Saturday, May 19, 2007

away from work

We are heading out tonight for some personal social time. Yes the place we are going is an event and Yes, people will talk to me about Libido Lounge. BUT, BUT.... we have plans on Playing.

Or rather, I have plans on doing a scene with RC as my victim, er um masochistic bottom. And when we're playing, I will not be working and no one will ask me anything about work. What a novel idea!

It's Rascals tonight, and if I'm in this city on it's monthly Saturday night, I'm there.

I'm wearing the knee high boots I got last weekend in the States, Fire-Engine red pvc skirt and a black teeny tiny little wrap over my breasts. (in my bag is a surprise item to be added to my outfit later for RC's bewilderment)

The surprise item is really good. I suspect it will cause chuckles for quite some time. I further suspect that the scene I have planned will leave him black & blue and blissfully happy. And me? I only ever do things that meet my needs so rest assured, I'll be passionately making sure I have an excellent time.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wouldn't it be nice?

Now and then the itch to be in control is intense and I find myself fantasizing about my sadism meeting just the right masochist. Not just any masochist either, preferably one whom I'm close to, a person I already have a connection with. Today the drive to be sadistic is strong and yet I'm not able to act upon it.

I am certainly not short on willing bottoms or play partners of any gender or orientation.

Rather it's the personal time necessary to create a spectacular scene for myself & another and then the necessary time I require to come down from such big play that I lack.

I want to be playing - connecting, and instead I'm sick with a head cold and working long looong hours.

(there's a certain flexible, young, girl whom I need to get my hands on again soon)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Dear Friends of Wreck Beach:

Please re-distribute the e-mail below to all your list serves, e-mail lists, naturist friends, and acquaintances. Just having Wreck Beach on the short list of 50 CBC Wonders of Canada nominees is a tribute to naturist solidarity everywhere. Bless you all for helping protect this precious beach by voting to have it recognized as one of Canada's seven wonders.

Recently the CBC Radio and Television launched a contest to find the Seven Wonders of Canada. They are searching for places which fulfill the following criteria:

* Essential 'Canadian-ness' - historically significant, character filled, valued
* Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place
* Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation
* Ability to inspire
* Range within the final seven - diversity of location, type of wonder

Thanks to your many passionate submissions, Wreck Beach is on the list of 50 nominees!

Please vote right now to help establish Wreck Beach as an officially-recognized wonder of Canada. (You can vote for up to seven nominees but a single vote for Wreck Beach will help us most.) We are easy to find on the alphabetized list, at the very end:

Many thanks for your support!

Judy Williams
Chair - Wreck Beach Preservation Society;
James Loewen,
Vice-Chair- Wreck Beach Preservation Society

PS: Please freely forward this email to others who appreciate and value the
unique experience Wreck Beach offers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Sweet blessed life

It is touching the great great number of you, close to two hundred thus far, who have made donations, contributions and bought memberships to the-soon-to-open Libido Lounge. Your love and support of me shines strong not just by the initial capital being raised for this Venture, but also the number of members we already have and the notes, cards, offerings of services I've been bestowed with. As I've needed most anything, it's been found by you my friends. I find it incredible all that you've done for me, thank you for reaching out to me when I came looking for help myself. I've wanted for almost eight years to bring this dream to reality, and look, we've made it together. I did this all for you, just as much for me.

There could not be this project without your belief in me and my vision for an inclusive sex-positive community. That you share my desire to be apart of Libido Lounge makes me proud. I have worked soooo hard to be in this place right now. This is the culmination of the last ten years of my activism. I deserve a place of my own, where I can create bigger, larger and more intimate sex-education, coaching and events. You as a member deserve a beautiful space to call your own. A venue that meets the needs of an adult spending time in sex positive culture: a venue that is a consistent, accessible, affordable, sexy, tolerant, educational, fun, safe, progressive, diverse, trendy, social hub and right for our uses.

I really am feeling as though I'm on top of the world right now. Even the little set-backs as they happen don't faze me. It's almost time to move on to the next step. It really is all so easy now. How everything has come together is through no luck or good fortune, it's been all from hard work. Hours every week of my personal life given up in pursuit of this dream. This has been going on for months now, I've stopped contact with so many people as of late. You know I love you, you know I care, you know I'm still your friend. Right? It wasn't even like there was a decision to make. Personal life OR Open Vancouver's Only Sex-Positive Center. I chose the latter, or rather it chose me long ago, and I was just now finally ready to take on the undertaking of my life. I sacrificed as did my family, my personal relationships and even other projects I was involved with from time to time. Nothing short of my daughter came before this Big New Venture. I was and have been a woman on a mission. Pioneering has been hard a lot of the time, though I wouldn't trade this first hand experience for anything. My sex-activism, history and background is lengthy, some even say impressive for a 34 year old queer woman that is.

Libido Lounge is being built around me right now. I'm standing there directing this and that and it stirs powerful emotions for me at the idea that this place is being created by community. There is much to do still, both offices and play spaces. Though with time on our side, we can redesign as we see the need. I've met a couple of great Professional Interior Designers (and volunteers at that,Woot!) and together we plan on doing some serious shopping late this weekend for drapery, sheers and detailing items to ready for opening.

