Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking Life Easy

A lazy Saturday would be nice, but lately most of my days have been lazy anyways so today's change of running about is most welcome. (note: I won't actually be running about, rather being chauffeured from one place to the next)

The morning had us in Cloverdale. We gave up for adoption our bird to a new family. It was decided that with a baby on the way, the chirpy noisy fella would be best suited to a family better able to give him the attention he so deserves. I'm sad to see Foster go and was surprised to learn of Jason's decision to give him up. When he announced the idea to me the first time, I was shocked, and yesterdat afternoon he talked to the new soon-to-be owners and now he is all excited about giving the bird to them. We are no longer be bird owners, now we just have a cat.

Next we hit a children's swap meet. A place where parents go to rid themselves of the accumulated clutter of no longer needed (or fitting) kids stuff and where others can go and make inexpensive purchases. There are a number of things we need for this little guy and many of the items are things that need not be bought new. Items like a crib, car seats, things that go in the mouth will all be had new, but many of the other necessities can be second hand, especially given the short period of time the little guy will be making use of these gadgets and doodads anyways. We left with a nice bag of booty and some of the most adorable new born clothes imaginable. Made my heart swell.

Then we came home for a planned serious naked, in bed, under the covers type of afternoon nap. A solid couple of hours to refresh me, it felt amazing.

We watched Che part 1 the movie this afternoon curled up on the sofa together eating watermelon and boursin with crackers.

And this evening we have plans of the naughty variety. Yeah, we still can't have sex, but there are some other deviant things that we plan on getting up to together to quench my thirst for sexual intimacy at some level, plus some long missed friends that catching up with will make me feel good about.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Body Bag Bondage & E-Stim

It has to be about nine years ago now that I met my long time friend Z. We saw one another with regularity for years, then we stopped crossing paths for quite some time.

Recently while teaching at a local prison, there he was. A contractor doing work on the inside for the day. We were both equaually surprised to run across one another, especially considering our surroundings. As fate would have it, a few weeks later, he took me up on my offer and became a member of Libido Lounge along with his lovely partner L.

I am happy to be back in touch with each of them, as they are one of those lovely happy and in love type of couples who always look great together.

Recently they came to our bondage event Restraining Order and made a host of new friends. Obviously with personalities like theirs, this was an easy enough task.

They showed up ready to play on the night in question. Two big black toy bags accompany them, Z carried one in each hand as they arrived through our doors.

We all sat around making chit chat for about twenty minutes or so, before play began to break out around us. Then Z opened one of his bags and pulled out a splendid eye catching full length black leather body bag.

So many people in the space suddenly gravitated towards it. People asking questions about it, touching it, and caught up in it's obvious meaning. What a toy to own, expensive, niche and not for the faint of heart. Lovely, just lovely.

Z made his way to the restroom and returned in Superman underwear. He looked adorable. L had a smile from ear to ear as she told us tales of how they integrate it into their sex play while at home. Mesmerized we all were indeed.

The body bag then was laid out on top of our huge black padded cage and L spent the time to zip, strap and tie in Z so he would be immobilized.

I got caught up in talking in another room and when I returned I was tickled to note that Z was no longer distinguishable from within his suit, even his head was zipped in and covered now too.

With great interest I watched as L unzipped a small zipper around his cock and balls, then wrapped them in an elastic followed by a velcro strap which held in place a precious electrode to his perinieum thus being attached to an e-stim box. What a toy indeed. The entire package looked as though it should be an adveristement in a Mr.S catalogue. The visual was enticing and glorious for the sadist in me and for every masochist present too.

Gleefully when invited to, I pressed the magical button that zapped his taint with a jolt of electricity and listened as his muffled scream of protest was barely audible. His toes shook in the bottom on the body bag, but nothing more. I repeated this act many times over before adding my own perverted twist to his quandry.

Grabbing a very large and sharp hunting knife, I told Z of my plans. Simply, I am going to insert this pointy item down your urethra as far as it will go. Then with a steady hand I will hold it in place as I jolt your sensitive bits with electricity again. Your job: NOT TO MOVE AT ALL, or well, bad things could seriously happen having grave results. No joke!

Somehow I could smell terrified oozing out of the poor man. L was looking pleased at my plan, and watched intently as I then did just as I had promised. Other women came over to watch too, because well torturing a penis is just so much fun.

After a few minutes, I grabbed hold of yet another idea. Selecting an acrylic paddle, it was placed solidly under his tied tight scrotum, then with a fish bonker in the other hand, I smashed his balls firmly and exquistely. This seemed very popular, for many others wanted to catch sight of what I was doing too. Z just laid there absorbing each stroke and savoring all of the attention being bestowed upon him, he may well have been gasping in pain but thankfully the body bag prevented me from knowing such details.

