Saturday, May 14, 2005

play date & Sin City

It's a quiet Saturday morning at home here for me. I'm sitting in my robe at the computer and listening to Diana Krall on iTunes, the patio and bedroom windows are all swung open for fresh air and I can hear little noise save for nature outside. It's nice to be able to enjoy this bit of peace.

Late yesterday, I phoned an old friend (an SM male Top) and left him a voice message asking him if he'd be interestd in having me over later in the evening for a spanking and some flogging. I left the request / message and shortly there after received a call back from him and he was laughing. It's not everyday that one checks their messages to find one from a woman asking to come and submit to your Sadism so you can nurture her masochism and lustful desires. But bless my friend, he did just that.

We did some quick, pre play negotiations over the phone and agreed I'd show up at his back door at 10:30pm and be ready to play. Everything ran on schedule and I was in by 10:31, down to my panties by 10:35 and bent over a spanker in the middle of a candle lit great room by 10:36pm with a glow starting on my bottom shortly there after. It was a good time and when we were done we sat and talked for a couple of hours with me wrapped up in my blanket that I'd brought from home and then it was time for me to get dressed and head home.

And now tonight, well tonight is a whole different story....

I'd planned on playing with Kara this evening at Sin City downstairs in the dungeon but she phoned me this morning at 8 to tell me that she and S are now unnable to attend. This means that I get to pack a bag of toys & rope and head out to Vancouvers largest fetish night to see who I can find to torment or who finds me to make a request for play. I've been going to Sin for 4 years and even spent 2 years running the downstairs dungeon for them when they first openend. Years later now, being able to go back to this place to dance, play and lust after all the eye candy is such a joy for me just because I remember the early days so well, that to attend and have no responsibilities is such a cool experience for me. My plan is to find some one that I'd like to Top and to also find someone that I may like to bottom to as well.

There is a very dated photo of me here on the Sin City pages...
under Dungeon and I only point this out because Jim likes to tell people that it's me, and yup it is, that's me when I'd only lost the first 20 pounds in my 80 pound weight loss. Things change, my weight changed years ago now and I've luckily managed to keep it off. With the pace I keep, it's not surprising though.

A good portion of my night tonight although being personal will end up handling Libido Events business. It's the way it goes around here, I do what I'm most passionate about, so there is a fair bit of cross over between my work and my pleasure. I like juggling it and being able to slide from one to the next topic or person - yet I understand how some people need distinct seperation between work and pleasure. I must admit that I find it a tad bit laughable now and again doing business with some one while one or both of us is half dressed. I can do business anywhere and don't mind to most times, but when the right person has my attention I don't want to be interupted for anything and that includes business. Funny thing is, I never know when this will strike, some times it happens and sometimes not - let's hope some one catches my attention tonight and that it's enough of a diversion to keep me from work.

Before leaving for Sin tonight I'm heading over to a sex toy party hosted by a friend of mine and the bi support group that Kara is apart of. Jenn has for me a new strap on for me titled " Flame". I'm anxious to get my hot little hands on it and to strap it on myself and see what new types of opportunities I can create for myself with this new extension of my love and self. he he ha ha

Some where along the way today I still need to send out a mail out to the Libido Events mailing list about this Mondays A Little More Than A Slap & A Tickle class that I'm presenting and also some more information about the
Michele Serchuk Erotic Slide Show - Photo Tales With the Photo Diva on May 23rd.

The phone is ringing and I should really answer it as I rarely do - then check the back log of messages that are surely waiting for me and call some people back.

there is always more to do, than there is of me to go around....



Thursday, May 12, 2005

last nights Flirt Slut

Last night was the Flirt Slut workshop which was presented by LaSara from San Francisco. I had made arrangements for Kara to meet me for dinner prior to the workshop so we could have some personal time before meeting up with LaSara and opening the space. Since Kara wasn't arriving till her work day was over I knew she wouldn't be there till at least 5:20 and me being notoriously early for things was of course 25 minutes early. Once I had squared away my child at her fathers it was smooth sailing in traffic from point A to point B.

Thankfully I found a parking spot right away and headed out for a walk along Hastings there at Nanaimo. It was such a spectacular afternoon that a stroll outside for me alone before a class was good down time - a good breather. I walked in to a little store to pick up a birthday card for my step father when I saw a pink bouquet of chocolate flowers which I promptly added to my arm full of purchases. Some poster paper for workshops, plastic fly swatters for slapping bottoms and 2 cards...the usual day to stuff ya know what I mean?

