Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dear Keith,

This morning I woke up to your most thoughtful efforts and work sitting awaiting me in my in-box. Imagine my delight when I discovered how perfectly you had completed this task for me.

You did a great job and I appreciate you handling it all so smoothly and with such short notice.

You've been coming through for me time and time again Keith. It's your kind of diligence that get's men noticed by me.

Thank you for being you and for helping me.

hugs, Jennifer

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my new cock & the broken one


The shame.

The embarrassment.

The horror.

The truth, from Gloria.

I've spent the last number of hours packing my bags for The Taboo Show that's starting tomorrow. Home alone, my daughter is in school. I'm naked except for a harness which is pulled tight against my hips, to allow for my cock to become an extension of me. The red one below, it's called The Boss. From Tantus. It's really hot and solid, the balls feel incredible over my clitoris and mons.

The last few days have been a blur of orgasms and happy new discoveries as I & friends have been experimenting our way through the mountain of adult products that I've been given lately. All this in the name of Sex-Positive Education.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm on fire

Today I received a phone call from Las Vegas, calling me professionally & we are making exciting plans.

Thanks for the phone call Reive, it means a lot to me. I'm flattered.

The calendar gained seven new classes today.

Behind the scenes, regarding the new space? I'm close.

Sports Sheets has been most kind as a sponsor, so if it's on their website, it's either now in my personal toy collection or in my teaching cabinets as new aides for my classes.

Last year in 2006 I hosted 102 events. This doesn't include Coaching Work or anything private, that number is 77.

For a grand total of 179 sex-positive events.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

broken penis & fucking machines

UPDATE: Deej wrote about broken penis/fucking machine here.

UPDATE 2: Remember this photo of Allena and I in New York at The Museum of Sex, with me doing her, with a fucking machine. FM and I get along great.

Sadly I must inform you that last night at a dungeon party I broke a penis. *again*

My long time pal M makes fucking machines and he's just designed a new one. It's rather cool looking inside it's long wooden case, you'd never guess what devious pleasures were contained within it should you see him carrying it down the street.

Anyways, so M plugs the fucking machine in and it's starts gliding back and forth on it's track making a nice sweet sound that resembles the words "touch me Jennifer". I ask M, "can I touch it?" and upon him saying yes, I extend my hand towards the head of the cock and I broke it. Right there in front of everyone.

Of all the people to break a penis at a party, it would have to be me. I couldn't believe it. Then some one came along with a camera and took a photo of me shamefully standing there in front of the broken fucking machine. I derailed it from it's track and it needed about 40 minutes worth of surgery from M.

I would like to point out that M did not hold it against me and he was able to fix everything, then even sought me out to offer me a hug. I really was kinda sad that I broke the penis in a large room full of people.

Some girls have all the luck.

It was a great party and before I left they asked me to draw for the door prize I had brought.

Highlight of my night was when I arrived to the party, within 10 minutes of being there Deej had graciously volunteered again for some upcoming classes that I hadn't even put out a call for help yet for. I love having friends looking out for me. Thanks Deej.

It should be said that I only planned on stopping by to say hello to everyone and I ended up breaking a penis, doing some fun electrical play, a single tail lesson, gaining a volunteer for 2 upcoming classes and still managed to practice some of my class segments & new devices for the upcoming Taboo show on friends at the party.

Who knew my couple of hours out of the house would end up being so productive.

Here are another couple of photos from my shoot the other day...