There are times where my kinky life is indescribable to outsiders, some things you simply just must witness to actually understand the magnitude of. This was one of those scenes.

L and Z did some checking in with one another and I wandered off to clean my toys, leaving the couple back on their own. A short while later I saw Z with a shit eating grin wandering out of the bathroom looking high on endorphins, and I knew his trip through masochism had been time well spent.

It didn't take long either before both Z and L had enjoyed a snack and drink and I watched in awe as Z was tied spread eagled inside our suspension rack for a little ball busting and a flogging. Watching others use the Lounges equipment for their pleasure always leaving me feeling good.

It always amazes me what restraining someone will permit their minds to accept in the name of pleasure. There was so much unusual bondage happening on this particular evening that with all my time spent with Z & L, I actually missed some of the other deviant play that had transpired.

The next morning I awoke to a sincere thank you note from the couple, expressing their gratitude for an evening well spent in bondage amongst friends.

My job and world are the best ever.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orgasmic Bondage

It came to be that sitting in front of me recently was a rather hot couple, perhaps a few years older than myself. The woman was stunning and certainly not a shy flower. After a few minutes of us all chatting I boldly invited her to play.

Just my luck she said yes without missing a beat. Then as she was removing her mid thigh length black coat I was mesmerized with her sheer and fishnet teddy that left everything visible to my roaming eyes. Her knee high black heeled come-fuck-me boots were the icing on my cake, most certainly.

Beautiful as she looked in her outfit, it needed to be removed. She had to be nude in order to properly enjoy my ministrations. With swift speed she made herself naked and I sighed with delight.

I positioned her in front of the stripper pole, so the pole was snugly between her perfect creamy butt cheeks. Then with a large roll of pallet wrap in hand I wound it tightly round and round her body, mummifying her to the pole rendering her unable to free herself.

With scissors in hand I startegically cut the bindings that covered her perk nipples and with mouth and fingers worked them free - the visual was glorious.

Her partner is nibbling away at her neck, I am sucking on her nipples and she is writhing in a way that says she will soon explode in bliss. Out of her mouth escapes a pleasurable moan that can only be described as orgasmic.

Grabbing scissors again, I cut the area around her genitals making them accessible next. Then placing a blindfold over her eyes, I gather together a few tools to further the sensations she's receiving.

Her man is necking with her, and I slip a vibrator between her pussy lips and start circling her clitoris. The sounds she makes and the bucking makes it evident that I am doing something that is pushing her towards nirvana. The dam bursts and with her head rolling from side to side, she cums hard on my hand.

I lube up my gloved hand and insert my fingers into her slick pussy and start prodding her G-Spot, she makes appreciative noises, then asks me to slow down. I comply. Then as I am working over her pleasure spot she starts gasping, turning shades of purple and gyrating. Within a minute her orgasm is massive and she is tousled looking and breathless.

She asks to be freed. We remove her blindfold, then cut her out of the restraints. Shaking slightly, she is walked back to the sofa, where she sits and cuddles with her man.

Cleaning my toys I look over and witness the two of them bonding together over what was most certainly a new experience for each of them. It made me feel good to see them sharing such a moment and to know I had played a part to their happiness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MILF Vancouver

As you can likely imagine, my in box daily is inundated with emails ranging the spectrum of funny, absurd, sad, frustrating, complimentary, professional and personal.

Since the announcement of my pregnancy a new wave of mail has hit me with enough regularity to make me take notice.

You see, there is an acronym "MILF". Have you heard of it before? I suppose it's a compliment, yet it feels strange to be referred to in such a bold way by others. Many whom I know, and others that I do not.

Remember, I have a teenager already. I've been a mother for a long time, yet many people do not know or even see this side of me.

Yet another person emailed me the other day, saying I was the hottest MILF imaginable, and how first time motherhood was making me extra alluring to this person. They went on to say how attractive they have always found me but now it was over the top. I had to laugh.

I am not a first time mother and as such I guess this means that I have been a MILF for a long time now.

Ego pushed aside, I have excellent self esteem and my feelings about who I am are not wrapped up in how others see me, rather in how I see myself. I feel good about my appearance and have for longer than I can remember. I know I am attractive and I know many people find me to be sexy. I'm flattered.

Yet oddly it is weird to be thought of as a MILF hottie simply because I am pregnant. That my swelling belly, massive breasts and glowing skin are drawing people to notice me in a whole new way.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Lost Lover

I ventured out on my own to feet by two blocks this afternoon. No purse to weigh me down, just my phone, keys and bank card. It felt divine to be out of the house and not be wheeled about in a chair. I took it slow and made my way to the local produce store, then to the bakery. Feeling accomplished with my efforts, I sat briefly on a bench and rested before making the trek back.

As I got up from my seat, suddenly before me was a man who looked so familiar that I had to stop him. Not able to recollect who he was I was embarrassed calling out to this person, yet I was certain we had some history at some point in time.

