such a great day to be on a mountain with snow. Returned home in time for me to leave for my evenings class on Polyamory and Multi Partnered Relationships at The Love Nest in Burnaby. Sunday classes are from 6-8 so I was sitting in my living room talking to my daughter again my 8:30.

Tonight with RC at work, my daughter sleeping in the next room, I have the chance to finally try and wade through the emails that are just now starting to arrive regularly within my in-box again.