Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thankfully the dreaded previous month is over and February is underway, and a leap year too. Last year was taxing. Now finally onto a more exciting month and hopefully warmer.

We are hosting a party for some of our sexy friends tonight. Invitations went out three weeks ago. Yesterday the food was ordered. There was a stop today for really nice champagne, and a few bottles of liquor to keep everyone warm and happy.

All we have to do is walk in the door of our own space 30 minutes before our guests are due to arrive. Turn on the lights and heat, and Ta-Da, we are ready for a night of action.

The ease at which we can now hold events is remarkable since we have no moving about of equipment or gear anymore. No more set up teams and take down teams. Work has become a breeze in many ways. The space is gorgeous and everyone is going to be gaga over it.

Our volunteers will be able to relax and truly kick back for the night, and our friends, will be able to hang out with each of us, as we will not be busy monitoring play or working.

The library keeps gaining selections as guests & members bring in donations to our Sex-Positive Lending Library. I am really feeling the love and the community spirit as our opening is made grand by others kindness and generosity.

The new book shelves will be assembled in the next day or two, then our kinky-librarian will be coming in to catalog everything and make the library ready for our membership to access as part of their Member Privileges.

Tonights party couldn't come at a better time as both RC and I need an evening to unwind. We've been working day-and-night lately so this is a real treat to spend quality time with the people in our kinky lives.

Time for me to go and bathe then pack my play-bag for this evenings adventure. I have plans on doing no work, just being present in good-company and sharing it all with RC.

I am eager for everyone to see our efforts.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A Loss

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Fetwear is closing its doors.

For those of you not in-the-know, FETWEAR is an adult store located on the Coquitlam, Burnaby, New West borders. Always carrying an excellent collection of niche market BDSM and fetish toys and clothing. A gem of a resource really.

I've known Tracie and Paul, for YEARS now and will miss them and what they've brought to the sex-community.

Sooooo, before they close for good, run on over and pick up some sweet deals. Starting this Sunday, February 3 everything in the store is 50% off.

All clothing, stockings, shoes and boots, adult toys, lubes and lotions, and all BDSM related items. Everything must go, so hurry in before its all gone. All sales final.

931C Brunette Ave., Coquitlam (at the corner of Lougheed Hwy and Brunette Ave., right behind the French Quarter Pub)

Note our new hours:

Monday - Tuesday: closed
Wednesday - Saturday: 11 - 5
Sunday: 11 - 4

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My pursuit is not a lonely one.

There are many supporters surrounding me; from working professionals to students and stay at to home parents. Support and allies abound. My friendship, support and sex-positive message has transformed the lives of countless individuals and couples every week, with the numbers increasing dramatically year-by-year.

Some people walk into my life for a coaching session and 2 hours later, leave our time together feeling as though we will forever share a very unique bond. Not quite a friendship, yet we'll call ourselves friends. Because I will have heard you when no others had quite the same before, all the while giving you the support yearned for, yet had likely not even known yet. So practical and so necessary.

Others leave time spent with me, feeling strong enough to venture forth onto a personal journey now with information gained from our time and I will see them in public settings like fetish nights, dungeon parties and other community events as they "come-out" into local sex-positive culture. We acknowledge knowing one another, yet it likely doesn't even come up ever about them being clients, there is just a sudden level of comfort with one another, that hugging upon seeing one another is just so natural.

Couples come to me, naively believing that only one of them needs me, the other is just there to "make the other one comfortable" as we venture forth on our journey of finding them the answers they are seeking. They leave and the three of us are joined as a unit. I helped the one who everyone thought needed me, but I also helped the relationship and that makes the other partner, ever so pleased. I become an ally and someone these people consider a treasured friend.

Others, already self-identified as kinky who haunt local sex events as there evenings out on the town book me on the Hush-Hush to teach them new skills. Skills usually surrounding Dominance and S/m. These people learn fast. They want in and out. It is very different working with some one who already has there style and interests identified solidly yet who has a yearning to learn proficiency in some new art. I applaud those that arrive to me, saying they want more finesse to there play and those who want to create a scene, not just get someone off.
The difference is critical to a memorable experience.

