Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jewelry Change: Clitoral Hood

My clitoral hood jewelry has been causing me some physical angst. It was never really the correct size for my hood being too short, making it a tight fit. My clit. hood is of an above average length, and so much so that no local piercer had a piece actually big enough, so the proper one would need to be special ordered.

It's been a year since I had my hood pierced and Jason had his PA put in. I've grown tired and sore lately from the ill fitting barbell laying alongside my clitoris. Especially since edema has swollen my pelvic floor and made it an excruciatingly evident reality that it needs to be changed.

For the last while I have even complained about it loudly enough that a friend went and ordered me a new piece of jewelry of a new shape (a banana) and a better length to make me happy.

The new piece has been either in my purse or on top of my dresser for about two months now and I have yet to get around to having someone put it in me.

Remembering of course that with the size of my pregnant belly, I have not been able to locate my own vulva in some time and can only see the jewelry while laying on the floor in front of a mirror.

An hour ago after getting out of the tub, I spread my legs for my guy and had him put in the new piece. Oh, the sweet relief of having that tight bit of stainless steel out of me and replaced with something more suitable for pleasure and aesthetics.

Thanks MN, the gift is in place and already making me happier.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the crowds

The Taboo Sex Show always is a big work period in my calendar year and in classes of mine are usually some extraordinary people that I run into who come as a surprise.

First off we had Jason's mother. She came to visit from the island to do some city shopping and to take in the show itself along with my bondage, cock sucking and hand jobs class. She wasn't a surprise attendee, rather her response to my educating was so surprising.

Let me tell me you, it was an surreal experience to have my mother in law in the very front row of classes with me. To look out into the audience and to feel her eyes on me. I was fairly certain she was not assessing the size of my pregnant belly, but rather drinking in every last drop of information I was putting out there. The bondage class was innocuous enough to lead with her present, but the oral sex class, now that had me twitching just a wee bit.

In the oral on him class, I make many many references to blowing Jason and giving him hand jobs, as he is my main inspiration these past years. So imagine what it is like to talk to a few hundred people on stage about licking your mans balls, and nibbling his cock, making him beg for more and swallowing his cum while being stared at by your mother in law. No joke.

I felt it to be in my best interest to alert my attentive audience that she was in the front row, and she did not even blush. Her composure unchanged she took the applause and gasps in stride and remained riveted as I went on to teach for the next thirty minutes on such an inspiring topic.

When the class ended, dare I recall wrong, but I actually think she was glowing a little. I know why she wanted to be in that class particularly and I am amazed at her tenacity and conviction. I also know that since she left for home, she has written me to tell me how much it pleases her to know her son is happy and well taken care of with me.

Family love and bonding, what a unique environment for it. Could you have such a conversation with your mother in law about orally pleasuring her son (your man)? I could and did, and feel stronger for it.

Then there was my Butt Sex and Anal Pleasures class that I taught, it went remarkably well, especially given that the crowds were so severe that every seat was taken, people were on the floor all around the stage blocking the aisles and corridors to catch whatever they could that I was offering on the topic. At the end of this half hour class, a line up formed as many wanted to offer praise or ask a quick question.

Near the end of the line was a woman who I recognized immediately. My daughters Girl Guide Leader. "Enjoying the show" I asked? Her response "yes, it's quite amazing." "Did you see my name and decide to stop in my workshop room and say hello?" "Oh no", she replied, "I came to take the class and was able to catch the whole workshop". I smiled and nodded, all the while thinking how remarkable it is to teach the Girl Guide leader of my daughter, how to engage in sexy, healthy, and hot butt sex after she had done so much to teach my child about camping, being a friend, and of course being a good citizen.

It feels good to know that we all do our part to make the world a better place.

Of course as usual, and as happens each year, I ran into plenty of others who were surprised at finding me in front of the masses. It always leaves me in awe, that not only is most everyone interested in sex education, but they are almost always caught off guard at who teaches them what they know.

Glad it's me.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Crash, Boom, Bang

Orgasms have not washed over my body in a couple of weeks. I can not muster the desire nor the strength to go there.

It may strike you as odd that me, the woman that coaches many thousands of people every year on having a successful sex life has been to run down to have my own needs met.

It's true though, life can either be on your side or against you now and again when it comes to being sexual.

As of late, life has been against me, my pregnancy has reeked havoc on my body, and pleasure has been the last thing on my mind for myself.

Now and again I have a fleeting moment where I think an orgasm would be most welcome, then I realize it would take what little strength I have to make it happen, and my energy is best kept in reserves right now, because any moment I could need it for labor and delivery.

I spent the weekend (Thursday to Friday) leading ten classes to literally thousands of people on having a more fulfilling sex life and I did so to great acclaim. And as each class ended, it took all my energy to get off the stage and catch my breath.

This pregnancy feels like it will never end, and yet I am desperate to have it over with. Not just because I want an orgasm but because the ongoing medical issues are becoming so over-the-top that it feels as though I will never be the same woman again.

And yet, I know all of this to be not true. I know it will take some time, but that I will regain my desire, my body shape and my energy levels. In the mean time though, I find it difficult to watch others have such an easy time of life and self.

I am struggling, and it is with all honesty that I share this with you all. I know to some degree how so many of you view me. Super woman is the term regularly used to describe me. Well, my cape is ripped, and it's going to take awhile to repair. Excuse me while I tend to it, as you can imagine how important it is to me.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Supporting this Pregnant Woman

If you have the desire to do something for our soon to be born son or for our family here are a couple of options for you.

1. Look over our Baby Registry and see if you can find something their that you would like to gift us with.

2. Cook for us. We have a huge deep freeze and having it filled with precooked meals for our family would be of huge benefit to us. We are not picky eaters: meat dishes, soups, lasagnas and non spicy foods are most welcomed and truth be told, baked goods would make the family happy and would really please me as well. Don't forget we also have a teenager so meals should be made for three adults with healthy appetites.

3. Send cards and notes of well wishes to:

PO Box 28578
4050 Hastings Street
Burnaby BC
Canada V5C 6J4

Thank you to everyone who has thus far been so supportive and kind. The baby is still in me and yes, we are more than ready to get him out. Now if he would just appear, it would alleviate much of the stress, pain and angst I (we) have been plagued with these past few weeks.