Saturday, May 10, 2008

busted, almost

When you sleep as late as I have for the last couple of days, evening's tend to run into the wee hours. I'm not particularly sleepy right now and so I bring you a blog post.

Despite my resolve to stay under my covers and remain on bed rest, I did venture out briefly to the neighborhood video store in my sweats last night with RC. We wanted to pick up a few movies to see us through the weekend and the only way to ensure there was a movie that I would enjoy, was to go along myself.

And of course while out, a funny thing occurred worthy of sharing.

After wandering around with the hordes of other Friday night movie hopefuls, we completed touring the store, before settling on three different interesting selections.

Bringing the cases to the counter we were greeted by a friendly, young man. After idle chit chat as he was scanning each movie and checking ID, I made my way to the door ahead of RC.

As I walked through the security merchandise scanner, it started beeping. No problem I thought to myself, I will just back up, and walk through it again.

And I did, only to have the damn thing start beeping again. Now everyone in line was giving me a look, then turning to the guy handling the movies to see what he was going to do with me.

I looked at the employee, and stated, "I have nothing on me, I do not know why it is beeping like that". He gave me a once over from head to toes, then nodded saying "sometimes cell phones can make it go off".

Chuckling nervously, I smiled and said "ok, if you say so". Hoping madly that he was correct and that he wouldn't say, "come over here for a second".

On my shoulder you see, was a fairly large tote style red pvc satchel. And the LAST thing that I wanted for this youthful guy to ask to take a peek inside of my purse.

You see, there were no stolen or even borrowed movies in my bag. In fact there was nothing in my bag, that I wanted to be sharing with a stranger. Period.

What was in my bag though was a few personal items, like lets say, a whole whack of sex toys. I won't say why or how, but suffice to say there was a butt plug, a double vibrating egg, three vaginal insertables and of course a double butterfly. There are always condoms in my purse, so that wouldn't bother me, but I'd be uncomfortable having a video line up of people viewing my adult sex products.

I try to live by the mantra, Don't Scare The Villagers.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bed Rest

Spending time in bed is hard for me. Well, if I am not sleeping, tied up, or having sex that is. It's not that I am a restless soul, rather its that my energy level is usually so high that I just spring to action constantly and run at full steam.

Meaning its often not till after I've been over-working so hard, that it becomes obvious that I have forgotten to care for myself adequately. Not eating proper or regularly, an erratic life and work schedule, a mountain of personal and professional commitments and a mind that goes constantly are all items that do catch up with me; causing great distress from time to time.

The last two days have been about recovery. I am on bed rest, having self ordered this little necessity before I fell over and ended up hospitalized due to some stress or work related illness.

My feet feel weary. I have a low grade head ache. My body is achy. My muscles are sore and tight. I am hungry for a home cooked, stick to your ribs kind of meal.

If you know me well, you know that I am not a telephone person. In fact, I don't speak much on the phone at all. It is not a way to communicate that works for me. If I am going to speak to someone, I really prefer the face-to-face conversations.

My personal cell phone probably rings around twenty odd times a day. My home line rings approximately a dozen times each day along with the Lounge phone ringing too.

Aside from taking calls from my daughter and RC, no one else is getting through to me right now. At least until I feel rested and ready to return calls. Everyone can just leave me a message or email their query. I am happily not responding to anyone at this time.

The house is clean so I do not feel compelled to get up and doing anything about it. The fridge is full and the bills are all paid. My lap top is with me in bed. The cat is nestled on top of me purring gently. Another nap is going to be taking place soon, right after I grab a toy and masturbate to a great big huge "O".

It's May right now, and May is happily Masturbation month. The month of Self Pleasuring & Solo Sex. I will be having more to say on this subject in the days to follow.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

In a nutshell

I slept for twelve and half hours last night and into this morning. My fatigue is long standing and though the sleep did me a world of good, it is really a get way that I am in need of.

======== ======== ========

Oh my goodness this is very well done and it made me laugh so hard. It is a BCAA commercial on TV, so it is work safe. Thank you to my good friend K, for pointing me towards the link.

======== ======== ========

While out looking for girlie panties at a little store, my cell phone rang. Clutched in one hand was five or so pairs that had caught my attention thus far and I had to put them down to take the call.

I was startled to hear the voice of a long time acquaintance on the other end. After the obligatory few minutes of catch up between us, as we are in differing countries and on opposite sides at that, finally we made our way to business.