It took a nano-second for he and I to realize we had been lovers sixteen perhaps seventeen years ago. Suddenly I could recall his home's location and what his bedroom looked like. He applauded my memory.

He's retired now from a prosperous career and living out in Mission. (I've always had a thing for older men) He is no longer as husky as I remembered him to be, but his tattoos and distinct facial features were all still in tact.

It was startling to see someone whom I had been intimate and catching up with him for five minutes was a pleasant reminder of my more youthful years when lovers came and went with great speed.

These days my partners are people for whom I plan on having on going sexual relationships with, if even infrequently.

Walking home I reminisced on all the lovers I could recall who had been pivotal in leading me into my own sexual empowerment, I counted the man I just ran into among them.

Then a block from home, I had a contraction that came out of no-where and startled me a little into worrying. I stopped walking and next to me was some black berry bushes. So I took a break and spent fifteen minutes picking berries and letting my uterus relax. Just as I was about to arrive back to the house, another contraction hit.

Groceries are on the counter now and perhaps later I shall make my way off of the sofa to put them in the fridge.

Want to do something special for yourself, or FOR ME? This is a service that I would greatly enjoy being gifted with and would appreciate right about like no other time in my life, seeing as my sex life is on hold and I am banned medically from house work.

Monday, August 10, 2009

State of my Cervix

After a troublesome past week and a half with pregnancy concerns today most certainly felt like a turning point. I was checked into the hospital way too early and settled into a bed on the maternity unit in the Labor & Delivery section as per doctors orders.

There were a couple of tests to be done and the most important one was the Fetal Fibronectin. Fetal fibronectin "leaks" into the vagina if a preterm delivery is likely to occur and can be measured in diagnostic test. A positive result would mean my spending the next almost three weeks confined to a bed in the hospital on full bed rest, a negative would mean would mean at home rest for the next few weeks.

I came out of the experience with a negative result and as such this means that I am 95% unlikely to have a preterm birth in the next two weeks. They will keep repeating this test every two weeks now until I actually girth birth, whenever that is.

A week from today I have another ultrasound to check on my amniotic fluid levels and next Wednesday I see the OB again.

Today I've had a few contractions but nothing consistent or even near regular, thankfully. I'm sick of resting yet so thrilled to be not living in a hospital so I am doing my best to lay low and only move about when there is no choice.

Ironically enough the hospital called this evening about our Family Tour which is fast approaching, though I already have now seen the Maternity ward a little too much lately and am unsure if the tour would even be valuable at this point.

Still no sex permitted and tomorrow I'll be talking to the doctor about when this will even be a possibility again. Let the countdown begin, I am starved for some sexual pleasure.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sexual Frustration

As you most likely already know (unless of course you are completely new to reading here, or just plain clueless) I love sex, a lot.

Sex is such an incredible part of my life, I am in fact consumed by it. I teach about sex, I read about sex, I have sex with others, I have sex with myself and I think about sex, all-of-the-the-time. It is an integral part of who I am.

Imagine my dismay and horror when told over a week ago now to stop having sex. Like none. No intercourse, no masturbation, no orgasms, just go cold turkey and practice the A word. Abstinence.

Being that I am thirty six years old, the word abstinence is not really in my personal vocabulary any longer, not that it has been for some time anyways. The A word causes me great angst on many levels. But that's another post for another day.

As I am 22 weeks pregnant, leaking water, having contractions and spending time in the hospital one of the first things my OB said to Jason and I as he was discharging us, was to refrain from all sex.

I nodded complacently, as I was just relieved to be going home finally. However once home for a few days and snuggled next to my sweetie in our bed, late at night, naked, and pressed against one another, I wanted sex with a vengeance.

The answer was obviously no, however that did not change the desire coursing through me. Last night the hunger was so severe that I tried to persuade Jason to just slide himself inside of me gently, and let me fall asleep like that. No fucking, just simple penetration with no stroking. He would have none of that.

Frustration has kicked in, I have been offering him blow jobs, and he declines. His rationale - that I am not supposed to be doing anything strenuous. He won't even let me pleasure him, the denial is killing me.

Good god what I wouldn't do for a good screw right now. I recognize it's to dangerous to do at this stage in the pregnancy but that doesn't change the fact that my hormones are raging and I want him so badly that I am ready to pounce.

My mother in law has been staying below us in the guest room and that is not a deterrent either, I want sex that desperately.

There better be an end to this abstinence shortly, or I may just explode without any stimulation at all.

Tomorrow morning we are back int he hospital for a specialized test, and the results better be good, at least that is what I am praying for. That no premature delivery is imminent, and that sex can be put back on the menu.

Excuse me while I order:

One healthy baby boy
An appetizer of cunnilingus
A starter of fellatio
A main course of intercourse
Dessert of masturbation