Saturday, April 14, 2007

walk on the wild side

Tonight is work for me. Happily it's a Sin City night, and RC and I have plans on being there, right after returning his mother back to BC Ferries. It will be an early night for us though as he works tomorrow by day and I'm teaching Sensual Play For Lovers at Club Eden in the afternoon.

Straight to Sin, grab a drink, socialize a little, then time to drag my man down to the dungeon for a thrashing. Me thinks, he needs to be roughed up some by me.

Variety of devious toys to be packed still to torment with and ubber sexy club clothing chosen next to seduce. Go Jennifer!

Friday, April 13, 2007

trying to keep up

We have started the moving process. We have a system in place to sort and merge our belongings. We will be settled by June 01 together as a family. I'm almost certain we couldn't have planned this to go any smoother if we had prayed for it. Life is amazing.

Today I was given excellent news that allows me to do another large step on Monday towards the opening of the club. It is very time consuming dealing with all of this and also a weight for me emotionally. Mix this in with a good dose of anxiety around personal success and another of fear of the unknown, combined it's been an almost lethal combination making me unable to move at times. However....Monday is a BIG day. I have somewhere to be early in the day and appointments following all day long and I will be there. No prompting needed, we're down to the wire now. It's all in the details.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

meeting Mom

RC's mom arrived to the mainland today for a few days visit. How exciting that we finally get to meet one another. Did I mention that she reads my blog? Well, she does and she has in past read it with RC's sister.

Mom and RC were talking earlier, getting the chance to catch up some together as mother and son should. This of course prior to my arrival for dinner. Mom looks at her son and promptly without missing a beat, demanded to know from him, how exactly the J was doing that I had written earlier in the week about carving with a knife into his bottom. To say the least, she was alarmed. RC assured her that he was healing well and that it had all happened in good fun.

(then he phoned me on the phone laughing, to tell me what his mother had just asked him)

Can you imagine showing up to meet your partners mother for the first time and her only exposure to you was reading your journal and finding out that you were a sex activist and you'd carved a J with a knife into the ass of her son recently?

We had a great meal together and she and I got along very well. She's cool. I'm eager for tomorrow when I'll get some time with her without my daughter around so we can talk more candidly. Plus there is still an Easter surprise for her that is going to blow her mind!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Full Cup

Measure of my Womanhood...

  1. wearing cosmetics daily is of no interest to me
  2. a beautiful teen-aged daughter and plans on having a baby
  3. ability to orgasm with myself and with partners
  4. breasts that produced milk enough to feed my daughter and soon another
  5. breasts that are pierced for my pleasure and that of my partners
  6. pubic hair that though once a full bush, is kept groomed short and flattering
  7. understanding the difference between need and want
  8. knowing when to say NO in bed
  9. facing the consequences for saying YES in bed
  10. comfort around my body size, shape, appearance, finally owning it
  11. ability to ask for what I want sexually in detail, without shame to a partner/s
  12. loving intimately & sexually more than one person at a time
  13. acceptance of the power of my womanhood
  14. lovingly familiar & intimate with my sexuality
  15. my naked form has become beautiful
  16. being called Ma'am from a youthful stranger
  17. being able to check the 25-35 year old box on forms
  18. menstrual cycle that runs monthly
  19. breasts that shift with each passing year
  20. owning bras that push up and forwards my breasts
  21. buying jeans that accentuate my posterior
  22. answering to "girl or babe"
  23. noticing hotties that are barely legal age
  24. no longer buying into empty advertising promises
  25. multi orgasmic and ability to ejaculate
  26. can find beauty & lust for, in both men & women
  27. needing a nap after rounds of sex

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

uh oh....

RC's espresso machine used to look like this. And then, I broke it. I snapped the handle right off of it. This was last week. I had already apologized. Then last night as I was rolling the birthday man into bed, he made an announcement.

"Jenn, tomorrow at 1:00 I want you ready for your punishment for the breaking of my coffee maker." Described how he wanted me dressed and said we'd deal with it the next day. I fell asleep happily eroticizing the scene that was going to happen between us.

I was careless and broke RC's coffee maker and so punishment was due to me. A paddle and his hand were the implements of choice. Lifting my skirt up high and having me pull my panties round my ankles I was getting weak kneed, wet with excitement and a twinge of fear.

Then he pulled me towards him for an over the knee spanking that left my bottom bruised and me begging for forgiveness, you can imagine that I learned myself a lesson.

Monday, April 09, 2007

up, up and away...

Standing in the living room naked was RC earlier this afternoon. He was looking very hot and buff. A brightly colored helium balloon tied around his swollen cock with strings of ribbon, it's his birthday and laughter was filling the room. That he let's me do funny (and mean) things to him, keeps our relationship fresh & exciting.

Tonight I have a delicious surprise for my man on his day of celebration. Later in the week, I may fill you in on the details. Suffice to say it required me to enlist the assistance of a cute, young, girl-friend.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Suggestions for Events

This afternoon I spent precious working hours on short-term planning for the new space as I'm heading there again tomorrow morning to check in on progress. My mind is going in a million directions these days and I could use some more of your help on this one thought.

What events would you like to see in the new club? Included on the calendar already are
  • pansexual play parties
  • women only play parties
  • bondage events
  • outside educators
  • as a rental space to outside groups
  • Libido Events Erotic Arts Curriculum classes
  • Libido Events offices (my Coaching space & Personal office)
  • Libido Events Sex-Positive Lending Library
And a great number of other wonderful and sex positive events, though I'm not going to list calendar events here quite yet. What I want and need from you is suggestions for specific types of events that you would like to see or can think or dream up that are not mentioned already so as to fill up the calendar.

Please email your suggestions to me and/or post them here. Thanks