"When are you going to hire me Jennifer? .... it's about time I was out your way. Bring me to Canada. So, when can you do it???"

Me standing in the under garment section sat down on a chair and thought to myself about advance bookings.

"Well, I'd like you to teach for Libido Lounge soon, like very soon. You know this, hence my barrage of emails to you as of late."

We tossed dates and months back and forth between us, before finally I had to bow out of the conversation.

I said, "how about I go home and sit in front of my computer later tonight and work with your availability to see what dates I can come up that may work for each of us."

"Done" said my caller.

And that left me to finish choosing panties, and purchase all eight pair.

*want to make me a happy woman, buy me lovely silky panties, I adore well made undergarments

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Last night at Deviant Dining good friends S & V, brought me the most gorgeous bouquet of purple and yellow flowers. They are now displayed in a vase on a table and they sure brighten the dining room, there is no way I was leaving them at the office. Those flowers came home with me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Holy Batman

We put two tables, equaling thirteen feet long, pushed together in the main room. Then set up chairs all the way around. A couple of table clothes, some candles and wonderful dinner music.

A third table set up in the main room was the hospitality table. Cutlery, plates, glasses, napkins, pitcher of water, salad, buns, butter and appetizers.

Were there ever a large group of Members at tonights Deviant Dining, our first ever community pot luck dinner. 18 people showed up for our fantastic buffet style, sit down meal at Libido Lounge. If you missed out, you should be kicking yourself.

The amount of food was outrageous and so yummy too. Everyone brought such delectable stuff to consume that there was plenty to go around and even more as left overs.

The kitchen (in another room) was exploding with food, which took over yet another table and area. Chili, smoked salmon cream cheese and capers, curry chicken and rice, cod and rice, turkey rolls, fruit platter, noodle dish, vegetarian dishes, borscht & sausage and all the fixings, god the food was abundant we were not short on anything.

A caramel apple pie, a banana cream pie, apple crumble and of course real whipping cream.

Having the chance to dine and converse with everyone so casually was nice. And it was obvious how much everyone else was enjoying their night too. The laughter and conversations were non-stop, making me very happy. Good friends, stimulating talk and scrumptious food.

RC helped me tidy up at nights end, after everyone was gone and I am now officially on top of the world.

The date of the next dinner event is

Wednesday May 21

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

another Tuesday

A small group of Members gathered for After-NOONER, it was a great mid day event. Our third time hosting it now, and it is finally starting to develop it's own flavor.

I saw another client today and am officially booked up this week for appointment times. I wish I was able to be more productive with my awake hours, though I am confident that I could not use my time any better than I already am.

Costco has become a warehouse that eats a lot of our income. There always seem to be some new exciting item there that we simply must own at the Lounge. RC picked up an eight foot long table, for tomorrow evenings Deviant Dining.

And bless RC's heart, he showed up at home with a new spiffy white wireless WiFi new printer. For me. How awesome is that? So much so that he is going to get some serious butt sex for this gift!

It's not been said lately, but I love RC so very much. He is my sweetheart and without his presence in my life, nothing would be as it is today. It is true he is head over heels for me, and I for him. Its thick in the air, our combined sexual energy. We are a match.

Allena, is my sweet sweet girl, whom I care about and love. RC loves her just as much. She was here for a couple of days, after taking the train up from Seattle. We had a blast zipping around the city, shopping and dining out. What fun. Having her visit us here is always such a treat.

All four of us, my daughter, Allena, RC and I have been discussing summer holidays. Our plans are coming together now in a big way. Likely I'll let you know where we jet off to, *after* we return from our get away.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Coaching Time

The last while I have been consistently booked solid when it comes to appointment times. This makes me very happy with a huge feeling of personal accomplishment. And it is a sure sign that my career is booming and on an upward swing too. I enjoy success, though am finding it tedious many of the labor intensive necessities I have to tend to in order to maintain this excellent exposure.

I've seen three clients in the last twenty four hour period and the differences to what brought each person to me is vast. That helping each person find what they needed was relatively easy for me, speaks to how large my experience in sex culture is and how vast my knowledge surrounding sexuality.

It's homework time for me now. This is next where I send my clients a summary of our time together, allowing them to have a base to spring from next.

Finally having my own offices now has changed the face of how I do business and what I can offer to those seeking out my expertise.

Go me!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

shocking heh?

I have nothing to say right now.