Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sex Educator Vancouver

The business woman's luncheon was just awesome yesterday. Suffice to say the woman who invited me conveniently forgot to mention that guests have to stand before the entire group and introduce themselves by full name and occupation. I learned this ten minutes before the intro's were started.

There were at least eighty, perhaps ninety woman there, and maybe a dozen of us were guests. I was the eleventh person standing to introduce myself.

Hello ladies, my name is Jennifer Skrukwa and I am a Professional Sex Educator.

Some clapped, there was a low whistle, smiles spread across their faces and many were nodding happily. Within minutes we were networking with tables of eight women. It did not take long for them to come for me. No joke. They had so many questions about what I teach, who I am and how I move in the world. It was immensely gratifying and a huge relief to have their approval. I had passed the first hurdle as I saw it.

By the time the second networking session broke out, there was a number of women I needed to get to, and spend a few minutes with. I loved it, and the woman who brought me, was so right. I do belong with those women, they are my people. Professionals, women, responsible, successful and mature. I brought a large stack of business cards and handed out every last one of them.

We ate like Queens, the food was scrumptious, as it was a massive buffet. I was asked to do a presentation for them in early 2009, and I am so eager to do this. How very encouraging. I was called an eloquent speaker, told I was bold and progressive and a number of "older" women shared with me that their group needed my energy and knowledge.

I am very happy to report that as of next month, I become a full member and shall continue on my merry path of networking and educating.

Imagine my surprise to know two other women there. One from an interactive class I taught a short while ago, and another whom I have known for a decade. Our crossing paths was amusing to say the least.

I walked out of the building with a woman who called my name, then told me that she believed touch is so very important to our happiness and survival. I agreed. She asked if she could hug me, and I said of course.

It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I stepped outside of my box, and again am expanding my personal community of friends, allies and supporters.

The women that I met I am eager to know better, they were all so very interesting.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Women On Top

Sad news indeed. Beauty and activist Bettie Page died yesterday. I found this statement regarding her passing, on the home page of her website...

With deep personal sadness I must announce that my dear friend and client Bettie Page passed away at 6:41pm PST this evening (Dec. 11 2008) in a Los Angeles hospital. She died peacefully but had never regained consciousness after suffering a heart attack nine days ago.

She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality. She is the embodiment of beauty.

Statement by Mark Roesler, business agent for Bettie Page

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bettie Page, the 1950s pinup girl whose natural looks and risque fetish poses triggered a cult following four decades after she turned her back on modeling. The life of Bettie Page.


I am restless, everyone here at home is sound asleep. I find myself unable to shut down enough to get rest, and so I write.

Later this morning and into the afternoon I am lunching with a prominent group of individuals. A business woman's networking luncheon that I am about to become a member of. Kind of sexy in theory. Kind of tummy tossing in truth. I have three differing outfits chosen and dependent on the weather, I will choose the most suitable. A large group of women who own their own businesses and are successes in their chosen fields of expertise - fitting that I join them, yes.

Life has taken so many unforeseen turns these last couple of years. I have matured and learned so much, no longer the practical life skills of coasting by, now I am on the climb to mastery of business entrepreneurship. Constantly a student and always open to meeting new opportunities head on, my efforts have challenged myself constantly and though I struggle, I always, eventually come out on top.

I need to remember to reward myself for a job well done and time invested to arrive here. I work hard, and lately have overlooked how much it takes a toll on my soul, my family and my friends. Rewards are good, because when I am happy and looked after, I have more energy to invest in myself, my family and friends. This is a huge lesson and one I should remember to act on with more regularity.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SALE: Memberships & Gift Certificates

Tis The Season for gift giving and with this in mind Libido Lounge and Libido Events have a few special opportunities for you to take advantage of to make your gift giving easier. These are time limited offers. We are proud to be able offer you such a great deal and savings to celebrate the holidays and want you to join all the others with the elite status, of Life Time Membership.

Any person currently holding an annual membership to Libido Lounge can upgrade it to a Life Time Membership for only $1350.00 This is a savings of $150.00 and certainly worth considering. With a Life Time Membership you may attend any future Libido Lounge party or social event for only $5 for life.

