Friday, May 07, 2010

Our big boy

Our daughter took this photo this evening of her brother as she was on transit with him bringing him home. We were both at work so the kids spent the evening together - what joy they give us.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unsolicited Opinion

Let me be the first to disclose that I am a sensitive woman. Certain topics really hit me hard emotionally and I have a great sense of empathy as well.

I was out the other day with Pickle (who is now 5 months old) and I was boutique shopping for pretty dresses to purchase for our fast approaching trip to Europe.

Mr. Pickles started making the usual and to be expected squawking noises of an infant needing to be fed.

I found a suitable bench and pulled the stroller up along side it. After unbuckling the harness and removing him I sat him on my lap to feed him at which time I initiated a conversation with him about how smart and handsome he is. Pickles likes this topic a lot by the way.

An older woman, well older than me, was suddenly standing next to us. I looked up at her smiling and resumed my conversation with my son.

Out of no where this woman starts to talk to me, so of course, unable to move, I politely listen.

She proceeds to tell me that it's good to see mothers like me staying home with their babies. She goes on about how abhorrent it is that some mothers think they can have it all and actually resume working. That if more women were like me and really loved their children they would remain at home until their children were school aged. She then told me what a disgrace it was for children to be cared by nannies, fathers, grand parents and pretty much anyone else aside from their mothers.

I could have stopped her mid spew and informed her that I work full time and I do so by choice. I could have told her it takes a village/community/family to raise a child. I could have told her that I was on time-off to shop and would be returning to my career as soon as I got home that afternoon and handed the baby off to his sister.

Instead I said nothing. I let her believe that I am one of those women who is apparently doing the right thing by not working.

Why you might ask? Because it was correct thing to do. She was set in her ill informed opinion. And I was not willing to waste one moment of alone time with my son to set the record straight with a stranger. Further, I had to finish shopping so I could get back to work.

But back to the first paragraph, her words stung.

I am a good mother because I work, am successful, believe in myself, support my family and LOVE both my career and my children.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

All Things Sex [6]

I am so proud that the Vancouver School Board has an anti homophobia consultant, yet saddened funding for this needed service is being cut back. Imagine if your child was "coming out" in the school system and having to do so without support.

Seems as though the police in Montreal were busy arresting and charging an adult store owner for failure to put English wording on a Sleeve Super Stretch. (aka jack off toy) Like tax payers dollars would not be better spent actually pushing criminals through the court system. Sheesh.

Seattle is so fortunate to have many sex positive and kinky entrepreneurs. Lucky for me, these are all my pals who've been in my life for many years now. I actually own products by each and every one of them too. Give them your business -- I highly recommend them.

An old war time poster proclaiming women to be ripe with disease. Because goodness knows, men are never the carriers of such things, only easy women. This is sex negativity and hypocrisy at its best.

This article in the New York Times on the birth control pill
is fascinating, well worth the short read to understand how this pill has morphed and changed society over decades.

Michael Kandola is the homophobic criminal who has been sentenced to a year in prison
for the hate crime of beating a gay man in downtown Vancouver. He deserved this prison sentence and the man he beat and his partner who witnessed the attack deserve further compensation for this horrible injustice against them.

If you have a son in College, you should be aware that harlots are flocking to jewel their vulva's to entice your boy away from his studies and success, to engage in ...... SEX. (because we all know that no young man has ever lured a woman away from her aspirations for sex)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Work Over Load

My life is crazy right now and this is an understatement.

In our house is a teenager readying for year end exams by studying like mad and a five month old teething and going through a developmental growth spurt.

I am plagued by CDIFF and wish for nothing more than to be rid of this horrible infection, it is so unpredictable, painful and nasty. Tomorrow I visit the hospital yet again for more tests and Friday the doctor sees me with the results and a new plan for getting me well.

In eight days I fly out of Province for a day of negotiations with a large corporation that is waving at me money, opportunity and career notoriety. Then fourteen hours after I return from this whirlwind visit.... I leave for Europe on an action packed and greatly anticipated trip through London, Berlin and Paris.

Between now and my departure I have four private coaching appointments, four large events at The Lounge and I still need to pack, get my hair done, have a mani/pedi, complete my banking, do a small mountain of paperwork and lest I forget .... sleep.

Somewhere in all of this I also have to fit in family time, cooking, laundry, caring for a infant, uploading the June calendar, emptying my in-box and commuting time to accomplish all that I need to.

Any idea how to get more hours in a day? Personally, I am at a loss.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Moving On Up

A large Canadian Corporation made contact with me a couple of weeks ago. We've peripherally worked alongside one another a number of times over the years, yet never had occasion to be directly doing serious business together.

Imagine my delight to receive a call from the head of the company asking me if I had time to speak. He spoke to me about my success in the adult industry and how I had grown so much over the last five to six years that he had been consciously following my activism. Though he'd actually known of me for over a decade.

I was caught off guard when he asked if they could fly me all expenses paid to their offices home Province for a day of negotiations. Amused, I dug around a little for more details. Like say, what would we be negotiating for?

It turns out they have two offerings for me, that are by far the biggest of my career thus far.

  1. Hire me on contract for 2011 to do a job for them that fits in perfectly with my career goals. I would gain me the notoriety I need to continue to further my career, mixed with the financial outcome that would be life changing and also assist me in being nationally recognized for my unique skill sets. There would be awesome monthly travel and a chance to hob nob with really cool people whom I have great respect for.
  2. They envision me creating a series of sex education DVD's that would be made available for sale to the general public, with my face and approach to teaching being marketed they would back this project financially 100%.
Plus there is one other thing on the table that I am not willing to put out there in the Universe quite yet. I will say though, that I am positively bouncing off the walls with glee.

I complained a while back about how much work sits before me regularly. I digress, all the work I do has laid a strong foundation for me to now be reaching this new stage of my professional path.

The old saying remains true "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger".