Thursday, December 07, 2006


1. A call this morning between Reive and I was a memorable one. Our upcoming date is already looking to be exciting.

2. Tonight I am teaching Sex Toys & Pervertables at Little Sisters Book Store. It's a FREE class, starts at 7:30 pm. Just show up. 1238 Davie Street Vancouver

3. Still with a head cold, though luckily the fever has broken.

4. I just got a new contract, though my name is not up yet, this is the conference I'll be at.

5. Received SPAM today that said in the subject line " We can double your sausage size." I wanted to read it so upon opening it found this
Hei dude

I don't care why your weenie is so small, but 87% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger meat will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

Guess what? No bullshit. I don't trust you AND my sausage, made of silicone would never ever grow, no matter how much of your product I consume. Bleh!

6. Today in my post box was a beautiful hand made card from a couple that I spent some Private Coaching time with a few weeks back. I'd been brought in to watch them make love in their bedroom, play and be sexual, then to offer suggestions to spice things up adding variety and newness. The card, a reminder of how important my work is makes me proud of who I've become.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

coughing up a lung

It's time to see my family Doctor today. The congestion has settled firmly into my lungs and neither of my ears have popped since flying home from Calgary Sunday. My hearing is really poor and my voice sounds like that of a lounge singer.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

found in my in box

This made me a happy woman...





Bob Smith (name changed for privacy)


Monday, December 04, 2006

books & being found

Today I need to return a pile of books back to my local library. These books require renewal as I'm not done with them yet...

1.The Complete Idiots Guide To Pleasinng Your Man
2.The Kamasutra Women
3.Life Coaching: A Manual For Helping Professionals
4.Public Speaking for Dummies
5.Turning Conflict Into Profit - A Roadmap for Resolving Personal and Organizational Disputes

Oh yes and I have a copy of Good Housekeeping's December Magazine filled with Christmas ideas but that's mine, no need to send it back.

And for your amusement, here's a list of what people were searching for, when they ran across and found this blog

jennifer libido (understandable)
sexual activism (my journey)
remote control cock (don't have one, but would really like one)

tied to table and balls tortured (enjoy doing this to boy bits)
wax dripped down my chest (is orgasmic)
allena seattle (my girl)
flirting spanker (I flirt a lot AND I give and take spankings)
sexy activist (how flattering)

speeches used to initiate change (understandable)
licking good (I teach a class by that name, Pussy Licking Good)
bondage tables (have two at home)
cattle prod to his cock (foreplay)

pumped clitoris (till it's an inch long and swollen purple)
best nooner cock (huh?)
libido event (understandable)
needles in his cock (not my thing, but in his nipples, arms, back, thighs sure)

church of canada ads (posted about this recently)
jennifer workshops vancouver little sisters bondage (dang I get around)
event driven libido (understandable)
vancouver bondage monday (sounds like RnG)
choice pivotal relationship change love (polyamory, my love style)
women wearing bodystocking (crotchless preferably)
lapsitting on women (women do this to me, often)
cattle prods (I have one in my bedside table)
doug felicity (both friends of mine)

kinky events tonight vancouver bc (understandable)
his mouth on my nipples (with teeth, yeees
corsets and nipples (have both)
sexy blogs bc (go me!)

nipple jewelrey (three new sets this year)
tied up predicament bondage
caned on genitals (makes me cry, then orgasm)
wrist to ankle bound for spanking (over a spanker)
my sex tips (teach an incfreedible class on this)

when a grown woman calls her partner daddy (that's me)
folding spanking bench (Ian made me an incredible one)
woman in liquid latex (Shantar as my painted muse)
how to torment your tied-up partner (I need no practice, I'm good)
bedtime spanking groove strap (I'd like a groove of a regular bedtime spanking)
shame and libido (do NOT go together)

pain is temporary pride is forever (I have PRIDE and yes I hurt)
stunning nipples (thank you)
if you really knew me, you'd know (I've got huge plans for 2007)
i like to play with my daddys cock (that's me)
handcuffed hearts tattoo (understandable)
smartballs review tighter (wrote a review of these for Tickled Pink Toys)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

back home

My Saturday was rather eventful, long and made more challenging by the head cold that had overtaken me. A three class on Bottoming to a wonderful group of explorers. A rather outspoken man had caught my attention when I was last in town so I had him as a stunt bottom in class with me. Thank you D for both the new shoes & red leather gloves which I love and also for being in class as my volunteer.

After class ended it was right back to the hotel for an hour of much needed rest for me. Then the next hour was spent changing clothes, freshening up and packing for my evenings class. My hotel room was covered in sex toys, teaching aides, pretty clothes and luggage. What a disaster, too sick though to deal with it.

My ride returned for me and off we went back to the club. Settling in alone upstairs was good for me as I knew the night was going to be long with a class and a party ahead of me.

In a matter of minutes, there were at least 15 women surrounding me eager for class to start. Upstairs in a room with me alone, while ALL of there male partners/husbands were downstairs under orders to not come up giving us privacy.

The men were quite happy to have the women gone this one time in their couples only club. You see, the women were upstairs about to take my Cock Sucking class, while the men were downstairs at the bar watching sports on TV awaiting the women with new oral skills. How lucky can I guy get?

Class went great and by the end of it, my fever was running rather high. In fact, I was boiling and my voice was going funky. While wrapping things up I took of all my clothes, because my body was on fire. Naked and feeling like my body heat was regulating.

What a great party they threw. I met so many couples, many of the women having been to the All Girl Party the night before. The hours just slipped on by as I was enjoying being an instigator of naughty trouble. Finding a can of whipped cream left over from the night before in the fridge I found myself wandering around to women asking them to remove AND give me there tops as well as to allow me to both apply and lick of the whipped cream from there nipples. No one denied me and much fun was had as I wandered about.

An event to just play at, with no responsibilities, just what I was in need of. Meeting new friends and flirting with everyone that struck my fancy.

Andrew bless his heart took sympathy on me at some point in the evening. Seeing as I was STILL naked and sick it didn't take much to convince me to lay flat for him on a bed as he took control of my physical body. With hands so soft and gentle he worked my entire body for a long time. I drifted in and out of consciousness between coughing, blowing my nose and feeling my limbs being stretched and pulled in such ways that I was becoming peaceful in my body. What an amazing gift to be given.

Back to the hotel and bed by 2:00 in the morning. Very sick at this point. Sleep came quick. I felt pretty good about making it straight to the recycle bin in the dark at 4:30 am as I awoke to my stomach heaving and vomit. My fever was breaking finally.

9:00 am was my wake up call and I certainly needed it this morning. At 10:00 promptly was a knock at the door. A beautiful couple arriving for a 4 hour coaching session with me. We covered much ground discussing subject matter that will come out months down the road in another post, without any identifying factors. Suffice to say, our time together was well spent and we connected well in terms of getting to a good level of intimacy for disclosures.

By 2:35 in the afternoon I was sitting in the Calgary airport lounge at WestJet awaiting my boarding call and half an hour later I boarded my plane. Tears rolling down my cheeks as we went up in the air, the pressure in my sinuses and head to much too handle. Fell asleep and awoke in time to catch the beautiful view of the lowermainland and city covered in snow, as we were coming in to Vancouver.

I'm home now, exhausted and congested. My life is amazing & incredible and even when I'm sick I feel blessed.