Saturday, April 12, 2008

Women's Sex Party Vancouver

DIRTY GIRLS ended on a high note shortly after 1 this morning. I was quickly home by 1:45 and out of my clothes. In the bedroom I quietly gave RC a kiss as he was in bed and proceed to come out to the living room to try and unwind from the festivities which were still coursing through me.

Remember last weekend at SULTRY when my Hitatchi had blown the breakers in the bathhouse and left us in the pitch black? Well I HAD thought that incident had to do with water on the outlet or cord, hence the spark. So not true.

Because you see last night K and I pallet wrapped two women together who did not know one another at the party. They were naked and face to face. After we tipped them over onto the floor and had begun doing the mean and nasty to them while watching them giggle and laugh I had a brilliant idea.

Let's plug in the Hitatchi and vibrate them together, under the pallet wrap, but between the mass of their four legs combined. As I think it was who K went to plug in the monster toy, it suddenly sparked a lot and then blew up. It did , it blew up!

No joke, some black smoke and a great big burn mark, right around where the cord meets the wand. And the smell was yucky as anything but that did not stop us. We assaulted those two women, probably five or six at us at a time taking these defenseless women on. We poked, spanked, kissed and stroked our victims. They were a sticky, hot, breathless pile of DIRTY GIRLS by the time we were finished with them.

The Sybian Sex Machine got more action that you can imagine. Five different women took a ride on it, and I believe everyone had orgasms, and many for some. One woman L, well we stopped counting as a group when she had her fifth big O. I even found the time to go for a ride and my good friend P helped me along with encouragement and some excellent fondling. Three of the woman who rode the Sybian were doing so for there first time. It is true, I get to be part of a lot of cherry popping for people in my life. Another woman who rode has done so before, she came really prepared this time with her own knee pads too. What a gal!

We had more bondage at the party then I could have hoped for. Girls tying girls up, then giving them orgasms. Oh what joyful fun to take part in. P looked so good tied spread eagled inside the cage and then being forced to orgasm by another woman. Sighs, I did not feel the need to stop this from going on as everyone was sooo happy. Crotch ropes that vibrate, breast harnesses to have the boobies bouncing high & tight and lest we forget that there was a hog tied girl on a bed for some time too.

Trays of fruit, vegetables, granola and dips were consumed, everyone needed fuel. The new twenty four cubbies sure made a huge difference in the coat area to keep belongings together. We didn't put the stripper pole up at this party, but perhaps at the next. Finally we have enough gear that we can pick and choose what to use at each different event we host.

There was a group of DIRTY GIRLS who were heavily into strap on play and spanking combined and as a three did they ever play sexy together. Captivating the attention of many. The stuning pink shoe woman and her large strap on caught every ones eye, then again so did the fetish woman with amcupping kit who was doing anyone wanting to try something new. She is such a giver.

I know I fisted my friend C on the padded bondage table, and I did some sensation seeking S/m with A on the rack. I helped R on the Sybian and L too. I was on the go all night, doing things left, right and center.

There is no way that I can recount all that transpired last night with any accuracy. Fun, friendship, new experiences, hot sex, stunning visuals, titillating conversations and all girl action. That was DIRTY GIRLS 2. So much fun.

The only down side to the whole thing, our Massage Girl was unable to attend. She burned her hand and the wound was to big to cover with a glove and still do massages. She will be back for our next events though, not to worry.

And I must admit the flavor of a party rises exponentially when their is an interactive workshop to kick start the night. Twenty women showed for the Extended Teasing & The Art of Fore Play class. Perhaps this is why the action seemed to start so easily and fast.

Due to how much fun I had, today I am wiped and finally getting out of bed at two pm this afternoon. We have thoughts of going out tonight to Sin City but somehow I envision a night in and me asleep with my guy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

on and on , and on

FOR THE RECORD: To everyone who sent me links to books or URLs' on "recovering from your parents, surviving toxic parents" or who forwarded me noteworthy articles on the subject matter, I sure thank you.

Laying in bed, sound asleep next to me is RC. He was just speaking German in his sleep. Very cute, just too bad that I can't comprehend of it all.

Allena, my girl phoned to share some very exciting news earlier. She is coming up to visit shortly AND she is now a Seattle City Commissioner.

Congratulations Bella, I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it, and now that you are there, no one can stop you.

My drive, my understanding of sex culture, so much of it has to do with Allena. And now she has been voted on as being the new commissioner for sexual minorities. Her foray into politics has begun with such success. How could I not follow her foot steps. She is my role model and my love.

We will celebrate this milestone together later this month as she lays in bed with RC and I once she arrives to us. Getting her here is always so welcome and the time just goes so fast. Our lives together have morphed so much its hard to believe we are the same young girls who shared a daddy what seems like eons ago now and have now grown into strong vibrant women.

Tonight is DIRTY GIRLS, our second women's play party! The night starts off with nineteen women registered thus far in my Extended Teasing & The Art Of Fore Play class. The class itself is going to be full and I can't wait to see all the women gathered before me.

I should really go to bed now. Those women will have me on my feet all night long, and some sleep in me now will do me a world of good for later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

on growth and change

It is quite amusing to me, that yesterday RC turned 37.

Because you see, I am only 35. He now sounds so much older than me, and I can harass him about being "my old man".

We celebrated with dinner, family, gifts and sex. And not in that particular order either.

Tomorrow is the second ever DIRTY GIRLS play party and holy bejeebers, is it looking to be a night of action amongst the girls. There are interesting people I know on the guest list and new comers, many of them. Introducing each to one another, should make for excellent party amusement.

I was thinking earlier today, how much easier parties and events have become for me the last while. Finally I am at a place again where I am able to enjoy my own creations and not be run ragged trying to make them happen. For awhile hosting parties just seemed to consume all my energy emotionally and physically and would take me days and days to recover. Not any more.

