Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learning from a mistake

I have a safe haven in Libido Lounge. It is my personal space and also the sanctuary of our members. Having a facility means we create the rules, without the rules things would go haywire fast.

The system we have in place works smoothly and without incident, enabling us to create constantly unique opportunities for our membership.

It is rare that our bubble is popped by outsiders, it happened today, not once, but twice. Not only myself but others noticed that which was out-of-place. It won't be happening again, this I can assure to all those who felt the ripple.

Today goes on the calendar as the day a new definition of a rule was added to our orientation. There is a always a name next to each rule. And a flag was changed on our events calendar.

Some mistakes will never be repeated.

Friday, April 17, 2009


After having my new MacBook for months, it was just this evening that my man highlighted for me the feature of it's internal web cam. The camera has amazing features and capabilities. We've been fooling around it with now for all of well, eight minutes.

My lack of experience with such things brings you these masterpieces.

Oh and by the way, we bought a pretty amazing house this afternoon, and take possession in June. Oh my god, I am a home owner now.

This week has been filled with huge ups and downs.

Good night.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lee Harrington Vancouver

Tonight we put an offer on a house that we really want. It meets all our needs. Surpasses all our expectations. Has some beautiful surprises. The yard is divine. And is in our budget. Life is a roller coaster ride right now for certain.

Tomorrow Lee Harrington arrives. Oh my the weekend of bondage classes, D/s class, Gender class and Bondage Party is a stellar line up indeed. Are you reserved yet for any of these exciting events.

For the record, I am still bleeding a little. Saturday early morning I return to the hospital for more testing. At this point, only time will tell how things are. We are anxious and hopeful all will turn out as it should be.

Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love and support that has filled my in box the last couple of days.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pregnancy Concerns Vancouver

Don't even ask me how I am doing, because I really don't know.

  • 7 hours in the local hospital
  • poked for blood by a sweet man
  • peed in cup
  • 3 internal vaginal exams - 2 of them by sexy professionals
  • 2 ultra sounds
  • found 1 three cm fybroid
  • found 1 one cm cyst
  • 1 IV to hydrate me
  • my cervix is nicely closed still, thank God
  • no food to eat
  • my man at my side
  • saw the baby in some scans
  • cramps
  • bleeding
  • discontent
  • wonderful sympathetic nurses
  • great Doctor
  • hot woman Obstetrician (who is pierced)
I return to the hospital on Saturday morning and again on Monday morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Achieving Goals

The last four months of my life have had me on a serious high-on-life. We've been to Cuba as a family, my love proposed marriage and I accepted, we're in the process of buying a new home and now I am pregnant as planned. Business at The Lounge is good and I have taken on numerous long term work projects which are easily making my income increase exponentially.

My long term goals are all being achieved in short order, that's for certain. My head is reeling still from all the changes, yet I have so much support of family and friends that I am not feeling overwhelmed. This is all good news.

It all makes me feel worthy as my investment to my career has been filled with a lot of sacrifices and work.

My family life is so incredible and lacks the emotional roller coaster that so many I know face. It is a blessing to bring a baby into a home filled with such love.

The sense of self that I struggled with for so many years, has pulled together in the last five years to a place where I am stronger than I ever thought imaginable and capable of even more. Where once drama had a place in my life, now the comfort of peace, joy and celebration fill me up inside.

I am gifted in what I do. I hear this from multiple differing sources every single day. My work touches people, transforming their lives, relationships and self esteem. I try to not speak from ego, rather stating of how even I am in awe of what I offer to those who seek me out. It's not that I thought I couldn't do it, rather that maybe there was another better suited. There isn't. It's me, and I work hard to believe in my own worth because then I can continue to serve my practice and business in such a way as to have pride in all I do.

I dream still. I dream of more time to relax, a bigger facility for the Lounge, more travel, a healthy baby and my Masters Degree on my office wall. These are not pipe dreams either, they will all happen and in short order too. These are my new long term goals. Celebrate with me as I start bringing them to fruition next.

Because you see, what ever I dream of or want, I always get. I can accomplish anything.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Scott Paul Designs

I spent some time being groped by a good-friend and professional pervert the other night. The man makes adult products that are incredible. There is nothing cheap about his creations, these are pieces destined to become your favorites in your whole collection.

The inspiration behind each item is unique and certainly not a copy, though a few things are an older staple item, made vastly better by the materials used and the attention to detail to making it spectacular.

Scott Paul and I have been eying one another for years and crossing paths for more years than I care to admit. We both make our living doing adult work and as such have a healthy respect for one an others investment in our chosen craft.

After Scott and I spent some time catching up, I took some time to talk with him about updating some of my toys. This meant he recommended a few things for me to add to my 12 kits. These are kits, with twelve of each item for when I teach interactive couples classes.

I fingered and gushed over this.

And fell head over heels for this.

These beauties are now apart of my teaching collection. I am such a lucky woman to be surrounded by such devious people that are also friends.

After a great discount, I came home all bubbly over my latest acquisitions.

Thanks Scott.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Acceptance

As many of you know, my mans mother reads my blog diligently and happily every day along with her morning cup of coffee. She admittedly likes to keep up with me and with our world and finds the blog a good way to know what we are up to. I'm flattered that she cares enough to want to find out the down and dirty on our lives and that she holds no judgment as to our escapades. I like knowing that we are keeping no secrets from her.

Now my own mother, she is a whole other story. She reads my blog somewhat regularly but would never admit to doing so. In fact she acts as though she doesn't even know it exists despite the fact that she has been caught downloading this blogs pages in depth. My daughter saw this herself, so I know it's true.

My mother is standoffish and always has been. Why she reads this site, and fills her mind with images she will never talk with me about is beyond my comprehension. My mother pretends my professional life doesn't exist, and that she knows nothing of all that I disclose here. This makes me see her as petty and negative.

But the mans mother, uses this site as a way to be closer to each of us and to have things to talk to us about that are important to us. I value my mother in laws approach and am bothered my own mothers denial of who I am as an adult woman.

Hi Mom in Victoria! Waves a big hello.

Hi Mom in Qualicum. Boo! I see you. Yeah, I know you're here. It sure isn't a secret that's for sure.