Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sexuality Resource Vancouver

The telephone rings non stop some days and this is one of those days. And it is on these days that my e-mail count is more than I can even look at with any hope. Add to it, that I answer the easy ones first, which means what remains are the time consuming ones that take forever to deal with.

I am in the middle contract negotiations with a couple of different professional entities right now, writing new classes and content for my new presentation gigs, and still trying to wade through what The Lounge membership needs from me.

It is all a little heady, and I awoke this morning to my phone ringing over and over and yeah, an email box, swelling, close to bursting. It could be said that I am cranky at the moment as I lay here in bed with my laptop trying to figure out how I am going to complete all this work in the next thirty six hours, which is when most of it is officially due on a time line that is not my own.

Tonight is Sultry our bathhouse event, and there is a rather impressive crowd gathered for it. It will be a nice distraction from the mundane typing task and a welcome one too. However I fear that it will also cost me as I shouldn't really be taking an entire evening away from my commitments, alas, Sultry too is a commitment.

Time to stop blogging and dive back into work. Hopefully I'll come back up for air before I drown in obligations.

blah ... blah ... blah ...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Women Having Sex

Tonight is Dirty Girls, our women's only play party. I'm excited and looking forward to a whole evening of girl energy. Women smell so incredible when in lust and Libido Lounge is going to be filled shortly with the aroma of girls hungering after one another.

Saturday is Sultry our couples-only bath house party. Let me tell you, this monthly event is HOT and it has next to nothing to do with all the steam. It's the environment, the couples and the sex.

You can still make it on to the guest to either Dirty Girls or to Sultry, just drop me a quick note in email and I'll make it happen for you.

Oh yeah, and if your a man, don't bother asking me if you can attend Friday, the answer obviously is a resounding NO.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fetish Diva

Christmas 1998 - I was 25 years old and just entering my foray into sex culture.

By the way, tomorrow is Friday and Dirty Girls. Are YOU on the guest list yet? Email me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Problem Solving

Mistakes get made all the time in life: many are relatively minor, others are more catastrophic, some are obvious to only ourselves, then there's the ones that everyone knows about.

Mistakes can be a catalyst to create an opportunity for growth, humility, education, empowerment through discovery and motivating of change.

Mistakes can also be disheartening, dangerous, drama provoking, damaging to self and others, expensive and the cause of much angst for all parties involved.

One's perception of an issue can by clouded by personal and/or professional conflict and not representative of how serious the digression really is.

No matter which side of the coin your mistake lands you on, in the end what matters most is how you have chosen to remedy the situation.

Owning the fact that there is an issue that needs tending to and investigating it, is usually the biggest hurdle. From there it takes humility and a sincere desire towards positive resolution to move forth with an action plan.

There is nothing more harmful (to a reputation) than a person knowing there is a problem, albeit a massive one, and watching them conveniently try to sweep it under the rug when they think no one is observing their antics.

It's like the elephant in the room, we all know it's there and the responsibility falls to you to clean up after it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sexy Dinner Vancouver

Tomorrow night is our twice a month, potluck dinner night at The Lounge. Members stop on by, it is a drop event and you are even welcome to bring a non member guest.

Doors Open @ 7:00 - Dinner Served @ 7:30 - Ends @ 9:30

DROP - IN $10 Member * $15 Non Member * Life Time Members $5
(non members must bring government issued photo ID)

Open to All Genders, Couples and Singles

Our popular social dinner event, come meet the other members and enjoy a decadent evening of food and friends.

BRING A DISH (appetizer or main course dish) that serves Generously 4-6 & we'll take care of the rest of the fine details! Exquisite Company. Sultry dinner conversations.

Members may bring a non member guest

Mark your calendars now: 1st & 3rd Wednesday every month!

You just need to bring your sexy self, and a dish that is pre cooked and requires no kitchen help, we supply the beverages and accompanying dinner needs.

A great event for those who are looking to make connections and friendships, low key and casual.

DRESS CODE: Clothing is a must. No work clothes. Dress Up a Little if you'd like, some have been known to show up in formal attire even. There is no play at this event, it is a social dinner evening. Open to Women and Men, Couples and Singles.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Making time for sex

This week is really full for me on so many levels that I am going to have to remember to sleep lots, manage my time wisely and treat myself really well.

Tuesday is my presentation at Simon Fraser University, very exciting for me, and certainly something I have been looking forward to since they hired me about six weeks ago. I'll be spending the latter half of today reviewing my presentation and packing my bag of goodies with everything I will needing to pull it off successfully.

Wednesday I am at Kwantlen College all day, well five and a half hours to be more precise. It's going to be a long day, though I am confident that the time will fly by fast.

Wednesday evening is Deviant Dining, this is our twice a month pot luck dinner at The Lounge and an event that I look forward to a lot. It's a great chance to hang out with our membership, eat and just be social.

Friday is Dirty Girls, our women's only play party and a great evening all the way around, so much happens so fast each month and is so different each time that it is always titillating.

Saturday is Sultry, our couples event, it's at a bath house that we make a private rental of each month. Awesome antics, sexy people, great vibe, and even an early evening as it's from 7:30 - 11:30.

Then Sunday is the next Member Orientation class for new members to gain access to The Lounge, and following it that afternoon is a womens class on masturbation, and yeah, it is an interactive class too.

My week is full, very very full. Add into this whole list spending time with my family, answering email, doing research, banking, dealing in phone calls, personal down time, home responsibilities, travel time, eating, sex, sex, sex, sex, and you've created a week that is jam packed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Professional Growth

In the last year, my target audience has shifted substantially. I spend more and more of time educating professionals, lobbyists, educators, legal systems, universities, colleges, health care providers, trade shows, and other entities for large contracts. Gone lately is the small class format, perhaps it is the economy. Or maybe, it was just time for me to branch off into another arena, so I could gather new experiences.

It's a change that pays me well, but that has left me feeling alienated from my beginning point. It keeps me humble doing the smaller gigs, but the larger ones afford me not only more money but also further expansive opportunities and serious professional growth. Not to mention the kick ass networking at this level of acclaim.

I feel a wee bit out of place, though must confess to enjoying the new climate and clientele. It's refreshing, rejuvenating and inspiring to work with people who have sought out to learn new ideas and are willing to invest what it takes.