Friday, September 28, 2007


Shortly I leave for the women's play party. I am sooo excited. Forty six women registered and I have more gear packed than we could possibly ever use.

Wish me luck! Hell. Never mind, I need no luck. In fact what I need is more hands and more time to do all the women things that I want to.

whuhaha, I have a damn blessed life AND occupation

Thursday, September 27, 2007

driving Jennifer

Are you attending Friday's Women's Party and driving through or at least by North Burnaby on your way there?

I find myself in need of a ride out to the event only (and not back) and the ride needs to have an available back seat and / or trunk. (I have some equipment that I need to take to ensure a sexy night)

If you can pick me up and have me to the event, by 7:30pm, then please send me an email and lets get things sorted out.

I've already packed my personal party toy bag with a couple of strap-ons, a variety of sensation toys, a few games and of course, bondage gear. I am an eager beaver! Now I just have to figure out what to wear.

I can promise stimulating conversations and my undivided for the entirety of the drive out should you be able to help me out with this.

Thank you.

Women's Party this Friday

Ladies' Night

Friday September 28th

Dress Code: Lingerie

8 pm - 1 am

WOMEN ONLY play party hosted by Jennifer of Libido Events

This event is for bi-sexual and bi-curious ladies and is designed
to give women the opportunity to explore this side of their
sexuality in a women's only environment.

Door prizes, fun, erotic games and not a man in sight!

No pressure to play ~ just come out, have some titillating
fun & enjoy the fine company of like minded ladies.
Or, perhaps something more.

$35 per lady or bring a girlfriend and both attend for $50
Cost includes non alcoholic refreshments, awesome appetizers & a glass of wine.

Woman owned club with only women staff on this very special night!

All events are held in a spacious yet homey 3000 sq ft club house
located in S. Surrey/N. Delta area.

Enjoy our 8 person Hot Tub or take a Bubble Bath for 2 or 3 in our soaker tub.

Relax in the sunken living room while watching something naughty
on the big screen TV or play an icebreaker game in the dining room.

Get or give a massage or head down to the open play room.
Watch or's up to you!
Private and Open Play Rooms available.
Our club is warm & inviting with a comfortable house party feel.
We are conveniently located off hwys 99, 91, 10 & Scott Road about
40 minutes from DT Vancouver & 20 minutes from the US border.
No pressure to participate just come out and connect
with lots of like minded women.


NO street clothes allowed once you enter our doors.

Be prepared!

If you don’t bring appropriate gear you won’t be allowed in.

You will be expected to change upon arrival if not already ‘dressed’.

Be creative and let your personality show in your outfit!

If you have favorite sex toys, porn or music, bring them along.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

not so vanilla

This is but a simple list of a few of the things that today showcase my life as out-of-the-ordinary

  1. I'm wearing a Hanky Panky boobs tank-top, given to me from the business
  2. my guy is on the sofa crafting me a multitude of new items for my interactive sex classes
  3. earlier I picked up my vulva replica from a women's home where I'd left it the other day
  4. in the post box, a consulting offer for sex coaching with a couple
  5. I'm booked in to the spa for tomorrow afternoon for some pampering
  6. my girl-friend loves my boy-friend, and my boy-friend loves my girl-friend
  7. both my girl-friend and my boy-friend love me
  8. I've masturbated to orgasm twice today
  9. slept till 12:30 this afternoon
  10. a bed side table with more than six sex manuals, four personal toys & an absorbent pad
  11. three bottles of lubricant around the bed
  12. one vibrator plugged in to an extension cord (permanently) under the bed
  13. the cat has her first "outfit", she looks like a royal princess

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

days end

My dinner appointment went wonderfully smooth. The food was brilliant, the conversation non stop. My companion a man, charming and well spoken.

I even made it home at nights end in time to tuck T into bed, a long standing tradition between us. RC is asleep on sofa, wrapped up in a blanket and sicker than I have ever seen him.

There were two job offers in my in-box today. Both of which I am able to take. It's an incredible feeling to be sought after for my educational series, this has taken years of hard work. Tomorrow I will try to find time to upload the new dates to the Libido Events calendar as well as the October round of classes at The Love Nest.

rest & relaxation

Last night we went to bed together, RC and I. Making love in the dark, me straddled atop him. Exhilarating orgasms, clutching one another to share the explosions. It was really hot, I came...then he came. We fell asleep quietly laying alongside one another in the black of our bedroom. It was 12:30 a.m.