A Couples Life Time Membership is currently $3000.00 and we are also having a special deal on these, making them only $2600.00. With a Couples Life Time Membership you may attend any future Libido Lounge party, social event for only $10 per couple for life. (or $5 per

Any person not holding a membership yet to Libido Lounge, may still buy the Life Time Membership/s at these special rates, though your membership will not become active until you complete the mandatory member orientation class. (you'll need to pay the $40 membership fee - this is a one time fee attached to the class)

Members and non members alike, if you have been considering private sex coaching work with Jennifer, we have had some beautiful gift certificates made up in time for the Christmas season. Excellent as stocking stuffers indeed or a treat for yourself for the long sought after appointment you've been lusting after. The gift certificates are in denominations of $100, $125, $200, $250 and $300 each.

These special rates and offerings are available until December 31 2008, after which Life Time Memberships will no longer be sold.

Starting in 2009, with the "stop sale" of Life Time Memberships, we will then start selling All Inclusive 1 year Memberships at the rate of $700.00 per person, or $1300.00 per couple. Gift certificates have a 2 year expiry date on them.

Upon sending in your payment for either Life Time Membership you will receive a lovely envelope detailing your purchase, and of course, suitable for gift giving. Your gift certificate comes in a Christmas envelope all ready for you to use yourself or to hand to that special
someone in your life whose been wanting or needing some sex positive education or support.

Checks for Private Coaching work are made out to: Jennifer Skrukwa

Checks for Life Time Memberships are made out to: LL
Our mailing address is:

PO Box 28578 4050 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4, Canada

*Be sure to include your mailing address and to whom you would like the certificates addressed.

Happy Holiday Season to each of you. Know that we adore counting you among our friends, and we look forward to continuing to serve you as BC's Sex Positive Resource. You are... a valuable part of our sex positive community and for that we are grateful.

Anal Intrusion

A few things that have gotten me rather excited in the last couple of days, let me share with you...

This bit of news about a new vaccine is very promising and
looong overdue. Hooray for pioneers working towards the common goal of a therapeutic vaccine to inhibit the spread of HIV. Finally.

The *new* member forums are just-about-complete and will open the beginning of January on the Libido Lounge website. A place for our members to chat with one another privately, post photos, stories and personal ads. Forums where no bias exists, tolerance is the order of the day and inclusiveness is mandatory. Forums that are well moderated, yet giving our members free reign to be themselves and pursue further knowledge and play opportunities amongst themselves.

We are now at 515 Lounge Members as of last nights orientation. An excellent number, and one that I am really damn proud of.

Our final ever sale of Life Time Memberships terminates at months end, and a number of people have stepped up to take advantage of this great offer. $1350 = events for life. (only a $5 charge per event exists for kitchen & laundry) My last couple of deposits to the bank have tickled my fancy beyond belief, we are heading in a wonderful direction and one that makes me not only proud, but our members as well.

Our family Christmas plans have all been sorted out and I have let go of any guilt associated with this festive season. I can only be in so many places at once, and due to this small, very real fact, we will be enjoying three different Christmases each in differing weeks. I am super excited about being home for a change and not on the road, it is an awesome feeling to know that we all won't be frazzled silly this year seeing everyone at once. Travel plans have been made and booked and the turkey is in the freezer. We are so ahead of the game this year.

And finally, what next makes me happy lately. I've had the chance this last while to really settle into my partnered relationship with RC my love, and my role as an experienced educator. Each of these gives me immense pride. I feel strong with my man, and as though we can conquer anything. We communicate so well together and it's hugely comforting to feel so safe and loved. My job affords me great friends, hours of my choosing, travel benefits, a business that is thriving, opportunities to interact and know amazing people and a paycheck that is more than I ever could have hoped for as an activist. I have created my own success and am able to enjoy it with my partner, daughter, friends and volunteers. It is liberating to have done this for myself.

Once this Sundays Exploratorium event is over, I am almost done work until New Years eve, only a couple of events left.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This Friday night is Dirty Girls, Libido Lounges monthly women's play party. Our events are open to members and their guests only, we are not a public facility, rather a private members only club.