Back to the car, dropped off the bags from my speedy shopping trip, then headed in to the restaurant with the bouquet of chocolate flowers to wait for Kara. The woman arrives and in she walks with a splendid arrangement of gerbera daisies in an assortment of pinks for ME. Flowers for me. Now I love flowers, all kinds of flowers, nothing fancy, just anything bright and these flowers are so bright that they make me want to make love and sing out loud at once. Only the latter appealing to Kara or to anyone for that matter.

Upstairs at the space, LaSara had already arrived and people started showing up. It was an interactive workshop on flirting for the beginner and flirting for those looking for new tips, tricks and skills. Group exercises that had everyone comfortable and Tickled Pink Toys with us as a vendor as well. It was another successful, fun and educational night at Libido Events.

Walking out at nights end after people had left and I had some time to spend with this new person that I've been getting to know as of late. We even shared a kiss outside - a delicate subtle first kiss it was.

Managed to be back home by 10:45 and entered to an empty house. Daughter at her dads for a sleepover, Jim away at his sisters in Olympia, Kara cuddled in her bed at home with S, Allena in Seattle and just me here alone. Being poly and having real alone time is rare. Last night was real alone time and given that I'd had such a good work night, I came straight in and promptly removed all my clothes, put on my robe and pulled out the Hitatchi Magic Wand. Me, myself and my favorite toy had a party on my bed.

Watched late night tv which I NEVER do then to my computer to work for a few hours before bed. The nice thing here is that I don't need to drive my child to school in the morning since she isn't here; so in the morning I get to move at my own pace, and not that of a frantic mother on a school day. The balancing act of being a mom and a sex activist.



Monday, May 09, 2005

a self written bio [old & new info]

Back in January of this year I wrote a little blurb about myself and included it in a mailout to the Libido Events mailing list along with the usual event announcements that went with it. Minus the event announcements here is what I wrote:

I'm a bi sexual, polyamorous switch, who also happens to be an activist for sex positive culture and a single parent to a
school aged child. My plate is full as you can tell. And if you've met me at a workshop, event or party, you know that I'm
loving every minute of what I do. It hasn't always been like this though.

When I started out on my own journey of exploring my sexuality and Vancouver's resources, well, things were different. Vancouver had such limited resources back 6 years ago (7 years now) in terms of kinky parties to play at, workshops to attend to gain information and events where one could go to socialize. And me, well I was a straight, monogamous women
who'd never done any sex games, bondage, spanking or even read any literature ever on improving one's sex life, hell, I had
only seen porn a handful of times. NAIVE, young and filled with trepidation and uncertainty.

Today I run Libido Events and try my hardest to ensure that I offer a program that meets the needs of as many people as possible. Everything that I teach or that is on the calendar is something that I'm passionate about, either for me, or for YOU! My greatest pleasure is truly giving to Vancouver's sex positive communities and I hope that if along the way you don't see something being offered that you've an interest in, please email me and tell me about it so perhaps I can bring that education or event to you here at Libido Events.

Being polyamorous means that I have more than one partner. It is true, I've three partners. I have a wonderful man in my life: Jim is the greatest support to me and the person who I always return to, my anchor. Jim is my primary partner and if you've met us, or even me, you know I call him Daddy. Then there is Allena, my girlfriend whom I've been with for years now, I call her Bella. Finally there's Kara, my girl who is in service to me. I love each of them, differently, but still I love them. In case your wondering, Yes, everyone in my life knows about the others, they also have relationships with other people (aside from me) as well as having relationships where I am not there primary partner.

I try to balance being a Mom, being a good relationship partner to all my partners, meeting my own space needs and of
course running Libido Events and teaching. The path I'm on is fabulous because I've created it for myself and I'm doing
things that are helping to shape me into the woman and activist that I am aspiring to be. At 32 years old I'm still young but I've doing all of this for awhile now and I guess today I felt the need to let you in on a little more about "my
corner of the world." It is good to share who I am because it reminds me of the lessons it took for me to get here. And it
is out of many of these hard learned lessons that technique classes for spanking, bondage and the erotic arts are now at Libido Events and it is because of my hard learned lessons that I offer educational and play opportunities that are safe for all of you so that my mistakes and struggles need not be repeated.