Having our own space that is always prepared & set - up, being supported by a huge and wonderful volunteer crew, people lining up for events and having the resources necessary to not need to ask for much of anything has helped exponentially with making me feel less stress around work.

I have sacrificed BIG for all of this. And now is the time that the rewards are coming in. I feel good about what I do for others and it is evident by the number of our Members and how fast our growth has happened that they support me and my mission.

We finally bought a fridge today, yet another item finally removed from the on going To Do List that I keep. An older one, but clean, working and they even offered delivery. Thankfully as I am so done on moving crap any further. Tomorrow morning they bring it into the kitchen at L.L. and then I am off to Costco for yet another shopping trip. Stocking the fridge is important as our event prices include all beverages and snacks for classes & of course parties too.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

on being watched

Let's put this in perspective.

I have been a sex educator for as long as my teen age daughter can recall back into our lives.

I've been hosting adult events for close to a decade now.

Over the years I've reached out a number of times to try and tell some one important in my life about my career.

There have been numerous opportunities and various reasons why I have attempted to disclose my life's pursuits and passion.

There is one person who is so close to me biologically, whom I thought would embrace my success now that I have reached such a place worthy of acclaim. In the beginning I kept quiet about my journey, but over the years its been hard to deny the growth which has happened to me professionally.

But instead of allowing me the space and freedom to be candid (about anything really in life) this person has put me into a box with a lid and marked me with their own easy identifying label.

The name on the box does not fit.

Nor in our relationship is it acceptable for either of us to have to pretend any further about the other.

I know you read my blog. And I am kind of flattered. I honestly thought you just didn't care about me enough to ask, and now I realize, you just don't know how yet even, to see me as an adult.

That you print out my blog, has me hoping its not your bed time reading.

That you go looking for my name and follow my work from afar is not the type of attention I want from you.

I want up close and personal.

It would be so nice to be able to share with you not only my successes and aspirations but to give you the details that I just don't put here.

This is for the general public.

This is not you.

I would tell you so much more.

You are family.

Get a grip on yourself.

Ask me a question one day about my work.

Allow me the chance to show you who I have grown up into.

Not who you want me to be, or who you tell others I am.

I am a mother, lover, sex educator, activist and your daughter.

My daughter & all around me are so proud of me, why can't you be to?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It starts today.

Our new weekly play event.

After-NOONER, a mid day romp.

April 8 Tuesday 12:00 - 3:00pm
$25 cash per person, or $45 per couple

Life Time Members $5

Cash, Pay at door

Your chance to play by the light of day. A mid day opportunity to
enjoy the facility, meet a friend or perhaps run into some one new.
Light snacks and drinks.

Please note this is not a party, rather an event that promotes play.
(No dress code, though you must be presentable)

Open to Men & Women, Couples & Singles. Bring your own toys and

~~ Donations of gently used fitted queen & king sheets are always
appreciated, as are your generous contributions to our own In-House
Sex Positive Lending Library. Books, DVD's, Music, Pornography, How
To's, Fiction, Non, Fiction, New & Old books, Erotic Art etc... Just
bring them with you. Thank You.

Monday, April 07, 2008

under the weather

My guy has a gut ache.

The attack started yesterday at say around 2:45pm.

It ensued all evening.

The whole night was rough.


Multiple trips to the bathroom.



He got up and put on flannel pajama bottoms and a hoodie before retreating completely back under the covers. Head and all.

When I gently stroked him through his layers, all I heard was a mumble.


So, I left him alone.

RC got into bed at 5:30 yesterday.

At 10:30 I attempted to sleep next to him in our bed.

No such luck.

Between the rolling around, his stomach grumbling, the barf bucket and all the trips to the bathroom, finally I gave up.

I had resigned myself that it was time to grab my pillow and a comforter from the hall closet and make my way to the sofa.

I awoke at 5:30 this moring and went to try and get back in bed with RC. Nope, no can do.

He was asleep on my side of the bed. Fuck.

Back down the hall to the sofa.

At 7 this morning I awake because the living room is getting bright from the light of day. With difficulty falling back asleep, I am flabbergasted when minutes later, the child awakens for school and comes out to start her day, thus keeping my conscious from all the house hold noise.

Motherhood and partner - hood, both have draw backs. The lack of sleep being the first. Barf and gut aches playing a close second.

I am still awake and working.

RC is still in bed, under the covers.


Wish us well.

Because goddess knows the last thing I need, is to go down with an illness.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dark & Steamy

It is true, my corner of the world is ever exciting. I am never short on sexy events to attend, happenings worth noting and moments worthy of a tv sitcom series.

Last night was SULTRY. And quite frankly the whole evening was one that I won't soon be forgetting.

Imagine this. I'm naked, in heels on my knees. The floor is tiles and the lighting was "on". Its muggy and the type of hot that catches in your chest. Aaah the invigoration of steam. And I am just-about-finished setting up for the party.

Maybe ten people have arrived already and a few others are just arriving. With the extension cord in my hand, I eye the Hitatchi Magic Wand on the end of it. I reach towards the outlet to plug it in, and BANG.

No it did not blow up.

However it sparked! Then the lights disappeared. They went out all at once. It was so pitch black dark in the entire bath house, that I could not see my hand in front of my face.

Oh my goddesses. Some times I even flabbergast myself.

It is the one thing I had not thought to locate ahead of time in the booking process.

The fuse box, where in the hell was it?

It was both funny and a little disturbing to be in the pitch black for about three minutes while staff ran about bringing the lights back on.


We played so hard last night and for so long that we both are falling over exhausted today. What a riot, we laughed ourselves silly.

I really want to tell you more about our escapades, but dinner is calling me.