My team ROCKS, they move mountains for me with their labour, time and commitment. Their involved has been substantial. I owe none of them anything for their help, and do they ever make me look good. They are showing their gratitude to me and to the greater sex positive community by their continued efforts to support such a grass roots effort as Libido Lounge.

I could never forget the number of people for whom I've lent strength, encouragement, time, wisdom or something personal: its these very people to whom I owe thanks today for all your help and whom are flocking to Libido Lounge as volunteers and members.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hack, Cough, Sniffle...

Of all the times to be saddled with a head cold, this is certainly not the best. The weather is gorgeous, my schedule is booked full and there are an enormous number of people vying for my personal attention.

Alas, the cold bug has gotten hold of me. A short while ago, RC was on his knees before me, in one hand was three caplets of Cold FX and in the other a glass of water. Trying to trick me into opening my mouth, he successfully threw the three pills down my throat fast. I am not a good patient. He is an excellent caretaker.

T was sick first, after bringing the virus home from school. Then RC caught it and was down for about 5 days, and now it would appear, it's my turn. Blah, go away bug!

I fell asleep on my bed this afternoon amid hacking coughs at about 4:30 and woke at 6:30 to the aroma of curried chicken pouring out of the kitchen and through the house. RC had cooked dinner, I am a loved woman.

RC, Me, Bella & Alex - poly love

Monday, May 14, 2007


There is a panic bar/door at the back of the Lounge, for emergency use. It also has a deadbolt and a number of slide locks as well. In order to bring the door up to Assembly Code, a number of small fixes are needed to pass the Fire Inspection.

I want to put a whole new door on. (instead of all the small fixes) Pricey perhaps, but none the less, I want something super safe and burglar proof or at least one hell of a deterrent.

Do you by chance work in commercial security or sell doors for a business?

I am looking at having built a steel gate to cover the door from the exterior with a large lock when we are closed, instead of relying on the new door alone for security.

I'm at Libido Lounge a lot this week, send me an email and let's see if we can meet up so I can show you the door in question and perhaps you can share with me some better suggestion for how to go about fixing this situation.

I sure appreciate the help and the company!

This is all about Libido Lounge ensuring that we run a club that is legally operating, up to code and zoned appropriately for Vancouver's Sex-Positive Community to enjoy.

Sign Maker Needed

Does you or your company make Outdoor Awning Signs and do installation as well?

The area is already back lit etc, it just needs a Libido Lounge ( LL ) sign outfront so everyone can find us.

Please contact me immediately

locks and designs

Are you a Lock Smith OR an Engineer?

I am looking for both immediately.

Please contact me

What A Great Way To Contribute to Vancouver's Only Sex-Positive Center!

(this is of course, me jumping through hoops to make the city happy & to keep all of you safe)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life Notes

Idle chatter from my head...

It's Mother's Day, blessed be each of us who has a mother. Phoned mine to send her my love and catch up some on life, did you phone yours?

The Logo Contest for Libido Lounge deadline has been EXTENDED because we've not found something we like yet from amongst the entries thus far. Please consider making a contribution of your ideas!

Arrived back from Seattle to Burnaby at 3:30 this afternoon which meant we left the conference and hotel right after my morning class today and made a bee-line for the border, where Canada Customs greeted us with barely a look.

I did in fact get a new devious toy at the vendor fare from Scott Paul that looks somewhat disturbing yet sexy at once. Stainless steel spikes is all I have to say. And plenty of them. When RC laid it in my hands, I squealed with glee, I am a happy pervert. I was feeling benevolent enough to have Scott smack me in the ass a couple of times even with another toy that had caught my attention and left a sound impression on my bottom.

Last night was the dungeon party for the conference, we stopped by for 1 hour. That's it, you heard right, an hour. A single lone hour, where we sat against the wall talking to another Vancouverite we know, then we returned to our room to sleep more. In fact that's all we did on this weekend away at a D/s conference. We just slept. RC with a head cold and his back thrown out, me crampy with my period & teaching a few classes.

Hanging out in a quiet, peaceful hotel room in another city, another country, paid for by the conference, lounging in bed all day and night for an entire weekend together, was good for us. We have been going non-stop at such a pace lately at home that the break from the telephone/s and familiar surroundings was nice. Readying both Libido Lounge and ourselves for everything is tiring.

Saw Bella today, albeit briefly she stopped in before heading off to her evening's event. (She made the paper today Allena did) In her typical form, she came in the room, caught my eye and made her way right to me. And RC. We made her into a sandwich and gave her a Canadian hug and some loving. She even remembered to bring me a couple of things I had been looking for. Go me!

This evening finds RC in front of the sewing machine, sewing together two brand new King Size feather pillows. We wanted a pillow that was both thick and long enough to cover the entire width of the bed, so RC set about buying, then sewing two together. Sounds simple perhaps, but you should have seen the dining room filled with feathers. :) It was over in just over an hour and the end result, is impressive. Another of the reasons why I love him, is because he can sew.

I need to get to sleep so I can face the challenges this week that I need to.