Saturday, March 03, 2007


The pages are turning crisply & smoothly, it's definitely a fairy tale. Each day another page and discovery. It's an excellent story. Our beginning was remarkably memorable and has even been blessed by my daughter. I am the princess and he is my prince.

Friday, March 02, 2007

a drop in the bucket

Although I dislike the task of updating the calendar, I am thrilled of course to find it necessary to add an additional 14, that's fourteen classes to the schedule that I've been asked to teach.

The range of topics that my Erotic Arts Curriculum covers is vast, it feels good for me to be empowering others with skills and information necessary to transform their sex lives into something intentional, passionate and playful.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

following my heart

For the last while I've needed to take a break from readying my new space. The energy it was taking was starting to drain me faster than I could refuel myself and I was growing increasingly weary. Over this rest period I've had a chance to spend a great deal of time with RC both as a diversion to the stress of work and also to follow my heart. The down time from work has left me ample opportunity for intimate time and some personal healing.

The time spent away from the creative process of start-up has helped me gain some perspective as to my own limitations, obvious gifts & blessings and reinforced my belief that I've made good decisions on a solid path for my new venture. The time with RC has left us remarkably close and for once in my life I'm delighted to be leading my life by my heart and not by my need to climb the ladder of success.

I'm well aware of how many people are watching or waiting for what I'm about to do next. I promise it will be impressive and done in my own time.

Excuse me while I fall head over heels in love, matters of the heart come first these days.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

69 sex position

After attempting the daunting task of cleaning out just a quarter of my in box, my spirits were lifted after reading these kind emails found intermixed with requests for information, coaching and the wide assortment of other reasons I'm looked to for.

1. Hiya Jennifer, Its XXX I was at your workshop at DD's and wanted to let you know that I had a really great time with that. You are soo full of life and I get dizzy just watching ...well just a thank you and I hope you keep doing what you are doing....see you
soon. xxx

2. A warm hello from the seminar in seattle today, Pussy Licking Good, Hey Jennifer!! You gave a great seminar today! "wow" straight to the points, I loved it.
You said to remind you when writing the who and where. At the Wet Spot, I was the one in the XXXX you had me move front and center for a good seat! The voyeur! :) You helped me by suggesting some warm up moves that may help her have an intercourse orgasm today, for the first time in her life. I learned a lot today on how to go about this in many new ways. Smiles Andrew

3. Stopped for sushi today and ordered take-out. I smiled when I looked down at my ticket number. Five minutes later I was greatly amused walking up to get my order as the number 69 was called out.

4. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for our meeting last Sunday, it was really really helpful.. XXXXXXX Kind Regards Yvonne & Phil

5. Hello Jennifer, I would like to thank you for your time and teachings again tonight. I will definately be coming to the womens play party on the 9th. Thanks for you help and advice. Could you also help me with the websites that have playlists with definitions for a newbie like myself. I would like to thank you for being so honest with me. Yes, I am hungry to find out what my limits of satisfaction and submission are. I believe you have helped by pointing this out and pointing me in the right direction. Some days I feel so lost and not sure of what to look for. Thanks again, Joyce

6. XXXX thanks Jennifer: I'm going to see if our couples group is interested - in fact, one option might be a combo of the Blow Job and the Private Parts classes combined. I"ll get back to you. Love the work you are doing, our society needs more eye opening around sexuality. Patricia

You are doing a great job. I have not been to one of your sessions in a while but it is good for the soul (my soul) to know that you are out there doing what you do. So Jennifer, please keep on your mission, it probably means more to more people than you realise. Not just the people you see or hear from on a regular basis but also those who look out of their personal dungeons who smile as you invite us into alternate ones with your special touch. XXXXX

Sunday, February 25, 2007

catching up

Yesterday I taught Pussy Licking Good and Cock Sucking, The Hand Job, Blow Job class at The Wet Spot down here in Seattle. For Pussy Licking I used my own vagina as the model for class and it went over really well and was easy to do, though for cock sucking I used RC as his penis is way more appreciative and easy to please than my silicone one. He made an excellent stunt cock and the class attendees were a very large and diverse group who was most interested in becoming better lovers. This really makes me happy.

RC and I arrived Friday and are staying at Bella's while she and Jim are in Dallas. It's been a wonderful weekend away for us as we haven't gone anywhere before together. Last nights pansexual BDSM party at The Spot knocked RC's socks off and certainly left me winded after doing so many things to the man, he's still in bed sleeping (black, blue and sore) while I'm awake doing work already after 6 hours of sleep.

We're returning later this afternoon to Canada after a stop for some shopping for high thread count sheets at an outlet store or Nordstroms! Luxury.

Hope to see many of you this evening in my Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing in the Bedroom class at The Love Nest in Burnaby.