Friday, January 30, 2009

Sex in Cuba

I set some posts to automatically go live while I was away in Cuba.

I am positive I am having a grand time.

Hope you all are enjoying the weather back home.

I am the luckiest woman right now, being pampered and waited on.

Thanks RC for the best Christmas present ever! Wait he's with me, and neither of us has a computer, I guess he'll just have to read this upon his return.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Suspension Bondage Photo

This is an old photo from the archives. Taken by Jim Duvall, my ex. It is me post a long and rigorous inverted bondage scene. The marks were earned.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Travel

I am in the air right now, sitting in a very nice seat - with extra leg room. With me is the man of my dreams and the teenager.

Soaring through the sky we will be arriving in Cuba later today. Our resort awaits us.

My In Box is already filling up and it does not matter. When anyone emails me, they will be receiving an automated response.

This is the life.

Bye for now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sleep In Would Be Nice

Fatigued, dog tired, exhausted, weary, sleepy as hell. I am awake against my will.

Yesterday was grueling, I worked so hard, and for far too many hours. Never again will we host a member orientation on a Saturday, it does not work well for me.

This was my Saturday.

Went to bed in the wee hours of Saturday morning, because there was Sultry on Friday night and it ended at 11:30 then we drove all our gear back to the Lounge and got home around 1:00AM. Bed at 2:00AM.

Up and moving at full speed by 9:00 to shower and ready for being at the Lounge for 11:00AM as I was running an Orientation from 12:00-2:00PM. Left there at 2:30 and headed for home. Ate a quick meal, checked email and did some photocopying before I packed my bags for my 6:00-9:00PM Private Class in New West.

At 5:10, I left home and made my way to my destination where for three hours I taught eighteen women sex techniques and prowess skills. At 9:30 I left my evening gig and drove straight to the Lounge, where Dungeon Players was already underway. It ran till 1:00AM and RC and I were home by 2:00AM.

Suffice to say Saturday was a killer, I have not been so desperately tired in a long, long time. I crammed way to much into a day. In my defense I agreed to it all because it is right before we leave on holidays and I was running out of days to accomplish all that I felt that I needed to beforehand.

Now it is Sunday morning at 9:00 and I am awake. Today I am teaching an Interactive Cock Sucking and Pussy Licking class for Couples from noon to 3:30. Should be fun and leave me falling over by the end of it all. In less than 24 hours I will be in sky flying away from the chaotic structure that is my professional life.

Oh, I am eager to get this holiday kick started, I will likely sleep the entire flight to Cuba and it will be the sleep of the dead too.