If you would like to attend Dirty Girls, we would love to have you for a one time entrance without your having a membership and needing to do orientation.

This offer is only open to non members.

To Win: send me an email to my private email address, telling me why you should be chosen as the very lucky recipient to this wonderful offer. One to two paragraphs at most. Deadline for submission is Wednesday (today) at 6 PM. The winner will be notified via email by 11PM and all further details sent along at that time.

my email address:

Here is the write up on Dirty Girls just to give you a little peak, a tease if you will....

Imagine your best sleepover pajama party when you were younger. Without pajamas. When you arrive at the venue you will step inside a place where the cares and the stresses of the day are left at the door. The lighting is soft, the colours are soft, the carpets and furniture are all soft. (The girls are soft too)

The best part about a DIRTY GIRLS party is that it's a light, fun, carefree evening where almost anything and everything goes; a place to explore your voyeuristic or exhibitionist side (or both). If you're just at the beginning of your adventurous journey, it's a great place to dip a toe into the water and decide if you want to dive in deep or wade gently into the shallows. You can be naked as the day you were born, decked out in lace, satin or silk, wrapped in leather, shiny and sparkly in glitter, or festooned in feathers. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful, because by the end of the evening it will be pulsing through you. Beauty. Softness. Laughter. Joy.

No two women are the same and no two DIRTY GIRLS parties are the same. Some are filled with happy shrieks of girls being flogged & caned, some with the soft murmurs of an appreciative audience to a girl practicing her best pole dance. There will surely be massage oil at some point, and the chocolate fountain might well be bubbling in the kitchen. Anything is better dipped in chocolate.

The big room is surrounded by sofas, edged by a suspension frame, perfect for working on rope bondage or suspension techniques. The dance pole in the center of the room is a great place to practice that stripper dance you've been dreaming about. The medical table has the potential to bring a happy ending to an internal examination. There's a Sybian sex machine for those feeling like going for a ride, a Monkey Rocker, a Fuckzall, a massage chair, many massage tables and a hot stone kit to relax with.

A DIRTY GIRL'S party is a feast for all the senses. Delicious appetizers, fragrant candles and massage oils, giggles and whimpers, touches as bountiful as you might desire or none at all if you're merely a contented voyeur, and pretty girls of all ages, shapes and colors everywhere.

It's like a secret sorority with no particular pledge and no particular uniform. The only expectation is that you leave your inhibitions at the door and venture boldly where no man has gone before. It's a girl thing. Try it. You'll like it.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kinky Pleasure

A long hot bath with bubbles in the middle of the afternoon today was justified today. I've spent thus far, five hours awake in bed, with computer on my lap and the phone next to me as I set about tending to business.

I'm involved in a bondage fetish photo shoot next week and having been lining up other models, themes and clothing. The work going in to this is a lot and I'm confident that the final outcome will be sure awesomeness.

Sunday is Exploratorium, our BDSM sampler event and working out the schedule has been relatively easy to do this time round. We've hosted the event enough times now that pulling it together is rather straight forward, thankfully.

RC's mom emailed yesterday. She reads my blog, for those of you not in the know. A brave woman indeed.

*** Hi Mom good to know you keep up with us both. ***

Anyways, her email was of a matter relating to Christmas, and then she dropped the bomb. She had (obviously) read the post the other day about RC's new PA piercing and how that all had gone down. She was a-tad-bit-concerned about his penis, and perhaps his sanity. So Mom, know that he's in great physical and emotional health and his penis though not healed yet, is most certainly happily on the mend.

With little effort on my behalf, I nailed down some major sponsorship for an upcoming project today. This is a major milestone for me, career wise. I am now working at a level that I have aspired to for so many long hard laborious years. The road now has become so much clearer, easier to navigate and rewarding. I work alongside, for and with incredible people and entities, it really is a privilege.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Girls Love Sex

Today being a Monday, I spent it catching up on domestic items left untended over the weekend. I wrapped some Christmas presents, cleaned the kitchen, put away toys from Saturdays party, made phone calls, straightened up my home office and made a list of To-Do items that will take me the rest of the week to accomplish.

