Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sex & HTML

Some days are just a whirlwind of activity. Today of course was one of those afternoons and thankfully for just a few short hours as I was in no head-space to handle anymore than I did.

Slept till the afternoon as it's difficult to leave the bed when it's filled with my guy whose all warm and cuddly. Then rolled out of bed, and headed straight to the computer to update the website with some Fall Party dates and a number of interactive workshops set to happen at a new club out in Surrey.

After getting the HTML completed on the site and published, it was time to head out to dinner. We went for a incredible meal of sushi at this Top Notch Sushi restaurant in Vancouver - RC's friends treated us to this wonderful feast as celebration to something I just-can't-mention, yet.

It was a fast drive home with me behind the wheel as we had to be showered and out to the door again shortly. Arrived inside, stripped out of my dinner dress and pumps, sliding straight into the tub. A perfect shave job, a good soak and dressed I was again in just 30 minutes.

Wearing nothing more than a very complimentary little kinky clothes outfit myself, we strolled in the door of Club Eden just in time for a night of partying. After some socializing and a drink, we made our way to the dungeon. I mummified RC and then pulled out a knife and started slashing the plastic covering him, in strategic places. People gasped as though they were worried for his personal safety. Flogging him later on, and doing some light sensation play to him, somehow gathered us even more of a crowd of on-lookers.

After asking them to move out of swing-range they politely moved back, though still watching in awe as I did various sexy mean things to the boy. Near the end of our scene there was one particular couple sitting watching us, that earlier RC had said he'd found the woman to be attractive.

I struck up a smooth chit chat with them as we were alone in the dungeon now, and within minutes the four of us were upstairs in a Private room negotiating our way through what was to be a fantastic play experience for all.

Friday, August 10, 2007


What a great group gathered at Dragon fly's last night for my G-Spot class, a nice night out at work for me. Thanks again Deej for being both fun AND educational.

RC and I rolled out of bed at the unsightly hour of 4:30 this afternoon. The bed was wet, sheets including pillows were on the floor, our bodies cuddly and warm...and honestly, we were starving after all the sex we'd had. Naked I stumbled into the kitchen where I made a hearty breakfast for us to enjoy, and refuel.

I discovered two excellent positions for "woman on top" sex earlier, had three intense orgasms, savored a 69, got face, gave head, and rode RC till he was thrashing across the bed into a wave of spent happy exhaustion.

At 6:30 my guy left for work and now, I'm home with rest of the night to myself and still feeling amorous.

Happily I have my Hitachi Magic Wand and my new favorite toy which is rechargeable, water-proof and silicone.

Excuse me now, while I go and grab my toys, some lube and a towel and continue my day of debauchery.....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

multi tasking

It's been an industrious day here at Libido Events. I've been booked to do a number of classes and events in the coming weeks, in fact I'm even working with a few new people. Still need to upload everything to the website when I next get the chance.

Just recently I have started to feel as though I've caught my breath after the Surrey location version of Libido Lounge. Without any spectacular build-up we will announce our Official Opening in our new city as soon as the license hangs framed on my office wall. You'll be more than pleased by our new home!

Tonight I teach G-Spot & Female Ejaculation at Dragon Fly's Den in Surrey and I'm taking along Deej as my volunteer model. RC's off picking her up from work, I'm making us all dinner and then we are on the road to my class.

About a week ago a beautiful brand new shiny fridge was delivered to us here at home.... a long overdue appliance acquisition as the old one was on it's last legs. That it matches the new dishwasher makes the domestic part of me very satisfied.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

growth spurt

I miss not having my daughter home. It's been almost two weeks since she left and I'm eager for her return this weekend. This quiet time without a child underfoot has reiterated for me my deep desire for another child.

We were out earlier and saw a wee-fresh baby cradled in it's new mothers arms, and a beaming father walking next to them. I smiled at the babe. RC pulled me in tighter to his grasp, and said not to worry, we will be making one of our own soon.

