Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm back

Home from Vegas with a whirlwind of memories and visuals still going on in my head and am thoroughly exhausted. Allena & I saw so much together, there were moments that were breath taking in beauty. Others that were incredible in grandness. Saw architecture that left my jaw open in awe.

My computer & phone were left alone, not doing a stitch of anything except to savor the holiday that I so deserved. It rejuvenated me the time away and gave Allena & I some time together away from our work commitments and leaving us the chance to come together all over again. I love you so much Bella. Thank you.

Must head to sleep soon. Couple of pictures...

This one is for Keith, it was taken at the Star Trek: The Experience at The Hilton Vegas.

This photo is for Albert, it was taken at The Bellagio water show, which we caught 3 of, two of which made me cry. The beauty of the music along with the water display was something that touched me deeply.

Good Night!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

time away

I'm on Holidays and started Friday and return Friday.

Yes it's true, I'm on vacation right now, sitting in Seattle. In a few short hours I board a flight to Las Vegas where Bella and I will be spending girl time together for days. Unwind and let go, what better place to do this than Vegas right?

We've got front row seats to see Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity show it's a provocative, cabaret-style production OR adult themed show.

Amazingly we have acquired a front row, dead center red leather duo seat sofa for our personal viewing & make-out pleasure. I'm freaking excited about this! Both the show and the pending make out session.

Today in the states I bought the most adorable red mesh / lace crinolin, it looks so sweet on me and short. Did I mention it's short. It's short. And sheer.

With my existing bosom cupcakes in red (with tassels) from Sweet Soul Burlesque along with my black fitted opera gloves and a pair of heels, all I think I have left to find to complete this outfit is perhaps a new pair of Cuban toed stockings and a new pair of bloomers.

Ok, if I wear stockings I'll need to buy a garter as well to match this ensemble. I was thinking maybe a waist cincher with removable garters built right in would do the trick.

My days are spent avoiding shopping and vanity so it's a nice diversion to have time and opportunity to indulge in such pleasures for a short time.

As a gift today I was given a Boy Scouts Uniform, covered in badges, awards, pins and other mementos. How lucky am I? Blessed be the Godesses that's for sure. There's a certain woman out there whose got a Boy Scout fantasy in mind and soon she may discover that sharing her secret with me has afforded her much pleasure.

Careful darling, you'll know your fantasy has come true when either A. you see me coming at you, wearing a Boy Scouts Uniform OR B. suddenly you are face down on the floor & you feel my boot on your back firmly holding you down

Happy Holidays to me.