Saturday, August 29, 2009

Human Furniture Photos

Note in the photo above, the lovely ass facing you. See the very large brand of the letter C. That is me in 1995 in a human bird cage, made by my then partner. (click photo to enlarge)

I am the woman on the left, restrained into a human chandelier with two other beauties. (click photo to enlarge)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sex & BDSM

Any day that starts with waking up in the embrace of the one you love is a good one. After I awoke I rolled quietly out of the bed and tiptoed from the room leaving him sleeping for another two hours. Then I went back to the bedroom and roused him from his deep slumber with kisses and naked body rubbing.

Within a couple of minutes he was awake enough that his morning wood was prevalent and I climbed on board for a ride. We went at it from a few differing angles, maneuvering ourselves for optimum pleasure.

We had a big meeting this afternoon with the powers-that-be in business. It went fairly well, though we have some serious paperwork to tend to now in order to complete this step we are on and be able to move forward with the speed we feel is necessary.

This evening is being spent at home lounging, and counting the contractions that have been plaguing me for most of this day. It seems that today the contractions have been rather overwhelming and even dare I say intense.

I commented to Jason a short while ago, that I wish I knew what was different about today, that has made my contractions so regular. His observation was perhaps the morning sex triggered this. What ever the case, I just pray that he's wrong, as I honestly don't want to think about spending more time again without being close with him like that. Plus the orgasms are oh so necessary to my sanity.

Tomorrow night is Dungeon Players, and there are some spots remaining on the guest list. If you are a Lounge and wish to come out and join us all for the evening, drop me an email and I'll get you reserved.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beavers in BC & Rhino's in Africa

Thank you Jacqueline for putting this lovely beaver shot into my In-Box, both Jason and I found it to be very cute.

And to my good friend C. for sending me this funny, poignant and somewhat sad story about the plight of African Black Rhinoceroses.

Wilbur Smith talking about the past. - A factual account

The plight of the Black Rhinoceros is, or course, due mostly to the value of its horn and the ferocious poaching that this engenders. However, a contributory factor to the declining rhino population is the animals disorganized mating habits.

It seems that the female rhino only becomes receptive to the male's attentions every three years or so, while the male only becomes interested in her at the same intervals. A condition known quite appropriately as "Must" The problem is one of synchronization, for their amorous
inclinations do not always coincide.

In the early Sixties, I was invited, along with a host of journalists and other luminaries, to be present at an attempt by the Rhodesian Game and Tsetse Department to solve this problem of poor timing.

The idea was to capture a male rhino and induce him to deliver up that which
could be stored until that day in the distant future when his mate's fancy
turned lightly to thoughts of love.

We departed from the Zambezi Valley in an impressive convoy of trucks and Landrovers, counting in our midst none other than the Director of the game department in person, together with his minions, a veterinary surgeon, an electrician and sundry other technicians, all deemed necessary to make the harvest.

The local game scouts had been sent out to scout the bush for the largest, most virile rhino they could find. They had done their job to perfection and led us to a beast at least the size of a small granite koppie with a horn on his nose considerably longer than my arm.

The trick was to get this monster into a robust mobile pen which had been constructed to accommodate him.

With the Director of the Game Department shouting frantic orders from the safety of the largest truck, the pursuit was on. The tumult and the shouting were apocalyptic. Clouds of dust flew in all directions, trees, and vegetation were destroyed, game scouts scattered like chaff, but finally
the Rhino had about a litre of narcotics shot into his rump and his mood became dreamy and benign.

With forty black game guards heaving and shoving, and the Director still shouting orders from the truck, the rhino was wedged into his cage, and stood there with a happy grin on his face.

At this stage, the Director deemed it safe to emerge from the cab of his truck and he came amongst us resplendent in starched and immaculately ironed bush jacket with a colourful silk scarf at this throat. With an imperial gesture, he ordered the portable electric generator to be brought forward and positioned behind the captured animal. This was a machine which was
capable of lighting up a small city, and it was equipped with two wheels that made it resemble a roman chariot.

The Director climbed up on the generator to better address us. We gathered around attentively while he explained what was to happen next.

It seemed that the only way to get what we had come for was to introduce an electrode into the rhino's rear end, and to deliver a mild electric shock, no more than a few volts, which would be enough to pull his trigger for him.

The Director gave another order and the veterinary surgeon greased something that looked like an acoustic torpedo and which was attached to the generator with sturdy insulated wires. He then went up behind the somnolent beast and thrust it up him to a full arms length, at which the Rhino opened his eyes very wide indeed.

The veterinary and his two black assistants now moved into position with a large bucket and assumed expectant expressions. We, the audience, crowded closer so as not to miss a single detail of the drama. The Director still mounted on the generator trailer, nodded to the electrician who threw the switch and chaos reigned. In the subsequent departmental enquiry the blame
was placed squarely on the shoulders of the electrician. It seems that in the heat of the moment his wits had deserted him and instead of connecting up his apparatus to deliver a gentle 5 volts, he had crossed his wires and the Rhino received a full 500 volts up his rear end.

His reaction was spectacular. Four tons of rhinoceros shot six feet straight up in the air. The cage, made of great timber baulks, exploded into its separate pieces and the rhinoceros now very much awake, took off at a gallop.

We, the audience, were no less sprightly. We took to the trees with alacrity. This was the only occasion on which I have ever been passed by two journalists half way up a Mopane tree.

