Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleepy Time

At four o'clock in the morning, the party was quieting down. We were in the thick of it, to the very end.

I didn't mention it before, but the party was at a hotel over-night. The eight of us slept in separate rooms though playing and hot tubbing all night as a group...and into the wee hours .

With everyone retreating to their rooms at nights end, we made our way to ours for some sex. It appears that Jack Daniels and RC do funny things in bed together.

For some bloody reason, we awoke at 9 in the morning and I drove us both home so we could go back to sleep in our own bed.

Why you might ask?

Because tonight we have further plans to head out to another event.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Some days I run so fast, non stop that it actually becomes difficult to slow down at days end.

Today I have great number of things to accomplish.

  • Private Coaching appointment.
  • Groceries.
  • Furniture purchase. Then the furniture Move-In and Set-Up.
  • Banking, Post Office and PO Box
  • Member Orientation 7-9 pm

Later this evening, after Orientation RC and I heading over to the greatly anticipated birthday party we've both been readying for. The event is for a friend, planned by his wife. Delightedly we have no responsibilities, other than to enjoy ourselves and the company we'll be surrounded by.

Let's hope there is enough left in me by 10pm this evening when we arrive late to the party, for us to still have a rip roaring good time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Maple Ridge vs. Meyer

Maple Ridge vs. Meyer

A link to the infamous court case that had it become legal for all women, to be top-free at any of the same places a man may be, in PUBLIC. (sidewalks, your yard, public beaches & community swimming pools)

Should you be harassed by the police or some city employee while being top-free cite Maple Ridge vs. Meyer June 08 2000, while they check in with their supervisors as to your legal right to be so.

It has been almost eight now years now, since it became legal.

With the warmer weather soon to be upon us, its my intention as usual, to spend many beach days, top-free.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

bouncing boobies

Last night I taught my Cock Sucking class in Burnaby to a wonderful group of women. A real pleasure to spend an evening educating and laughing all at once, I adore the opportunities & people my occupation presents. RC picked me up from class...drove me home, then brought me to bed, where he made sweet love to me till I fell asleep. So sexy.

Then today no clothes were worn till after three in the afternoon as I had spent the day answering about forty emails and catching up on long over due paper work on the sofa. We dressed finally and made our way out to pick up some desired furniture pieces for Libido Lounge in the early evening. A beautiful new storage unit and a utility cupboard. (Newf, cancel the previous order) RC spent a few hours getting everything settled in properly while I cleaned and did office work round the place.

All in all, a very productive 24 hours round here.

Now one last things to tend to. I need to write a mail - out and send it out to the mailing list, before I can even consider going to sleep.

At least I feel fortunate in that I get to work naked, from my bed.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Secret Sorority leaked info

What exactly happens at a DIRTY GIRLS party??

Imagine your best sleepover pajama party when you were younger. Without pajamas. When you arrive at the venue you will step inside a place where the cares and the stresses of the day are left at the door. The lighting is soft, the colours are soft, the carpets and furniture are all soft. (The girls are soft too)

The best part about a DIRTY GIRLS party is that it’s a light, fun, carefree evening where almost anything and everything goes; a place to explore your voyeuristic or exhibitionist side (or both). If you’re just at the beginning of your adventurous journey, it’s a great place to dip a toe into the water and decide if you want to dive in deep or wade gently into the shallows. You can be naked as the day you were born, decked out in lace, satin or silk, wrapped in leather, shiny and sparkly in glitter, or festooned in feathers. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful, because by the end of the evening it will be pulsing through you. Beauty. Softness. Laughter. Joy.

No two women are the same and no two DIRTY GIRLS parties are the same. Some are filled with happy shrieks of girls being flogged & caned, some with the soft murmurs of an appreciative audience to a girl practicing her best pole dance. There will surely be massage oil at some point, and the chocolate fountain might well be bubbling in the kitchen. Anything is better dipped in chocolate.

The big room is surrounded by sofas, edged by a suspension frame, perfect for working on rope bondage or suspension techniques. The dance pole in the center of the room is a great place to practice that stripper dance you’ve been dreaming about. The medical table has the potential to bring a happy ending to an internal examination. There’s a Sybian sex machine for those feeling like going for a ride, a massage chair, many massage tables and a hot stone kit to relax with.

A DIRTY GIRL'S party is a feast for all the senses. Delicious appetizers, fragrant candles and massage oils, giggles and whimpers, touches as bountiful as you might desire or none at all if you’re merely a contented voyeur, and pretty girls of all ages, shapes and colors everywhere.

It’s like a secret sorority with no particular pledge and no particular uniform. The only expectation is that you leave your inhibitions at the door and venture boldly where no man has gone before. It’s a girl thing. Try it. You’ll like it.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good Clean Living

With a whole day to sleep in yesterday and a chance to catch up on domestic items both RC and I were feeling as though a night out was in order.

Last night we ventured into the city to go to the infamous Sin City, fetish night. We got there just after they opened, and made our way inside fast. We were barely dressed in anything designed for warmth, and it was freezing out. Once inside with our coats checked, we socialized with a whack of people that we know.

Its always fun to see old friends, and I love catching up with everyone who only comes into town monthly for this wonderful night. Plus we ran into countless individuals and couples whom I have spent personal coaching time with. What a rush to be out amongst so many people that I share a strong connection with.

The Dungeon area was open and we made our way inside, of course. Once there, RC found himself restrained with his arms behind his back, and blindfolded sitting up on a spanking bench. Suffice to say, much fun ensued as I tortured his penis through his Ginch Gonch, and manipulated his nipples underneath those nicely healing piercings. I love him so much. He even tried to defend himself by crossing his legs. Pointless, in the end. But a good laugh in the moment.

Tonight was a whole other story. Deej was my volunteer again and her G-Spot was stimulated in class, shown to the attendees, and then we gave her a big wet orgasm. The class loved Deej and took much away from the two hours as combined with my teaching, seeing her G-spot is a wonderful compliment to the learning process.

And now, it is time for me to go and crawl into bed.