Friday, October 15, 2010

Edmonton Sex Education: Day 2

The sound system that I am expected to work with sucks. The back ground noise is horrible, the volume competes with another system in the same room and is also finicky.

Some time between yesterdays classes ending and today's beginning my workshop room here in Edmonton goes from one hundred and eight chairs to one hundred and ninety chairs.

Thankfully I feel confident enough in my teaching abilities to work with a low-cost budget head set and to fill every seat in the room.

Day 2 is about to begin.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Edmonton Sex Education

Here I sit in my hotel room in Edmonton Alberta. I am in town of course for the Taboo Sex Show. Over the next four days I will teach twelve classes for the show and do a couple of media interviews.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Libido Lexicon 3

This is the new column that I've been contracted to write for the Taboo newsletter. Subscribe yourself on the left side of their home page so you can have their monthly installment sent directly to your in-box.

Libido Lexicon - Ready, Set, Go
by Jennifer Skrukwa
October, 2010

Squeezing in a quickie to connect with the person you are hot for can be satisfying on many levels.

A quickie is a break from the mundanities of our day to day life.

A quickie can rejuvenate and takes little energy from our reserves.

A quickie can keep the home fires burning when longer time for play sessions is just not viable.
You may have been looking longingly at one another for a few days or the mood may have just snuck up on you out of nowhere. There is nothing quite like a quick little ‘sex fest' to recharge your battery. Any time of day or night if you’re both suitably moved, is then time to get it on.

Pushed up against the garage door.

Bent over the freezer in the basement. In the shower first thing in the morning.

The parking lot, in the front seat of your car at the grocery store.

In the office, face buried in the bookcase.

The woods along the path where you go walking, there is a tree calling your names.

On the sofa in the living room in the middle of the afternoon.

Snuggled in bed for a rare few minutes.

Atop the dining room table, legs spread, with a chair pulled up for your partner’s ease.

A quickie is a make out session, filled with stolen moments. Heavy petting at its best, becoming entangled in one another. Passionate lip locks, tasting the tongue of your lover. Arousal building. Fast. Tension building in your bodies. Strong embraces, gripped with ferocious intensity. Kneading muscles, as you hang on to one another. Shallow breathing as you hover. On the edge of. Orgasm Eye gazing as you look into each others souls. The release as it pours from your body, the thankfulness of being so strongly desired and wanted.

Have you had a quickie lately?


- Jennifer Skrukwa

About the Author

Jennifer Skrukwa has been a dynamic sex activist and educator for over a decade. The owner of Libido Events and Libido Lounge located in Metro Vancouver, she is a creative, vibrant, enterprising powerhouse of energy. As the 37 year old mother of a 7 month old son and a 16 year old daughter she is living with one child learning to crawl and another learning to drive at the same time. Besides her work as a sex educator teaching in the local sex positive community, Jennifer travels extensively across Canada and the United States, sharing her wisdom, knowledge and expertise on all things sex.

She has been a presenter with the Taboo Sex Show in several provinces for the last nine years, the lead educator for the past two and been featured in print in Xtra West, The Georgia Straight and the Westender. Her resume includes presentations at a number of leading BC colleges and universities, within the prison system, at numerous adult stores and for the BC Center for Disease Control. She has extensive private educational experience as an intimacy coach and is also a certified substance abuse counselor. Jennifer is passionate about her life’s work teaching and leading others by example; sex positive, bold and outspoken.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maple Ridge Pumpkin Farm

It's Pickles first Thanks Giving and Halloween this month. To celebrate this we took Grandma and her beau, along with the teenager, Jason and I and we headed out to a pumpkin patch today. This place is super cool, you could spend a couple of hours there easily. Check it out for yourself.

We had a blast, or at least I did. There was photo opportunities, pumpkin choosing, animal petting, and lots of walking.

The fresh air and change of pace served me well. And thankfully I ran into not one person that I know while out doing the family thing.