Then this evening I headed off to The Love Nest and taught to a great group of students my fantastic Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please class. It was a wonderful evening and everyone left with a host of new skills.

All you women who are interested, Friday is Dirty Girls, our women's only play party. Reserve your spot now, and come check out what an amazing event this really is. The women are incredible and the chance to play is around every corner, we have everything you could possibly want when it comes to pleasure.

My new piercing appears to be healing nicely and I am most pleased with this fact. Though a little bothered by the fact that I have not been able to masturbate since Saturday afternoon. Given that my favorite tool to stimulate myself is RC, and his penis is out of commission, it is a strong desire of mine to get off. I figure I can hold off a few more days then I'll just have to attempt an orgasm with my old friend, The Hitatchi!

I have started to update the calendar with our January offerings. Make sure you check it out, and mark your calendar with the events, you'll be wanting to attend.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Genital Piercing Oh My

Five different people were pierced last night at Libido Lounges Dungeon Players Party.

  1. a man had both his nipples pierced

  2. another man had both his nipples pierced and the frenulum under his tongue split with a scalpel

  3. one woman had her clitoral hood pierced

  4. I had my clitoral hood pierced

  5. RC my guy got a PA, the head of his penis through his urethra pierced

The night was beyond intense, and Elwood did a great job handling all the holes and people he poked.

The energy level in the place, about blew the roof off.

I can not believe how mind blowing the whole experience was. The night was one that will not be forgotten by any one who attended.

After care was required for everyone pierced and everyone who witnessed the acts.


Holy Fuck.

We got late home and were so high on endorphins that neither of us could sleep. This morning we are both smiling, alive and the shock has worn off. Neither of us are in pain, though RC is peeing blood, which is rather normal.

Out of all the piercings and slicing that happened, by far, the most deeply emotional item to witness was the PA piercing. With out going in to a lot details, RC won the award for having the most guts and enduring the most. His PA piercing was done in a way that Elwood had never ever done before, and well it's fairly safe to say the man will never do again. It was profound the agony, the noise, and the length of time it took, my poor guy was in shock, pale as a vanilla ice cream float and his lips were blue. That today he is smiling, happy and filled with color, does wonders for my maternal desire to care take him.

First up was P a beautifully handsome guy who had both his nipples done first and it was super easy for him. Two piercers were at the party and so they did both nipples simultaneously, he glowed afterwards and floated out of the room.

Deej, volunteer extraordinaire, had her clitoral hood pierced and she was a real trooper, she sucked it up and went through with it quite fast, and as the second person pierced in the evening too. She is still recovering from having both nipples done two months ago - something RC and I took her to have done.

Then T a ruggedly good looking man, climbed onto the gyn table, and with his wife holding his hands, he had both his nipples pierced too. He seemed so stoic, and all went super well for him, thankfully.

Then it was RC's turn, and his cock was prepared for the onslaught. He trembled, understandably. I was at his face, kissing him and rubbing his cheek, one arm firmly over his chest. When he was pierced finally and it was over from beginning to end, everyone standing watching was done as well. This piercing sucked the life out of everyone there. Even poor Elwood needed to recover from that extreme period.

I was up next and laid out to get my clitoral hood poked. It was difficult to lay still for, and apparently I was a bit Dominant and aggressive to Elwood and everyone else present. It took me some time to find my groove, and when I had almost found it, suddenly the needle slid through and the big part was over. Getting the jewelry in was a small challenge because I came emotionally unglued, just-a-bit. Two men held me down while Elwood completed the task and then the deed was over with, thankfully.

Finally P, came back in the room and stood very very still, while Elwood took a scalpel and over and over again sliced the tongues undersides bit of skin wide open to prepare the man for a split tongue. To be completed some time in the future.

Not a usual Dungeon Players Party for sure. Thank God too, as I couldn't handle a party like that regularly. Today is all about recovery. Good food, no stress, little to do and napping.

That both RC and I are out-of-commission sexually at the same time is very beneficial. Thankfully the healing process is fast for genital piercings and we can soon resume our sex antics.