People write to my email address and reveal to me very personal things about themselves and I pick through the information they've given me and try and figure out what this person needs. It takes time to answer the mail I get from people asking questions of me. Over half of these people will never, ever, show up to a party or even a workshop. Yet I give them my time and best direct these individuals to the resources or support they are in need of. These are the people who flock to me when I'm out at events, and Thank Me, for spending the time to personally answer there emails. I never know who anyone is, or what email they are referring to, the numbers are too vast. But I do know this, with support like I have, if I ran for office, I'd damn well win!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Much as I love the big white fluffy stuff, cause it just looks so damn fresh and pretty, I am disappointed that it happened in such quantity that it has left the city in driving chaos. The snow is everywhere and a complete blanket of it. How beautiful. Tonight's class is postponed due to it.

Sorry folks, but for the safety of all, we've decided its just best to stay off the roads until they are clear again.

This is the notice that went out to the mailing list a short while ago....

It is with regret that I write to tell you with short notice, that this evenings class on the G-Spot has been moved to an unnamed future date.

The snow has been a lot in Burnaby, continuing into this afternoon. Both my friend and the evenings class model and myself feel unsafe on the roads right now. If not from the ice and snow, then from the wonky drivers motoring alongside us suddenly veering into our paths. It
seems safest to remain off the roads if possible and we are going to do just that.

This class is always very popular, so of course, it will reschedule, soon. Please come on back and see for yourself what information you can turn into skills surrounding G-Spot stimulation.

Thank you for your patience and your continued interest in my Erotic Arts Curriculum.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The G-Spot Class

Tuesday, which is tomorrow, I am teaching my G-Spot class at The Love Nest right across the street from Metrotown, on Kingsway. I bring along a girl-friend, who becomes our live model, allowing class participants to view her vulva, G-Spot and arousal process.

If you've not before taken this very interesting, well guided class, it's time you attended.

January 29 Tuesday 7:15 - 9:15pm
Finding & Stimulating the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation
The Love Nest 4687 Kingsway Burnaby
$25 per person - Cash, pay at door, no advance tickets
Open to men & women - couples & singles

Are you a squirter or gusher, or aspiring to be? Want to help your
lady enjoy her G-Spot? This is the class for you. Join Jennifer and
one of her lovely woman friends for a hands-in demonstration on
techniques to please for G spot stimulation & ejaculation potential.

You'll learn: Clitoral & G-Spot Anatomy from both an internal and
external view. Choosing a toy or your own hands? Getting you both
ready for the often trans formative experience. When the G-Spot is
stroked, there is often a sensation or urge to urinate.

By learning techniques to both understand then move beyond this urge
many women can experience heightened arousal and for others
ejaculation becomes possible. Tips that are tried, tested and easy to
grasp so you can finally stroke your own G-Spot or that of your

*Please bring a notebook & pen to class

Sunday, January 27, 2008

the remains

This afternoon PA (my personal assistant) came and spent three hours helping RC and I complete various tasks remaining, as well as going over with me the final edits to the Member Packages. Getting this over with will be good for now. I suspect that in a few months, we will be ready to look at doing a rewrite of some of it already as we change and shift over our first year open.

Walked into BestBuy and told the man helping us what was needed. An LCD projector for me to teach with, use for social events and to run movies as background mood to our parties. I am so stoked over this purchase. It cost a small fortune, and yes, we bought the four year extended warranty. It is just so worth it on an item as pricey as this. Yikes! A real hit to the pocket-book, but necessary for what we now have to offer everyone.

Yesterday evening RC set up the projector with much ease and we played a movie across a 9 foot long by 5 foot high white bedroom wall in our bedroom. It was incredible definition, astounding color, brilliant design and only 6 pounds! Remote control, carrying case, the whole caboodle.

The sounds system is in and complete. Oh my god, the speakers just rock-the-place. I mean we have some serious volume and we are fully wired in every room for sound. Not that we need it, but it is nice to know its there. I owe big for this contractor, he wanted no money. No paper trail. Just a sexual trade. I suspect the blow job going down later tonight before bed, is one of a few he will collect over this job well done. Thanks RC.

The To-Do List keeps getting things checked off of it. Unfortunately though, things keep getting re added to the bottom of the list.