Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lovers in Cuba

I am feeling abundantly loved. It is such a wonderful feeling.

In thirty days we leave for Cuba.

We have plans on swimming with dolphins and a night in Havanna.

The resort is simply gorgeous, we've been researching it on the internet and making plans.

I intend on doing a lot of tanning, beach walking and relaxing in a chaise lounger with an umbrella in my icy drink.

Admiring the stunning scenery and with nothing else to do, but soaking it all in as only someone on vacation can do.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Braving travel

Only for family would I awaken at eight in the morning over the holidays. We had a reservation to keep, and by god we did it! We made it to our destination in a timely manner, and the weather did not interfere one bit. Thankfully.

We spent the day far from home, and surrounded by a large group of merry people. More gifts, tons of food, catching up on conversations, and general relaxing. Today was great.

Travel really takes a toll on a person , as does all the food we have consumed. This evening will have us to bed at an early hour, the three of us are wiped.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Flying High

Today we slept in. The teenager awoke us late morning by poking me repeatedly. She had her stocking in hand, and a huge smile on her face.

RC and I sat up in bed and watched her tear into her huge over-sized sock which was overflowing with booty. Photos were taken and we all looked happy and disheveled.

Off to living room we moved next, the presents were spread under the tree awaiting everyone.

We noticed that Santa had drank all the scotch left out, eaten the cookies and fed the carrots to the reindeer. Surprise!

It took an hour and twenty minutes to get through all the paper ripping, gift ogling, present exchanging, trying on of new items and giddy laughter too.

We three, are heading off to Cuba on a family holiday - this is the BEST Christmas gift ever. All of us are super excited - I have never before been to a communist country, it should be enlightening to say the least. We are booked into an incredible resort, with oodles of amenities in Varadero, we also have a day-trip and overnight in Havanna to look forward to. One month until we fly away.

Whatever your December 25 finds you doing or celebrating - I hope you have a good one.

It's Christmas in our house, I am surrounded by family and love and am so very happy.

Enjoy the snow, and stay warm.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scotch for Santa

This has been quite the day for me. I am exhausted.

Earlier this afternoon I went for a walk through the deep snow, to trek off to the liquor store. What should have been an eight minute walk, in reality took me twenty or so minutes. What a cold ordeal, despite my get-up. Gloves, pocket warmers, cords, knee socks, leg warmers, a hoodie, a vest, a long sleeve shirt, a hat and a long scarf. I was bundled up all cozy.

I don't even drink at all, though my guy needed some Baileys for his Christmas morning coffee so I obliged and set forth to make the purchase.

Then I continued on for another ten minute walk to another store where I bought three large steaks.

Promptly I turned around and walked home. Though on my way shopping the wind and snow was at my back. On my return trip, the snow was blowing in my face and right into me. I was so not impressed.

When I finally saw home, my daughter opened the door and looking at me burst out laughing. Apparently I looked like the abominable snow woman. Scary really and damn cold. I stripped out of my freezing cold clothes and grabbed the hair dryer to warm my legs and dry my soaking wet hair.

Did not take long for me to fall asleep on the couch for a brief nap. I awoke startled beyond belief, by the sounds of crashing snow. The white stuff on our slanted roof became so heavy, that it had slid right off and landed with a HUGE boom onto our porch, it scared me bad, the cat too and the teenager. Wild, it was a large dump of snow.

I put on a robe, gum boots and a hat, then went outside and shoveled the porch - it took me thirty minutes to clear away the snow slide that had happened. Thank you mother nature.

Into the kitchen and I got everything ready to stuff my infamous twice-baked, baked potatoes. 4 large potatoes cut in half and baked, then hollowed. 3/4 of a pound of bacon fried and diced with onion. 3/4 of a cup of cream cheese, fresh cracked pepper, and grated cheddar cheese. Then I put on a pair of latex gloves and stuffed the contents all mashed together into the potato shells before baking them again.

While the baked, I BBQ'd the steaks. After a great family dinner, the three of us are now all in the master bedroom on laptops doing fun stuff and generally hanging out together.

Soon we will all cuddle together and read our traditional book "Twas The Night Before Christmas". Then we will leave some scotch, cookies and carrots out for Santa and reindeer and we will turn off all the lights and go to sleep.

Hope your Christmas eve is blessed and peaceful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For Paul...

I spent some time today, pondering all that I am grateful for. Today is historically a BIG day in my life and has been for well over a decade. I could give thanks on New Years but it is this day that makes me reflect on my blessings.

  1. a daughter that is growing into a young woman: she is wise, worldly, loving, carefree, beautiful, intelligent, crafty and people oriented
  2. a man in my life for two years now who loves me unconditionally, is handsome, educated, caring, generous and a family kind of guy
  3. a woman whose been a constant in my life for over eight years: we are in love, committed and stronger together every year
  4. good physical health that has not wavered all year
  5. contentment and peace of mind
  6. a business that is thriving and growing
  7. a career that is on the climb exponentially
  8. plans on a pregnancy and a baby in 2009
  9. no debt, not one dollar, zero
  10. an upcoming trip to Cuba & another to Disneyland
  11. a collection of friends that support me whole heartily
  12. a posse of Lounge Members that are the corner stone of Libido Lounge
  13. family ties that are stronger than the year before
  14. a new outlook on life that is refreshing for me and those around me
  15. substantially huge teaching contracts for 2009
  16. no vices (outside of sex and love)
  17. a strong drive towards gaining my masters degree in the coming year
  18. multi-orgasmic (must give thanks for this)
  19. the ability to have outside paid help that makes my professional and personal life easier

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visually Stimulating

(one corner of the front main room at Libido Lounge, note that equipment moves for every event)

(me sitting on a chicks face, you can even see my brand clearly)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Thousand

Three and a half years ago I reluctantly started this blog. I gave it a name, "activist on a mission to initiate change" and made a commitment to write in it with some form of regularity.

I have shared myself under the terms that I originally set forth "A written account of my personal journey as an activist for sex positive culture both personally and professionally."

Today's post marks my 1000'th post, a thousand times I have typed out my truth, my realities, my growth and pursuits.

When life has had me high I have written happy, when I've been bursting with pride I have written proud, when struggling I wrote of my challenges.

When success caught me, I let you know. When I had things to offer you, I gave them.

I have blogged when sad, when tired, when hurt, frustrated, anxious and even when in love.

I have shared my vulnerabilities and my strengths, my joy and at times my sorrows.

I have given this blog photos of my body, and images from my life.

This is a well read blog with a wonderfully huge readership, many people I know make their way here daily to keep up with me, my world and my activism. Others use this as a place to find inspiration, because apparently I am a trail blazer. Strangers find their way to this place through Key Words, and Google.

No matter why you read here, know that you land on my stat counter and I follow where people come from. I have learned so much from you my readers along the way and even more about myself.

Quite some time ago, I removed the comments feature from my blog, making it so people who had something to say to me could do so by writing me at my professional address. The personal e-mails I receive are inspiring, filled with accolades and thanks.

I blog to set an example, to keep a record of the journey that is solely uniquely mine and I am so grateful to be able to be such a source of enlightenment, entertainment and inspiration for so many people.

This blog, is me being true to myself and not allowing others to rewrite history. This place serves as a reminder of where I have been, whose aided me, loved me and who or what has gotten in my way.