I said good-bye to RC as headed off to work at 6:30 this morning, then I woke T for school a short while later. With T off to school at 7:30 I promptly put myself back to bed. And I went straight to sleep. Imagine the surprise to my sleepy eyes to see the clock read 1:10 as I awoke this afternoon.

We went for BBQ last night as a family dinner out. Going of course here and ordering a monster size platter of food. The Memphis Feast. So after I woke up, I went to the kitchen and microwaved the remains. Bringing ribs, pulled pork, sausage, brisket & bbq sauce back to bed with me along with a roll of paper towel underneath my arm. Naked and in bed surrounded by computer, two phones, and food, I have begun my day.

This day of bed rest & recovery was so needed after the weekend I had, I am feeling much better than yesterday. Tomorrow I am booking myself into a spa for later in the week. There are three personal body treatments that have caught my eye and I am eager to hand myself over for some long over due body pampering to this studio.

Soon though I will need to vacate my bed and start readying for my evening appointment. A client is taking me to dinner in Gastown. How charming.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Party Memories

The party on Saturday night was truly incredible. With such a packed house, there was a huge range in the attendees of every interest, age and personality. The mix turns out rather fantastically when the numbers are so good, and of course this leads to an outrageous amount of people making connections and having the time of their lives.

I've never in my life run out of gas before, this happened to me personally while driving down to the venue in RC's vehicle....whose gas gauge does not read properly. Once that crisis was smoothed over, it was back on track for me with so much to do.

To the people who brought sheets as donations to the party, thank you so much for hearing my request and acting on it! And to the man, who brought the brand new full sheet set in satin, you sure have made a new friend in me. :)

I played at the party. Well, I had occasion to top a couple of different lovely women. First was a scene where I saran wrapped then vibrated a woman, then leaving here bound, I bent her husband over her, and spanked his bottom to give him a warm welcome to SM play. Then Lisa snagged some of my attention. She was looking stunning all made up, but my plan involved her skirt off and her top gone. I said make it so, and she did. I like my women able to follow instructions, and eager, Lisa was both. And so single-tail in hand, I marked her up for awhile, before turning her to face me and doing a round of pussy spanking. When she started gasping, I hauled her up in both my arms and carried her across the room. Throwing her on some cushions on the floor, we fooled around for awhile longer. We stopped when I was out of breath and she was laughing the laugh of a masochist high on endorphins.

There was plenty of other moments were I was involved in play and sexiness of course, yet I spent the rest of the night doing the social butterfly routine all the while keeping an eye on everyone. The night flew right on by, without a single issue or problem.

At nights end, it became obvious that a room swap is in order for our October party. We are going to swap the sex room and the impact room. Wait till you see what we have in-store for next month. New equipment again as well, two more pieces to satisfy all of our sexual explorers out for the evening and our ever growing list of play equipment.

The Love Nest was our wonderful sponsor for the evening, they donated all of our safer sex supplies, they are the cities finest adult store.

To M. for all your help moving & building equipment, thank you so much, I do value your strength and patience. To RC, I love you. To Deej, you were one fun loving b'day girl. To PA, thanks for taking care of my admin. details, on short notice. To H, thank you for the gift. To J, thank you for the nutritious snacks. Sandi, your gift didn't even make it home with me, it was gone that fast and was so good. And to J & B, the chocolates were great, yummy.

Today RC took me shopping .... a reward for working my butt off on Saturday with 22 hours of work. It could be said that he got me the most decadent shoes I've seen in awhile. Black, lace-up 5 inch heels, with a slim platform. A pair of red satin stockings and another pair of thigh high striped stockings to compliment my new arm warmers, in red & black. We've been talking and I do need a shoe room or cabinet, because storing 70 odd pair of shoes & boots around the house in random spots is wrong on so many levels. It's difficult to even remember what I own and what I am still searching for, a shoe room would make me happy and allow me to display my footwear so more of them can be worn more regularly.

Shoes and boots are the ultimate gift!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Too tired to write much. My body is filled with the ache of an exceptionally long day. My mind twirling from all it's working to process. There is a part of me that wants to do the paperwork for this event right now before sleep, but it's not going to happen. Instead RC and I are eating pizza naked in bed together as we decompress from last nights play party and then we are going to sleep.

I'll write more in the morning, but in the meanwhile know that we had a full house. It was as always a spectacular night, with no glitches. (ok, maybe a few little funny moments, but I'll share those with you some time soon) I am so happy to be surrounded by such a wonderful sex-positive community.

In the mean time, if you were at last nights party, tell me, how was it for you? Leave a comment.