For anyone just joining the mailing list or reading the blog, this entry may well help you understand some what better what is apart of my life and myself. And since this was written in January none of my circumstances have changed any aside from the fact that I'm more in love with each of my three partners and I've got my eye on a new play partner.

And now some new information, to fill in the blanks...

Allena (my Bella)
is the Executive Director of The Wet Spot - Seattle's Sex Positive Commmunity Center and has been since it's opening. Allena lives in Seattle, Wa and was my role model long before she became my bottom and we fell in love. Bella, Jim and I form a poly triad family.

Jim lives in Bellingham WA, half way between his two girls, Allena & I. He is an erotic photographer, rope bondage educator/enthusiast and the best Daddy in the world when he is not busy being a mean Top. Jim teaches often for Libido Events.

Kara, (my girl) is my service bottom and often can be found at my side at workshops, parties and events around the city. Her job: look cute, make my life easier and be subject to my whims. Last weekend her partner S. whisked her away for a romantic weekend getaway, dropped to one knee and proposed to her...she said yes.

time for lunch before I head out to pick my daughter up from school.



Sunday, May 08, 2005

having my cake & eating it too

Mothers Day morning and it's beautiful outside, what a great way to start a Sunday. Not as great perhaps as waking up next to Jim this morning all warm & cuddled up after a weekend of bondage and sex play. And not as wonderful as being parent to a child who has taught me how to balance life's pleasures and how to love unconditionally. But still a beautiful Sunday none the less.

It's true, Friday night Jim had me all tied up in rope, my limber body contorted for his amusement, easy access and personal pleasures. I had the opportunity of sinking into the fog that surrounds me when I'm bound and had just a blissful time all night submitting to his whim and demands. Some times there is nothing better than having no control and trusting some one enough to give that control to them so that they can drive you some where that you never would have been able to get yourself to. Suffice to say we were up to the wee hours of the morning playing around.

Jim woke up and returned to the States Saturday morning, which of course left me here at home cleaning up from a night of wild adult times and playing the best parts over and over in my kinky mind. My otherwise spotless living room had covering it's floor a large blanket (to prevent carpet burn), lube, condom wrappers, hemp rope, more hemp rope, clitoral electrical stimulating devices, finished glasses of water, canes and clamps. Oh my, what a night we really did have. Once things get started and the play begins, time disappears and all that is present is my desires and my partner. And in this case, it was my Daddy and damn, it was a good night.

Yes, then Saturday, wearing my mom hat I took my daughter and we had brunch with a friend at the local IHop. Said friend was returning my daughter to me as she had spent the night at her home Friday night with her son as they are good buddies. Just as we returned home from brunch the phone rings and my daughter's girlfriend invites her overnight. 6:30 pm she leaves for another sleepover (which means I owe sleepovers to other parents now) and I return home.

Worked for awhile early yesterday evening and caught up with a couple of friends on the phone (I hate talking on the phone) and in email and then my Daddy returned from Bellingham to spend a bonus night with me. When Jim arrived we stayed in talking and cuddling together on the sofa for hours. Before he arrived, I'd filled the living and dining room with tea lights and had the place smelling of lavendar. The couch was covered in a big comfy blanket and there was at the foot of the sofa - massage oil, hand towel, condoms and lube. I was on the sofa, naked and waiting for him, just the way he likes.

I've no idea when we finally got to sleep last night, OK, more like this morning, but sleep did happen at some point. Then I awoke to Jim leaving for home and Mother's Day in front of me. Before my daughter returns this morning I need to phone my own mom to wish her a Happy Mothers Day and tell her how much I respect and love her. Today is beach day, we plan on hitting a beach for a long walk together, mother and daughter, this is such a good day for this too. Early this morning I was busy sending out a mail out to the mailing list at Libido Events and now a Blog post and I'm almost done writing and doing the bulky load of work that I needed to accomplish today.

Next, I'm off to the shower to remove the residue of all the good loving that I've enjoyed, then on to Mothers Day. The day that honors me as a woman and as a mother and the day that I'm going to get the present that has my dear child giddy with happiness to give me. I'm just blessesd, I get to have my cake and eat it too.