Saturday, March 17, 2007

thigh high stockings

Stockings from David. Thank you. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Shoes

Today found RC and I enjoying some shopping time downtown together after a late morning in bed. Fluevogs had nothing of interest for my womanly "kinky" slimmer heeled shoe lust, nor did Aldo offer anything eye-catching in knee high boots. We tried a few other stores along the stroll but no such no luck.

Then a trip to a store that really threw me off balance emotionally. I won't say what store upset me nor will I say what the trigger was, my reaction though was palpable. I will say that upon leaving the beauty of the store I burst out into tears and ended up being drawn onto RC's lap on a bench on the sidewalk having a good ol' cry & cuddle while I sorted myself out.

Then like magic, we hit another store and had s-u-c-c-e-s-s! A new pair of solid 5 inch heels in shiny black, no platform with a thick ankle strap and a silver buckle. Tres magnifique! My afternoon shined, despite the crappy weather.

It's a family night tonight and we are all here at home. Child, RC & I. This is the most incredibly real experience for me, falling in love with RC and deciding that we wanted a family. It's started already.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pride Vancouver 2007

By 8:45 this morning I was already sitting in the back office at Little Sisters with Jim, another early meeting between us. We agreed on classes, booking dates till into October of this year with much ease. Together we're working on a project that is taking us months to bring to maximum fruition: it's for the gay-leather community. (Reive is going to be very proud of me)

I'm writing a new education series and it's not for the general public. It's for store employees, product reps, owners of chains, health care workers, toy manufacturers, movie industry writers, media etc. The whole series designed by me with a sex-positive tone. Little Sisters is the third entity to work with me in this genre.

We have large plans surrounding Pride this year, I can't wait for the unveiling of the new posters. Oh and Homopolooza as well, count on seeing me there teaching too.

Jim being ever so generous towards me as an educator, sent me home with a few items that are unique and exciting...

  1. a new Pussy Pump (just what I needed, and in purple)
  2. a new book Girl Meets Girl - a dating survival guide (this months feature book in the Little Sisters mail outs)
  3. sex-positive DVD on product awareness / sales / health warnings
I drove home with one hand on the wheel and the other trying desperately to pull the Pussy Pump from the box & packaging as I was just that eager to see what the thing would look like sans the cardboard exterior! Cool.

Shortly as yesterday, it's another 90 minute nap, then on with the rest of my day. RC is over for dinner tonight before he has to go to work, so I should devote some time to preparing for that. Otherwise it's leisure time, alone naked working on the computer. Not till 3:30 will my daughter be home from school and my focus will shift again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

sex coaching Vancouver

While I have a few minutes between tasks I thought I'd blog some. Student council meetings have my daughter needing to be to school by 7:30 on Tuesdays so being a good mom, I in my pajamas grabbed the car keys and drove her there. Especially since now with the time change it's just to dark for me to be comfortable having her walk to school at such an early hour, she'd need to leave at 7:10. Yikes!

Five loads of laundry have been accomplished already, though it's all on my bed now awaiting folding & sorting next. Yesterday I emptied my inbox from 42 down to 14 e-mails, the count when I awoke this morning was already back up into the 30's from people responding, plus an assortment of other project info that needs my attention.

Was at the butchers this morning grabbing some much needed staples, then a quick trip yet still a pricey $25 bill at the local produce store. Ran in to check my postbox, picking up the contents which are still in the bottom of my purse. Of course, it was raining hard, the entire time that I was out. Noting that as I'm typing this looking out my office window, that the sun is shining now of course.

Banging off the walls in the house right now from my iPod is Goldigger by Kanye West, this songs makes my hips rock and my body come alive. And now, Don't Matter by Akon, a tune that tells my body to slow it all down and savor the experience.

There still is the issue of my personal email account which is frighteningly behind. This though has to do with me having so much fun in my new relationship that all else has been overlooked as of late. Oops, me bad. I will try to rectify this situation ASAP.

Later I should empty out my two telephones of voice messages, this is something that I can NOT keep on top of ever. I am not fond of talking on the phone or answering the thing, it annoys me so often I simply turn them off. Today is a day of domestic catch-up as well as professional. Vacuuming too.

I'd like to get a nap in as well. 90 minutes would be wonderful. With out doubt before any sleep happens I am in need of a great big toe curling orgasm. Oh yes and back to the first paragraph, I will need to put away the laundry first before sleep or masturbation. *sighs*

Tonight I have a class, Coming Out of the Closet. It promises to be a fiery topic and a class worth attending at a cost of $10 per person.