Life could not be any better.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

lucky girl

My daughter been away for quite some time now, and she's not due back till Sunday. 15 days gone. Right now she is in Ticalli Mexico. It's overwhelming to think of how far from home she is right now, without me and all that she knows & loves.

She phoned me today, not even home sick. Having the time of her life, experiencing another country at the tender age of 13, basically on her own, as she's with 13 other teenagers and a single chaperon. This afternoon they were at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. I'm elated at her opportunities and happiness.

Next summer she's already decided to do a three week bike trip, across PEI.

She has such courage, an attribute I didn't have at her age. Her sights are always set to do something new, exciting , bold and containing an element of activism.

I have no idea where she gets this from. (grins sheepishly)

And I am really proud of her.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Finally with a few minutes to reflect on last Saturdays Play Party and I'm overwhelmed with positivity. Let me share...

1. Set up 5 full beds, 6 massage tables, 7 pieces of BDSM equipment, 1 eight-ft. tall suspension frame, 2 cuddle stations, 1 lounge area filled with 6 large tables & surrounding chairs then brought in a myriad of party supplies to keep things going all night long.

2. RC & I joined another couple in the sex play room, coming out tousled and spent a short while later

3. All volunteers showed up on time, treated everyone with such respect to the point of accolades being sent from party attendees via email to thank me for such wonderful support help.

4. Watched as my guy had a play experience in front of me for the first time, that did not involve me. (I've traveled this road with partners before yet this is all new territory for RC; I'm checking his pulse often to make sure he's doing o.k, though the perma grin on his face sort of makes one believe he's doing just fine in the world of poly)

5. Met an outrageous amount of new people who had the time of their lives.

6. Was able to catch up with many long term community members, and loved, just loved the conversations about Stinky Tink, McEwan, and community sex-politics. Real conversations, honest information and again, I gathered even more support. Tis' good to have friends.

7. The support from everyone at the party, had me feeling the love surrounding the old Libido Lounge Surrey issue.

8. Played with an astounding number of people. Kissing many women. Aiding others to discover something new. Leading some to new heights of pleasure. Flirted shamelessly, it's part of my job description. Assisting umpteen individuals out of their street clothes as the transition at the door is difficult for some. Couples, and even a triad I found myself in the middle of. Yet I kept my knickers on all night long. How did that happen? Perhaps I'm just a giver.

9. Had a couple fly from Winnipeg Manitoba to attend the Play Party - they made many new friends and I was flattered by their arrival

10. Booked 2 new clients in for Private Coaching work later this week

11. At the front counter, I found a total of 4 large bags of sheets donated to the Play Party. Bonus for the event as sheets and duvet covers were super nice and already covering our beds by nights end.

12. Booked Play Parties for the rest of the year, on a monthly basis, because quite frankly there is not an atmosphere similar to Libido Events anywhere else locally. Our sex-positivity shines through in all that we do and people are demanding that I offer these regularly so they will have options in where to go to get their kink-on in the city as their current options are rather bleak in comparison to our Splash.

13. Party-goers were on our door step even before we opened, and at nights end (1:30 a.m.) I was helping people towards their coats.

14. Dyke and queer women in abundance in our inclusive space, as well as girly girls left right and center. Then again, who could forget the women.


Were you at the Play Party, did you have a good time as well? Do tell.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pride Vancouver 2007

As a queer woman, I wish you a HAPPY PRIDE!

The parade was magnificent, despite the two lone protesters who set up their home base right next to us for the duration of the event. The man in the photo and I had a short talk, then he promptly gave me a Get Out Of Hell For Free Card.

My God loves me and is not sending me to Hell for my sexual preferences. Instead my God, has given me a living heaven, ripe with the fruits of pleasure for me to enjoy. This is a reward for being true to myself, and my God.

I saw so many people I knew, we had a great time. It was fun taking a couple of RC's friends, who had not before been to a Pride parade. (it's fun to cherry pop)