From the top branches we beheld an amazing sight, for the chariot was still connected to the Rhinoceros per rectum, and the director of the game department was still mounted upon it, very much like Ben Hur, the charioteer.

As they disappeared from view, the rhinoceros was snorting and blowing like a steam locomotive and the Director was clinging to the front rail of his chariot and howling like the north wind which only encouraged the beast to greater speed.

The story has a happy ending for the following day after the director had returned hurriedly to his office in Salisbury , another male Rhinoceros was captured and caged and this time the electrician got his wiring right.

I can still see the Rhinoceros's expression of surprised gratification as the switch was thrown. You could almost hear him think to himself. "Oh Boy! I didn't think this was going to happen to me for at least another three years".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weeks are rolling on by

I am closing in on the end of my second trimester of pregnancy. Today is marked as my 25th week of pregnancy and the baby has great potential of making it should I deliver preterm.

Our son is big, larger than the norm for this point of development anyways. Here is hoping that by delivery time, he is in the range of average as birthing a big baby is not an idea that is very appealing. I'd prefer he be born smaller then grow rapidly after wards.

My day starts with waking up to being kicked internally and ends with my falling asleep to being punched & kicked yet again. This little fella is sure strong.

The best part of my day is Jason talking to my belly and coaxing the baby to move about so he can feel him too. They are already bonding well together, then again the teenager is doing her part to be known to the "pickle" as well. I couldn't ask for a better family, we have so much love to share.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Used Sexually

Order me naked and to stand quietly awaiting you in the corner of the room. With my back to you and goosebumps of uncertainty covering me, I know nothing except the sound of your voice and the subtle noises of your movements. Bring forth your awesome imagination and the tools of your trade.

Come at me with a vengeance and take what you will. Leave me breathless and used. Mark my body with your handiwork, and leave upon my flesh bruises that will not fade for weeks. Consume me, till I cry out in pain and attempt to crawl away from the intensity. Allow me to lose myself in providing pleasure to you.

Curl me up in your arms, the aftermath can be so sweet. Tell me quiet thoughtful sentiments, till I've caught my breath and the shuddering has subsided. Rock me till we fall asleep and allow me to awaken later in need of a shower, welted and with your seed dried upon me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnant at 36

Being pregnant at thirty six is not the walk in the park it was for me the first time I underwent this journey so long ago now. ( a decade and a half past) Though I still feel youthful, it is becoming apparent that when it comes to motherhood, I am not a spring chicken any longer.

The symptoms that are plaguing me are familiar to many women yet given the woes of the past month of this pregnancy like losing my mucus plug and the sudden on-set of contractions, the combination of it all is tiresome.

It is getting more painful and of course noticeable the swelling in my feet, calves and ankles. It is called "edema" and is made worse by the summer heat and my spending time not resting. This makes mobility a real issue and something that I need to consider when planning my activities, because I can only be on my feet for so long before they require to be elevated, and fast.

The heart burn sucks. Goodness me, I have never experienced this before. Ever. The burn in the back of my throat with no apparent rhyme or reason to it. Antacids supposedly work, but that has yet to be proven in my case thus far. It makes me really uncomfortable each time it boils up to a level of discontent right out of the blue. And yeah, smaller meals don't make me any more comfortable and I don't eat fatty or fried foods, so I am at a loss as to what to do.

Due to the fact that my uterus is now the size of a volleyball, my bladder has been displaced down to the size of a thimble. I pee so regularly that sometimes I get the feeling at night I should just sleep in the washroom to save my self the trouble of the trek back and forth. I pee more in the middle of the night than any other time. It is horrible as I stumble and shuffle to the toilet in a daze then climb back into bed hoping to resume sleep in fast order.

My lower back is in grave discontent, first thing in the morning and at days end. I bought a body pillow and I use it. I sleep on my left side, and on a firm mattress. I get massages. And still my back is bothering me. My frame does not like carrying extra weight, I was definitely not designed to be "heavy".

The cramps that are plaguing my left leg, calf and foot are crippling. Each time making my toes splay miserably, the muscle in my calf bulges and pops out. Every time this happens, I end up doubled over in pain. These episodes happen mostly in the middle of the night and rouse me from a deep sleep into extreme suffering all in a nano-second.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flavors of Sex

Naughty was last night and boy were we ever busy. It was an evening of sensuality, excitement, sex, cherry popping along with an abundance of visual and sensory delights.

For me, I was able to take part in a few special happenings, though I am going to just recount what stood out for me from the many scenes I witnessed amongst others.

  • two women having sex together who did not arrive together
  • a man being fisted by another man, who did not arrive together
  • a woman bound in ropes by a man, they did not arrive together
  • a massage woman with a line up that was over-the-top
  • two hot young men making out, it was live porn at it's best
  • many many couples having sex together
  • numerous women and a man all riding both the sex machines
  • lots of people playing voyeur to the girl getting flogged scenes x 2
  • a woman giving another woman her first orgasm from a Hitatchi
  • a woman tied up on the suspension rack by her husband

These are just the images that stand out for me. There was so much going on that it was impossible to watch it all. We had food service going for hours, lots of hot appetizers and fresh fruit, and we restocked the fridge twice with cold beverages.

At nights end, a few people stuck around and helped completely clean the place. One special woman did all the dishes, another person bagged the garbage and emptied all the laundry and someone else put equipment away that needed it.

We got home and were in bed by 2:30, I was completely wiped out, though my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. Sleep never came so easily.