Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friends are a gift

I love Seattle, we got in at 3:30 this morning. It's been a long day that's for certain.

Today has given me the chance to see so many friends and feel love in abundance.

Received gifts for the baby and for me too.

Hugs and loving smiles from all my peeps. Surrounded by solid relationships and those who can make me laugh is a treat in itself.

I love my life and appreciate the people around me who make me feel so special.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recovery From Work Load

There are days where I work my ass off and then days, where I recover.

Today is a recovery day because the last week and half has been no stop action. This does not mean that I have no work to do, rather that all work that I have to accomplish will be done at home, in bed and naked.

  • phone calls to make: the list has thirteen names on it
  • people to reconnect with via email, at around ten
  • emails to answers: too many to count and remain calm
  • a couple of new contracts to review
  • numerous piles of important information that all need filed
  • there is final paperwork for our new house to sign
  • if possible a long hot bath with a salt scrub to boot
  • a roast chicken in the oven on slow cook for a much needed family meal
  • and if I am really lucky a quick vacuum of the house too.

Did I mention this all is to be on my day of recovery?

To be honest, I have every intention of sleeping in, which means if I am really lucky I should be able to stay asleep for about nine hours straight. W00T!

Sultry is tomorrow night and it is going to be the most spectacular one thus far, it has all the makings of awesomeness. A diverse crowd of locals and out of towners, forty-three people paid and on the guest list thus far, and likely by the time the doors swing open we will be full at fifty. Want a couples ticket? Drop me and email to arrange payment and the spot is yours.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sexual Self Esteem

These early mornings are rather hard on me. I find myself only able to handle them because the weather and the Spring season makes it so bright out that awaking is easier to swallow than in the depths of darkness of Winter.

I'm off to the prison shortly and working with the women's population today. A whole new group of people to meet, educate and learn from. My Sexual Self Esteem class is being taught and it's really powerful. I wrote two differing versions, one for the incarcerated men and another for the women, given that many of the issues are so vastly different. The women's I feel is the most poignant as I spend time talking about sexually submissiveness (inferiority) and it's negative place in attempting to hold good esteem for oneself.

Next week I am walking into the Protective Custody population of inmates. (witnesses, gang members and sex offenders) Finding appropriate language to address each of these unique demographics has been an eye opening experience for me. Learning what works, what has been tested, what is recommended and what should be avoided is a reality check for certain. Though as I stand before each different group of prisoners, I find myself thinking how desperate each is to live a happy and fulfilled life and that for each of them something in their personal journey of life just went terribly wrong.

I take edible yummy treats in to each of my classes, and upon the class ending I hand them out to everyone attending. Classes have twenty five people in them and the reward at the end, is a nice way to complete our time together. Leaving on a high note after unraveling all the disclosures sure makes me feel good about my efforts.

The Prison Contract is important to me, because it teaches such positive skills to those who wouldn't otherwise seek out the information if they were not locked up. Being in jail means they have the dedicated time to spend investing in their futures and I value each of them believing in their own self worth enough to take on the challenge of this self awareness class that is a building block to better [sexual] self esteem.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orgasms For All

The first thing that came to mind this morning as I was awaking, was masturbation. I like orgasms, and I certainly enjoy giving them to myself whenever the mood strikes.

It's safe to say that the last two weeks, with intermittent bleeding from my pregnancy has left me just a tad shy of most sexual activity. This didn't even occur to me even, until the other day, when I realized it had been way too long since my last orgasm.

Seems today must be my lucky day or something like that. This evening is Jack & Jill our monthly masturbation event for our members over at The Lounge. This night has become so popular it is simply amazing: the most diverse group of men and women converge on our place for a few short hours and get it on in a way that is so pure, fun and sexy that it always leaves me breathless afterwords.

If you've not joined us for this event before, you really should come out tonight and give it a try. There are women and there are men. There are sex machines in use and people putting on sex shows. There is a plethora of eye candy and always newcomers checking things out.

Everyone who attends, needs to play. So bring your own towel and of course your own sex toys. Without these, you'll get no where.

I was going to pop off an orgasms after I wiped the sleep from my eyes earlier, but I've decided to save myself for this evening and have my mind blowing first O in awhile along side all the other jack & jills who will be with us tonight.

Will you be with us?

Doors open at 6:50 and lock at 7:10. The event ends at 9:15.
Full details are here

Monday, April 20, 2009

Peeing On a Man

My day had quite an early start. This morning was my Fast Track appointment back at the local hospital, which meant I had to be checked in no later than eight thirty. With a full bladder just to add angst to the already woeful experience too.

I was poked, prodded and given an extensive ultrasound where it pained me greatly to not pee all over the tech guy doing the scan. My labs from Saturday were checked, then I was allowed to return to my civilian clothes and rid myself of the ugly blue night gown that had been thrust at me upon my arrival.

The doctor came to see me and showed me all sorts of things in and around my uterus and fallopian tubes, before finally announcing that my pregnancy is viable, healthy and looking good. The bleeding was unusual, though not uncommon and not something that is a problem at all. With tears in my eyes, I departed his office and phoned my man straight away to tell him the joyous news.

Next week is the family doctor and shortly there after is the obstetrician, and we choose our OB/GYN ourselves as since RC works in major trauma hospital there are some perks available to us. This my friends is one of them, we have the best of the best when it comes to my maternity time and the birth of our child.

The rest of my day thus far has been spent here at The Lounge awaiting trades people to complete some tasks. Sadly they are not prompt and have left me with enough time on my hands to have fallen asleep for an hour to nap. After my early rise at six thirty, this was rather needed anyways.

Our new house has already engulfed our walking thoughts, well at least when not thinking about the baby. In just a short time, our inspection is happening, then we take possession the middle of June. The packing of our belongings into moving boxes needs to start immediately or we'll never be ready. I may end up needing to bribe friends with yummy food and expensive liquor to convince them to come on over and help us pack up our life so we can get it done in time and with less stress to me.

Some weeks it's all I can do to keep my head above water work wise, and lately the personal stuff has also been difficult to contend with. I really couldn't do it all with out all my friends.