March 13 Tuesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Coming Out of the Closet
(open to men & women)
presented by Jennifer
Venue: Love Nest 4687 Kingsway, Burnaby
$10 pay at door, cash
Libido Events Calendar

A conversation between all of us who have ever had to or are wrestling with the idea, of coming out of the closet either to someone in particular or to the world in general. In terms of how we identify ourselves / gender, whom or how many we love or our chosen expressions of sexuality, sex and passion. Join in and lend to this conversation your own thoughts and experiences surrounding such a lively topic. Hear others stories and challenges, share your own triumphs in a supportive environment.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ravens Retreat, BC

I've known the owners of this new venue for the past 8 years or more so I wanted to make sure that you all had a chance to meet them as well should you ever be out their way. Good people. In the next day or two you will find both on their website and the Libido Events calendar some upcoming classes that I'll be teaching in their dungeon.

Raven’s Retreat is a private dungeon space and BDSM bed and breakfast

located in Chilliwack, B.C., 90 minutes from Vancouver Canada, and 90
minutes from Bellingham WA.

There is over 1000 square feet of dungeon

space split into two large rooms with several play stations. The house
and dungeon is run by Katt and Wolfe, active members in the kink
community in BC for 15 years.

Raven's Retreat maintains high standards

in cleanliness and safety, and promotes kink education and awareness.
The dungeon space is rent-able by members by the hour/day/weekend for
personal and professional use, and is also used for our house play
parties, educational workshops and seminars, which are open to members
and non-members alike, as well special events and venues.

Retreat caters to special interests groups as well as mainstream
kinksters, and people with all levels of experience - from newcomers to
the scene to community leaders and educators.

Raven's Retreat strives to
be inclusive in all it's undertakings, and welcomes diversity
in the
scene, engendering an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, education and support.

ee their calendar for upcoming events, and a photo tour of the dungeon space.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

BDSM Vancouver

Last night RC and I left for the infamous Sin City for a night of voyeuring, playing and even some dancing. What a evening, it was incredible and together we were dressed to the nines. He in a new thong with a chest harness and Docs and I in black pvc thigh high boots with matching top and my new favorite color deep red, gloves and panties. (just keeping my guy happy)

We visited briefly with a few friends sitting around with a cold drink, then the dungeon opened, and you can just guess where we made a bee line for.

Batman, this cute young boy whom I've played with before was celebrating his birthday and had emailed me asking for a scene. When he found me downstairs he had that longing looking of a person needing some attention. With RCs blessing I proceeded to give the boy some SM lovin! I was in a mood and took it out on his back and shoulders, a short hard scene. Lucky me and he was most ecstatic about our play. Earlier today I even received a most pleasant thank you note from him, regarding our scene and his lovely bruising.

Then it was time for RC. I had him sit up on the spanker with a blindfold on and set about my work. Recently he'd done a negotiation checklist for me and I'd just finished reading the 9th one and about the 25th page of info earlier in the day. I had in mind already ideas for play that I wanted to try on my guy. Nice soft kisses all over his body & my breasts rubbed all over him. Soothing words close to his ear as the noise in Sin City is deafening. Then an assault to his nipples. Right and left. Mercy, no way. I pulled them, pinched them, bit them and finally put clover clamps on them. Then I kissed and licked those tender nipple buds before taking a skewer and poking the shit out of them.

Grabbing the chain between the clamps and tugging, watching his mouth open wide and guttural noises emitting. His cock was raging hard, it was pushing out the top of his thong. Nipples searing with heat, pain and he'd lean forward into me so I couldn't hurt him any more. I wanted to hurt him more. With my hand in his chest, I pushed him back at least half dozen times for more. Once and only once did I ask "Do you like what I'm doing to you?" The enthusiastic smile, hard on and continuous streams of OH YES, assured me that I was on the right path.

With nipples tortured, it seemed appropriate that I spend a few minutes between his legs. And so I did. Me and a paddle on one inner thigh, till the droplets of blood were coming to the top of his skin, then I licked with big wet warm strokes that area that had been so made to suffer.

The passionate kisses and hugs at the end led us to the sofa where we cuddled up until the man found his way out of bottom space!

A quick tour around the club again and then to the dance floor to groove to some tunes, damn Isaac rocks. A man that can dance is a keeper in my books and RC has it going on. We had fun dancing together, much like we do in bed. Everything we do is grand.

By the time we got back to his place, we had take-out Chinese with us and sat eating it in bed together, before the next round of sex. Fuel is so necessary to a good time. After the containers were on the floor, I gave RC a surprise from his fantasy list that he's been eroticizing for many years. (for some things a girl should just get new shoes, this was shoe worthy)

At 4 something we turned out the lights soaking wet after a shower and were fast asleep.

Although we did remember the daylight savings time change we forgot to set the clocks with the right time and as such one of us was 45 minutes late for work, after only 2 measly hours of sleep. This was not me, thankfully. I was a lucky girl and slept till 3 in the afternoon.

Tonight I'm teaching Butt Sex & Anal Pleasures at the Love Nest in Burnaby, then returning to RC's as we have a night in planned together.